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Morant is the 4th planet located in the The Nassau System. Morant is a vibrant planet blessed with life. Some of the inhabitants would say too much life. With over 94% of the planet's water liquid, most of the native life falls into one of six qualities: Predator, Herbivore, Scavenger, Carnivorous Plants, Normal Plants, and Fungus; most predators are amphibian pack animals, devious ambush predators, or vicious lone hunters; whilst most herbivorous creatures travel in herds or are extremely defense oriented. Most of Morant's surface is water, with no polar ice, while the remaining surface area that isn't water is land. Most of the population lives along the coasts, or either in undersea cities or orbital colonies. Most travel over land is done by trains, with aircraft and boats a close second and third. It is constantly plagued by rebel groups seeking to overthrow the ruling corporation and pirates.


Near Orbit

Because of the small amount of arable land on Morant, at least 50% of the planet's population lives in space around it. Most of the orbiting space colonies are Island III type cylinders, with smaller Bernal Spheres and Toruses; all of the orbiting colonies are situated at Morant's five Lagrange Points. Each colony comes in pairs: 2 Colonies are called a Bunch, and a group of 50 to 80 Bunches are typicallly called a Side. There are nine such sides around Morant: Marseilles (Side 1) and Nice (Side 2) (L1), Corsica (Side 3) (L2), Bordeaux (Side 4) and Poitiers (Side 5) (L3), Lyon(Side 6) and Caen (Side 7) (L4), and Rennes (Side 8 ) and Amiens (Side 9) (L5). Also in orbit, but separate from the colonies are numerous facilities carved out of Near-Planet Asteroids.

Corsica (Side 3, L2))

The furthest colony cluster from Morant, Corsica always been an important place for Morant. With its strategic position at L2 on the far side of Elba, and the numerous mining asteroids brought into L2, the mass drivers and orbital elevators of Elba bringing raw materials from the surface into space, and the ease at which foreign travellers could access the Side, Corsica has always been one of the richest Colony Clusters in Moranti Orbit.

Important Locations

  • Ajaccio Bunch: Both colony cylinders are of the closed type, with a large combined population, and have the civilian infrastructure to match.
  • Bastia: Formerly a mining asteroid, it has been refitted into not only a factory and asteroid fortress, but a city in its own right.

Industrial Asteroid Maginot (L5)


Elba, the only natural satellite of Morant, is a rocky, volcanic ball of rock, rich in natural resources. The moon, though not habitable by unprotected humans, has been colonized, and the original mining facilities have evolved into large, sprawling arcologies. The largest of these is Marciana, which not only has the largest population of any Elban Arcology, but has numerous manufacturing facilities under the surface, and is a hotbed of Anti-Divolis activity. Divolis maintains control over Elba with a network of orbital weapons satellites, which bombard openly rebellious arcologies until it either surrenders, or everyone inside is dead.

Planetary Data

General Information

  • Type Terrestrial
  • Orbital Radius 1.2 AU
  • Period 340 Days
  • Hydrosphere 100 % Water
  • Atmosphere Standard Breathable
  • Biosphere Complex Fauna and Flora, Near Deathworld
  • Gravity 9.1 m/s^2 (.91 Earth)
  • Moons 1; 1 Vulcan (Elba)

Practical Information

  • Day Length 25 Hours
  • Year 340 Days
  • Seasons 6; Winter, Spring, Monsoon, Summer, High-Tide, Harvest
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