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Arin Berelai

A Player Character, she is controlled by Fian.

Arin Berelai
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 25 Years
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 175 CM
Weight: 65 KG
Organization NAM
Rank Planetary Executive
Occupation Representative

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 175 Centimeters
  • Weight: 65 Kilograms
  • Mesurements: Banana
  • Bra Size: Between A and B.
  • Build and Skin color: Flesh coloured. Average build with medium frame.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Light grey coloured eyes, normal eyebrows. Androgynous facial structure with a small chin and sharp nose.
  • Hair color and Style: A dark shade of grey, mid-short length and airy.
  • Distinguishing Features: Plain, uncyberdized.


  • Teion Berelai (42, Father)
  • Unknown Mother

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Arin is regarded by her colleagues as a resourceful, loyal and optimistic person, if not also having the unenviable attributes of being both shy and a hopeless romantic.

  • Likes: Playing the piano, drawing, romance novels, giving gifts, tinkering and her datapad.
  • Dislikes: Indecisiveness, pessimism, intrusiveness and being at the mercy of anything.
  • Goals: Going places and seeing new things, collecting items.



Arin was born the daughter of a Mafia bodyguard from a one night stand. Although she was largely forgotten after conception, her father re-encountered her in a slave market when she was six and bought her out with the little money and humanity left in him. Flat broke and fearing for his daughter's safety dan future, Teion cast his lot in with the mega corporations of Nepleslia, serving them faithfully as an experienced security officer under the condition that Arin be provided for.

Some times were good, some times were bad. Teion was sometimes forced to seek employment elsewhere and Arin had to follow, thus through the different schools the different companies put her in over the years, Arin had become well adapted to learning but she never had many permanent friends.

Teion's last jump landed him at the newly formed NAM, where he remains gainfully employed as the head of security up to now. Taking note of Arin's varied abilities, NAM had put her through OMNITECH, an institution to nurture the future talents of Nepleslia and to represent the company and its many divisions as a whole. Arin graduated at the upper percentile of the class, which qualified her for the tougher independent and deep space postings.


She was then assigned to observe the independent vessel SRSS Yiggdrasil as part of CEO Melchoir's pet project. It wasn't a smooth ride as one pirate attack later Arin was sent home with a fractured skull with short term memory loss. While Melchior resigned and the SRSS Yiggdrasil was decomissioned, the project was later revived under the general purview of the company and Arin then sent to the ISC Phoenix, where she experienced a number of adventures with the famous Captain Luca Pavone, most notably one incident where she fashioned an explosive harpoon out of scrap to giant gelatinous monster.

With the Nepleslian colonial efforts in full force and having proved herself a versatile asset to the Company, in YE30 she was recalled back to Nepleslia to undergo further training. Between then and YE36 she was assigned to various internal administrative postings until, confident that Arin could handle Company matters independently, almost singlehandedly and with minimal supervision from HQ, NAM posted her to a faraway border planet named Francia to run the company's very small planetary office there.


Maintenance and Repair: Arin knows how to perform basic maintenance and repairs on Power Armors and other machinery with the help of proper tools and references. Her main skill is in diagnosis and observation, knowing where the problem lies before consulting manuals and troubleshooting tutorials to address it. She works slower and a lot more carefully than normal mechanics. Arin is also capable of hasty repairs, but fix would not be expected to last for long.

Knowledge : Arin has her basic sciences (Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) at an undergraduate level. She is well versed in the company laws and procedures and to a lesser extent that of the Nepleslian goverment. She has excellent memory with the blanks filled in by organized records in her Datapad.

Physical: Arin has a strong back and sturdy legs from carrying around books and tools, as a result her carrying capacity is almost double that of a normal Nepleslian.

Figthing: Arin is trained in basic hand-to-hand combat, but has come to rely on single and decisive kicks from her well toned legs. Up one technological level, Arin knows how to operate small arms (Especially the ESG). At the highest tier, she knows how to operate Power Armor but usually only with the help of an AI and even that, only functioning as a mobile turret.

Technology Operation: Arin knows how to handle the InterNEP and computer interfaces (Especially of Nep origin) in general, not limited to small starships and Power Armor. She is VERY proficient in entering and searching for information short of hacking, and can call up whatever data she needs in a snap.

Engineering: Through intensive extra-curricular studies and actual experiences, Arin can quickly jury-rig most machinery and create small objects not limited to tools, parts and weapons using a combination of spare parts and/or her trusty fabricator.

Communications: Arin is capable of communicating and writing fluently in English and Japanese. Communication devices from the basic radio to starship subspace comms are not beyond her and she understands the more common terms used. Thanks to her upbringing in the corporate world, Arin is experienced in filling paperwork and penning reports but has still yet to grasp the finer points of poetry.

Character Data
Character NameArin Berelai
Character OwnerFian
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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