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Vincienzo Bortelli

Vincienzo Bortelli
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5“9
Weight: 146 lbs
Organization: Independant
Occupation: Career Criminal
Rank: Scab on Society
Current Placement: None

Vincienzo Bortelli in Roleplay

Vincienzo Bortelli is a player character played by Lamb and is currently involved in the ISC Phoenix plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5”9 Mass: 146 lbs Measurements: 44L top , 34 waist

Build and Skin Color: Vince is a very pale and lanky man, with a set of cut, but small muscles pulled tighly against his bones as if they were in the way of his skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Vince has a wide, almost square jaw and a short, flat nose. His eyes are green, and well padded with black bags.

Hair Color and Style: Vince is the proud owner of a thick head of very dark, almost black wavy hair. He keeps it neatly brushed or parted when time allows for it and lets it flow well over his collar before he even considers cutting it.

Distinguishing Features: Although he's mostly clean shaven and has nice skin, Vince's face (and body) is covered with scars of different sizes and shapes, which he has acquired over the years as a scoundrel. He also has a tattoo of the Grim Reaper on his left bicep.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Vincienzo Bortelli is and always will be a greasy freebooter. He seems almost void of any emotions other than rambunctious happiness and all-encompassing anger–the two of which he constantly slides between. Vince is most likely a sociopath, given his ability to charm others and quickly turn them to the wolves. When not making a mess of things for himself or others, Vince is generally a kindhearted and generous person (For all intents and purposes, as it were.), always finding time to entertain himself and the people around him with stories and music.

Likes: Music, Parties, Women, Guns, Food, Gambling; you know, all the good stuff. Dislikes: Being caught in a lie, social obligations, arrogance, the color yellow, and slow vehicles. Goals: Make money wherever possible and survive. Also, to get his ship back if at all possible.


Family (or Creators)

Abigail Schmidt; mother (bartender at a lounge in the poor district a large Nepleslian city). Aldo Bortelli; father (commanding officer of a warship in the Star Army of Yamatai). Parents are divorced. Frank Bortolli; uncle (moves salvaged goods and components for pirates and other lowlifes). Lucco Bortelli; uncle (provides completely legal used merchandise at very reasonable prices, no questions asked).


Vince's childhood was the usual Nepleslian style of growing up: Fight other kids, dad runs away to join the military shortly after birth, steal, hurt, lie, abuse, etc. Upon the earliest possible spacefaring age, Vince joined up with a cargo crew and began mulling about the galaxy. Even when the empire was thrown into the turmoil of war, Vince kept working. He received a great increase in pay for his wartime effort. After the war settled down, Vince took his first trek into a life of crime. He started by hollowing out a small space under his bed on the freighter for Smuggling contraband. Soon, he was operating a small gambling ring on a station the freighter consistently stopped at for fueling.

In YE 21, Vincienzo's captain lost his ship during an incident following the attack on Ayenee, leaving him unemployed. Using his accrued money, Vince purchased a small, but very quick shuttle craft; which he used to smuggle various things across borders or under the Star Army's noses as his main means of employment. He continued in this line of work for seven years. He only stopped when, in YE 28, he was sent a message about his inability to return home because of a paperwork issue.

Due to a mishap regarding his citizenship status during the Nepleslian Succession, Vincienzo was essentially trapped floating from port to port, circling the borders of his own nation. As he drifted, he perfected his childhood skill of ruining things into what was, to him, a delicate art of deception and trickery. He also became recognized throughout the nightlife of the surrounding sectors as a thief and a ne'er-do-well. He continued on his path of debauchery until YE 31, when his ship was taken from under him by a pirate, leaving him stranded and penniless in space; and forcing him to start over again.

