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The ISC Phoenix Base

This is the base where the ISC Phoenix crew relaxes and practices.

“There was an area which had a grey three-storey building with a few boarded windows and a chimney, a shuttle-sized hangar with a few holes in the roof, plenty of empty crates scattered about and a landing pad. All with a metal, but very rusty fencing around it. There was some spare room around the place, and a locked gate.”
Luca looked into the hall of the building. One main hall with two rooms spouting from the hallway. At the end of the hall was a ladder which must've lead up into the rest of the rooms. Luca looked at the other floors, and they were similar in construction. One hall with two open rooms. Eventually he came back down covered in dust, and with the following observation. “We've got a shitload of dust in this place, but little else. Must've been stolen over the years.” “Hmmh…” Dad groaned, “Typical.” Luca continued: “We've got 6 rooms in total to play around with. We could have an armoury, kitchen, bunkroom, strategy room, mess hall…“

The base is located on Nepleslia, on the outskirts. The closest major city is Funky City, which is within about 15 minutes drive to the ring of slums surrounding it. From the outside, it appears to be a grey, three storey building with a wooden front porch and veranda snuggled into the northeast corner of a fairly large, fenced off area. A small hangar is on the base's right side, connecting to it.

The Yard

A simple place comprising of dirt and the occasional woody shrub. Occasionally dust devils kick up a column of dust, which provides an interesting spectacle every now and again. The entrance to the base is a simple double-door setup on a wooden porch, flanked by a couch.

  • Gates, made of Iron Mesh and concrete reinforced
  • Fencing, made of Rusty Iron Mesh
  • Target Practice Fridge
  • Brown Couch on the porch

Hallways + General

The hallways have wooden floors with a simple, homely carpet in the middle, white painted walls, simple wooden doors and stairs leading up and/or down, depending on the floor. Lighting is usually available.

Floor 1

Room 1.0 - Kitchen/Recreation/Mess/Meeting

This room serves many functions and allows the crew to congregate, talk over a meal or unwind with their favourite movies.

  • Kitchen Counter, With Sink and Drawers
    • Fan Forced Oven
    • Microwave Oven
  • A Food Refrigerator, Well stocked
  • A Drink Fridge
    • A Slab of Beer
  • Cutlery
  • Wooden Table, polished
    • 12 Chairs
  • Brown Couch
    • Side Tables
    • Lamps
  • TV Stand
    • Televisor 12000
    • Movie CD Player
  • Movie Library Organiser
    • Movie Library

Room 2.0 - Armoury & Workshop

If you had every gun in the world, where would you put it? Here, of course. This room is made for storing all of the various weapons and ammunition of the crew.

  • A row of pegs on the wall
  • 8 Weapon Lockers
    • Luca's Locker
    • John's Locker
    • Jim's Locker
    • Hitori's Locker
    • Vincent's Locker
    • Mel's Locker
    • Mitch's Locker
    • Free Locker
  • Long Gun Rack along the wall
    • 20 10mm submachine pistols. Each with a shoulder stock and spare magazine and ammo.
  • Workbenches
    • Lamp with Magnifying glass
    • Various tools for creating things with Metal or Wood
  • A Door to the Hangar

Floor 2

Room 3.0 - Bunkroom

Sweet dreams. This room, while spacious enough to accommodate all of the bunkbeds in which the crew rest, still has a cosy feel at night. It has an open cutaway with a curtain rather than a door, for easier access.

  • A few scraps of cloth
  • 12 Clothes/Stuff Lockers
    • Luca's Locker
      • Various Clothes
    • Mitch's Locker
      • Bottle of Scrumpy
  • 8 Bunk Beds (2 in a bunk)
  • 20 Doonas, Doona Covers and Pillow Cases
Room 3.1 - Bathroom

Inside the bunkroom, in the portion that faces the yard, there's a door that leads to a unisex bathroom. Has ample health care products, and a lock.

  • Toilet, functioning
    • Enough Toilet Paper
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Shower/bathtub combo, stocked with soap and shampoo

Room 4.0 - Strategy/Books

The reading room. Sit down with a book, or plot the next attack.

  • A table, One leg is made of bricks.
  • 4 Stools, one has a missing leg
  • 3 Bookshelves
    • A Nepleslian Porn Mag “Ass Weekly”
    • Various books on strategy and War
    • Technical Manuals
    • Strategy guides

Floor 3

Room 5.0 - Storage

  • Storage Crates
    • 5 Metal Wall Shelving Units

Room 6.0 - Spare Room

This room has gathered a layer of dust. Nobody knows what to do with it.


There is room for Two Shuttles in the Hangar.

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