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ISC Phoenix - Season 3: The Legend Continues

Siege on Sector 72

As they held off another attack and fought their way to their headquarters, the Crater Nadir bar, it started to become apparent that things weren't as they seemed. The Captain discovered that the Jet-Bull mercenaries that'd they'd been fighting through were, in fact, possessed by Mishhu parasites. Furthermore, the captain found that Yuki was not allied with the Jet Bulls, and a double agent for who-knows-what. However, the Captain did not glean this to his crew.

Preparations were then made for the incoming invasion. The talk of Mishhu parasites had kicked the Militia and Drift's Police forces into action. The fight was long and arduous, as the highest concentration of Mishhu and NMX technology was in Sector 72, a once-thriving commercial area in Drift for non-native occupants. The fight was long and bloody as the ISC Phoenix took point, holding off Rippers, hordes of NMX parasite-infested mercenaries, Nekovalkyrja commanders and zombies. Former enemy, Saeko Marujou had even come back for more punishment, resulting in her head being torn off - but not before inflicting serious wounds on the captain and letting her zombie horde harry the crew.

During the battle, other fights had broken out across the station, and the station's forces were stretched thin to prevent serious damage to the already fragile environment, and many lives were lost in the conflict, but it was still a victory over the Mishhu. The station was safe. A massive reimbursement was made to the crew of the ISC Phoenix, who had to think of creative ways to spend all that money. They decided that a trip to Origin's headquarters, Dawn Station would do the trick.

Dawning Concerns

After touching down in the lovely Dawn Station and taking in the sights. The crew wasn't expecting to be met by Aerin Tatst, the CEO of Origin Industries herself. Initially, it was a case of sit down, have lunch, go buy something and then have some fun - however, it was made apparent that Malice had survived her ordeal on Nepleslia Prime, and was hiding in Dawn Station. The Captain and Zeta were able to spot this thread, even though she was disguised - however, they took no action.

The team split up, as John, Luca and Sebastian went to go and have a look at a brand new Courier 2A, while the rest of the team went forth to make their own purchases, and do some weapons testing. The interesting Mr. Smith was presiding over the sales and demonstrations. This would've been all well and good, but the announcement that there were NMX Parasites on the station and a factory being directly attacked by an unknown foe provoked an opportunity to have more than a cardboard target to aim at.

The Crew took this development in their stride as they headed towards the Factory, bristling with weapons, armour and itchy trigger fingers. It was here that they fought with the โ€œAngersโ€, the offspring of Vitriol and Malice. They found that using kinetic weapons didn't inflict much damage, whereas electrical energy was key to frying them. Fortunately for the Crew, they had a lot of shock and awe to play with, and better still, they found a survivor.

Meanwhile, outside the station, Daxle Demalier was having problems of his own with the Angers on the ship he was chartering with. It disabled the ship, but not before getting fried by Daxle's quick thinking. It drifted towards the station and got towed in by Origin's Salvage crew.

Then the Captain decided to intervene, making his entrance at the same time Vitriol did. The Captain and crew took him on whilst keeping their survivor in tow. However, an interesting turn of events happened when the Survivor turned out to be Malice in disguise, to which, Mr. Smith responded by smashing a microwave through her head. Afterwards, the crew was able to determine that the Origin wares they were testing were well and truly working.

About the same time, Daxle was released from medical care with a few lumps and bruises (and his iconic Doctor's Bag), and put in front of Sebastian, who'd just sealed the deal to buy the Courier 2A, albeit with a modification to the cargo bay to have a hangar put in, and some extra security cameras. Afterwards, the entire crew thought it'd be lovely to stay the evening at an Onsen in the Origin gardens. Luca went missing with the CEO of Origin Industries, Aerin Tatst and returned the following morning with no ruddy clue what happened that night. (With each sordid detail being left to the tabloids)

Enzo's Lady of the Night

Shortly after recovering from the previous evening, Luca was given a cryptic message to examine a portion of space two light years 'north' of Nepleslia Prime. After some deliberation and planning, since Luca and the crew suspected this to be an elaborate trap or ruse, they armed themselves with weapons and a plan to recover the ship. However, it turned out that it was indeed a set up by a petty policeman with a personal vendetta against the criminal echelon.

During this exchange, Naoko was able to find some leads to her original captors by assaulting a few people who wanted nothing to do with the fight, or with the combat at hand. Eventually, Sebastian recognised the petty policeman as a former colleague, and beat him senseless for bringing his Son into a fight that was supposed to have been resolved a long, long time ago. In due process, many police officers who simply wanted nothing to do with the incident were bought in and wounded, even killed. It left a bad taste in the Captain's mouth as the petty policeman was bought to relative justice for the framing.

The Making Of

The Captain determined that after three consecutive missions, it was time to sit back, lay low and relax a little. However, even that is a gigantic ask if you're Luca Pavone, trouble magnet extraordinare. It all started when Luca deduced that the crew was too recognisable, and they each decided to invent pseudonyms to enjoy the sights under. However, that all went out the window in a blaze of ursine terror as Enzo unscrupulously enlisted the help of a pair of Kohanian bounty hunters in the hopes that he could collect their bounty when they tried to go after Luca's and stab them in the back.

It all seemed so easy on paper, but no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. It came to pass that Luca's cover was almost blown wide open, both of the Kohanians killed, and Luca had some serious questions for Enzo. Fortunately for Enzo, he wasn't caught in 'betraying' the Captain, and still got to pick up the Kohanian's bounties as long as he split them. Meanwhile, Uriel found a man who'd been torn apart by a vicious gang known as the Zeroes. Uriel took pity on this man and the fate of his family and business at the hands of the Zeroes, and made a solemn vow to eliminate them.

Luca, figuring that his cover was already shot to pieces was more than happy to go out and break some skulls, but for all the wrong reasonsโ€ฆ

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