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The Nassau System

Located on the far rim of the northeastern frontier, the Nassau system contains a small series of seven planets and two major asteroid belts. The fourth planet of the system (dubbed Morant by the locals) has become a small hub of activity in recent years. Its many small towns and ports offer a base for trade in the outlying regions. The system is populated by a variety of races: Yamataians, Elysians, Nepleslians, as well as any other rogue denizens of deep space can be found represented in the local port towns and space stations. The system's local government is little more than a security business paid by self imposed taxes on the system. Operations are kept very quiet for the most part to avoid attention from any major empire.

Like the Caribbean ports of ancient earth, Nassau is a remote watering hole for deep space travelers. The only planet in the system capable of supporting higher life forms is not a paradise by anyone's standard. The twin moons looming overhead create violent weather and treacherous seas. This makes its prospects for large scale colonization slim; the people that are drawn to the frontier are from all walks of life. Allegiance matters little on the port streets or small stations in the system as there is little of value to fight over. There are occasional fights but the scale and reasons are always small. Without the presence of imperial law in the system, Nassau (notably port Teach) has been frequented by smaller vessels under the command of pirates who use the trade ports and many “cantina’s” of the system to spend their ill gotten gains. Military presence in the system (rare as it is) never lasts long. The local groups are eager to lend aide but would rather push the ships along their way so they might resume business under their own terms. Nassau is little more than a port and shipyard of the modern age.

Nassau is the home of Oncari Industries.

System Info

Star type: Blue Dwarf

Nassau 1

The closest body to the Nassau star is little more than a superheated rock spinning in space. Much too hot to support any life, the planet rotates very slowly making probe landings on the night side possible but risky. Serious mining or survey of the planet is nigh impossible due to the extreme temperatures found on the surface.

  • Stellar Radius: .34 au
  • Gravity .4g
  • Solar orbit: 18 days
  • Rotation: 53hrs
  • Moons: 0

Nassau 2

The second planet in the Nassau system has a thin sustained atmosphere. Due to volcanic activity and the high toxicity of the atmosphere the surface of the planet is being constantly reshaped. No indigenous life has been found on the surface; however some mining parties have harvested minerals from the cooled lava beds in inactive areas of the planet's surface.

  • Stellar Radius: .67 au
  • Gravity .7g
  • Solar orbit: 204 days
  • Rotation: 22hrs
  • Moons: 0

Nassau 3

While technically habitable, Nassau III has a very thin oxygen atmosphere that supports little plant life and only the most rudimentary animals. Insects have evolved to live on the planet’s surface with little water and thin air. Some even mimic larger plant life on other worlds; reports have come back on creatures large enough to prey on humanoids.

  • Stellar Radius: .94 au
  • Gravity .8g
  • Solar orbit: 268 days
  • Rotation: 19hrs
  • Moons: 1

Nassau 4 "Morant"

Dubbed “Morant” by the local settlers this planet is has a rich oxygen environment, abundant surface water and plant life. Indigenous life on the planet was in its earliest stages when the arrival of colonists brought their own livestock and animals to inhabit the world, however many local diseases and early predators soon adapted to the new creatures and integrated them into the ecosystem. With the expansion of interstellar travel the Nassau system became a watering hole of sorts for travelers in the northern frontier and soon many small port towns sprang up on the surface. Most notably this system saw the rise of local manufacturing company Oncari Industries, whose main shipyard facilities are located in orbit around the larger of the planet's twin moons.

  • Stellar Radius: 1.2 au
  • Gravity: .91g
  • Solar orbit: 340 days
  • Rotation: 26hrs
  • Moons: 2

Nassau 5

The first gas giant of the system, Nassau-V is a deep green color. Swirling clouds of gasses play over its large surface. The largest planetary body in the system, Nassau-V sits just beyond two compact rings of asteroids that divide the inner and outer solar system. The six moons of the planet have been mined and used for small space stations for some enraptures in the region however most claims don’t last long.

  • Stellar Radius: 5.5au
  • Gravity: 2.8g
  • Solar orbit: 527 days
  • Rotation: 13hrs
  • Moons: 6

Nassau 6

Nassau-VI is another gas giant in the Nassau system. Smaller than Nassau-V it boasts spectacular rings that circle the dense ball of orange gasses that make up the atmosphere of this planet. The largest of the moons of Nassau-VI is home to a small space station dubbed “Port Teach” The high volume of asteroid activity near the planet makes navigation and scanning difficult. Rogue asteroids have been known to catch an unwitting starship pilot off guard and the sheer volume of debris may blind many sensor systems.

  • Stellar Radius: 21au
  • Gravity: 2.1g
  • Solar orbit: 500 days
  • Rotation: 46hrs
  • Moons: 3

Nassau 7

The furthest planetary body in the solar system, Nassau-VII is a frozen planet of dense rock. High mountain ranges and deep canyons on the surface provoke thought that something lies below the surface of this world. Its oxygen atmosphere remains too thin to explore without a pressure suit and the blinding snow storms on the planet's surface can swallow people and even ships whole under the torrent.

  • Stellar Radius: 48au
  • Gravity: .5g
  • Solar orbit: 823 days
  • Rotation: 21hrs
  • Moons: 0

OOC Notes

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