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Jolokia "Wind" Nyezeh Fyunnen

Jolokia β€œWind” Nyezeh Fyunnen
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Lorath Height: 180cm (5'11β€œ)
Gender: Female Weight: 81kg (180 lbs)
Age: 41 Measurements: 94cm-86cm-98cm
Employer: None Bra Size: D
Occupation: Test Driver Eyes: Brown
Rank: N/A Hair: Black
Current Assignment: none

Jolokia is played by Revolver and is part of the ISC Phoenix plot.

Physical Characteristics

Description: Jolokia is on the small side, for a Fyunnen woman, but to most of the rest of the universe, she's still rather tall. Her skin is a fairly light peach, and she seems to be slacking in the physical fitness department, as compared to the rest of her amazonian sisters. Hair Color and Style: Her natural hair color is a greyish-white, but she dyes it a thick black to better match her wings. Despite this, it manages to still be quite wavy, and Jolokia often wears it back in a small ponytail. She used to color her hair green, but when she started working for Origin, it became kind of embarrassing, so she changed to black. Distinguishing Features: In addition to being a bit short for a Fyunnen, Jolokia's wings are rather small as well, with the tips barely reaching the small of her back when they're folded in.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Loud, angry and commanding. Jolokia wants it exactly how she wants it, and now! And when things start to get out of control, she stops thinking about it and just reacts. She tends to hardly use her 'off-world' name, preferring people to call her by her family name, something she had gotten used to while working on her first ship.

Likes: Showing off, Asserting her dominance, firing guns. Dislikes: Sitting on the sidelines, Being babied or coddled. Goals: To get lucky and come into a large, obscene sum of money.


Family: Umahg(father), Na'Galla(mother), Kenzan(older half-sister)

Born on Lor, Jolokia hardly knew her parents. Her mother had a history of substance abuse and her father was never around. She was mostly raised by her older sister, who did her best to keep the household running for their mother. As soon as she was old enough, though, Jolokia jumped planet, taking a menial job on a merchant vessel where she kept things cleaned and learned the trade. Slowly through the years she worked her way up, becoming a valued member of the crew.

Eventually work started to dry up, pirate activity was getting fierce and a lot of extraneous crew got cut, Jolokia included. So she went to find work on another ship, and then another, and then she got hired on a Wakizashi with a bad reputation. It was a pirate vessel, Jolokia had suspected as much and she was looking for a thrill. Something to satisfy her nature like a merchant ship never could. She quickly acclimated to the Devil-may-care lifestyle, dreaming of the big score that would make her rich beyond her dreams.

But, dreams don't last forever, and eventually the job got dangerous enough that Jolokia thought it might be wise to lay low. Finding herself on Morant, she was looking into working for the Divolis corporation, when she got a better offer from a strange lady claiming to be starting her own company, Origin Industries. The job was risky but the pay was good and steady enough, so Jolokia took the position of being a test driver for the fledgling company at its HQ on Tami System.

Nearly two years in, Jolokia started to get that itch again. The serendipitous communications from an L. Pavone looking for mercenaries to meet him on Tami lit a fire in her mind. So, as things were being evacuated due to the attacking NMX, she stole off, taking one of the GP-ORV trucks with a couple of cargo crates in the back and headed to meet the Captain of the Phoenix and offer her services.

Crazy Stunts

  • Driving from one ship to another - One time, Jolokia was forced to drive an old YSE Utility Truck from one ship to another, while out in space. She had been part of a boarding party, but managed to slip off undiscovered while the rest of her crew mates raised hell and drew attention away. She was busy packing away cargo on the truck, preparing it to be moved for when docking was safe, when suddenly her comrades came bursting into the bay, they had bitten off a bit more than they could chew. So they all hopped into the truck, blew the cargo bay open and drove off into space. With some coordination from their pilot, they all managed to land safely in their own cargo bay, and got off scot-free with the stolen goods.
  • The Sakura hoodslide - A number of stories up in a docking bay, Jolokia managed to spot a contact they were supposed to meet fleeing the scene. Over the radio she heard a call to β€œget him,” and so she decided to take action in a quite suicidal fashion, hopping over the railing onto a parked Sakura-class gunship and riding the hull down to fall on top of the fleeing man. She broke her leg during the fall, and nearly killed the both of them, but she stopped the guy.


Technology Operations: Jolokia is familiar with most commercially available shipboard computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. Basic operations of ship systems and skinsuits is also included in the training.

Fighting: Jolokia is skilled in advanced hand-to-hand tactics, melee weapon tactics, and various forms of dirty low-down brawling. On the firearms side of things, she's proficient with many weapons that find themselves in the open market, including any firearm that has been produced by Origin Industries. In combat, Jolokia tends to affect a β€œSpray and Pray” method with guns, preferring to use anything that has a automatic fire setting.

Domestic: Jolokia learned a lot from her half-brother, in terms of taking care of a household that helped out a lot when she got her first job aboard a starship. She can prepare her own meals, handle her own laundry and keep her living space clean and efficient.

Survial: Sometimes a job requires a person to wait things out in an unknown environment. Jolokia has been trained for individual survival, she's able to find her own food and water, able to construct makeshift weapons, navigate by use of landmarks and stars overhead that are visible, construct shelters, signal for assistance, and conceal her position.

Communication: Jolokia is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Lorath and Nepleslian. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Vehicles: Jolokia is familiar with how to effectively pilot most ground vehicles and a couple of small space-faring craft. In the case of ground vehicles, she can make rudimentary repairs to her vehicle given the proper tools and time. For the most part, she's most skilled in operating four-wheeled vehicles, but has considerable skill at operating hover-based units as well. In these types of vhicles, she can perform difficult maneuvers under high stress situations. (combat, etc)

Rogue: Life as a pirate has taught Jolokia many valuable skills in dealing with seedy characters and situations. She knows sometimes you need to take a hard stance and be as intimidating as possible, while other times require a softer approach. She can easily perform tasks such as tracking down, establishing connections and brokering deals on Lorath, Nepleslia, and similar independently controlled worlds.


Total Savings Credit Debit
3000 KS Starting money
50 KS 2950 2 fatboys, a FatCOM, ammo belt and 4 batteries


Qty Duty Uniforms
3 Origin Industries Uniform
5 white T-Shirt with OI Logo
5 panties with OI logo (white, black, green, blue, and gold)
5 pairs of black Socks
Weaponry and Tools
1 Standard Energy Pistol
2 SmAR/Fatboy
4 Interchangeable High-Volume Capacitor
1 Black Leather Ammo Belt (holds 3 batteries)
Other Items
1 Hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo)
2 white towel with OI Logo
1 white bathrobe with OI Logo
Character Data
Character NameJolokia "Wind" Nyezeh Fyunnen
Character OwnerRevolver
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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