On the Crew of the ISC Phoenix

Vincienzo Bortelli

After his encounter with the aforementioned pirate, Enzo found himself in an escape pod. His pod was recovered by Luca Pavone, famous mercenary leader, captain of the ISC Phoenix and captain of the ISC Big Bird. He traveled with Luca to Nepleslia Prime to find work. After spending a few days working with Luca and his crew; Enzo decided to work for him, lending his ever-greasy hands to the legendary mercenary's already massive arsenal. After a few assassination attempts and a little bar-brawl; Enzo headed for Drift on the ISC Big Bird with the rest of the Phoenix crew, ready for more work and more excitement.

On Drift, Enzo found himself entranced with the recently revived Naoko Aihara. He showered the tiny Neko with gifts and amusing anecdotes about his homeworld. Another assassination attempt brought him square head-to-head with a sniper. Enzo used this as an opportunity for cruelty, and removed the would-be marksman's eyes. Such cruelty paved a path for years of service to Luca (who was uncomfortably thankful at best about the situation).

In YE 35, Vincienzo betrayed the Phoenix crew for money by selling their location to a pair of bounty hunters. As he predicted, the bounty hunters were killed and therefore the evidence of his treachery was destroyed. Enzo made a lot of money from this. Shortly afterwards, Luca Pavone and his crew became household names. Television shows, action figures, energy drinks, you name it– There was a Phoenix-themed product for it. Vince made even more money from this.

Normally, one would retire at this point. However, Enzo is a greedy person, so he skulked and stole his way alongside Luca until the captain's (inaccurately reported) death in YE 36. Naoko died, too. Enzo was beaten up over it, mainly for Naoko; but also at losing the most lucrative employer he'd ever been in service of. Until Luca's return later in the year, Enzo spent his days doing drugs, killing old enemies, burning bridges, and having purportedly wild sex with prostitutes of every species he could find. When Luca came back, he found Enzo sleeping in his ship, parked in the cargo bay of the Crimson Kestrel.

This began a new era for the crew of the Phoenix. Enzo went back to his old ways as a thief and a conman, though he was now wary of Luca as a definite force of good in the galaxy. Vince had always been a man of 'evil', so he tried to tell himself he wasn't switching sides, tried to just have fun getting away with theft and murder on a daily basis. Enzo began to settle down and pursue a member of the crew he'd always had a fondness for, Melissa. Inwardly, though, the ragged conman began to wonder how long it would be before he was told to change his methods or get out– and if he got out, how long it'd be before the Phoenix Man came knocking on his door.



Over the years Vince has picked up a sizable array of fighting skills. However, most of his skills are self-taught. For example: Although he knows how to operate and clean most firearms, Vince can only wield pistols with accuracy. Any other weapons will be very inaccurate and often ineffective in Vince's hands unless properly set for him before he receives them. Any kind of pistol, however; becomes lethal to most targets when wielded by Vince.


Vincienzo is the master of the arts everywhere he goes. Rather it's in a smelly bar or the crew commons of a battleship, Vince is always at ease with those around him. As such, he has no trouble playing several types of musical instruments or performing passionate renditions of previous capers in front of any group of people.


Vince knows the ins and outs of most basic communications systems. This includes all direct communications and a wide array of tricks used to fool people on the other side. He can speak his native Nepleslian and make nothing more small talk in a few of the other major languages. This comes from various jobs with different employers in the past. Sometimes on large starships, all the way down to serving food in a restaurant.


In his various years of service to himself; Vince has stolen a wide variety of vehicles, figured them out, and crashed most of them. He has the basic movement skills needed to get most vehicles running and moving, with a affinity to shuttle craft and other small aerospace vehicles.


This would be considered the main skill that Vincienzo has. Rather it's lying, tricking automated systems, picking locks, or even illegal weapons modifications, Vince can do it; and he can do it right. The wide array of special skills at his disposal carries over to other skills which he may not have. For instance: Although Vince would have a significant problem with most tasks involving the use of Demolitions, he could find a workaround solution in time, using an improvised bomb, or perhaps helping to diffuse an explosive by converting an energy pistol into a soldering device. This is just an example of the broad variety of ways this skill can be applied. Note that, although it is a very wide ranging skill, it still has its fallbacks: Should an inexperienced person attempt anything meant for professionals, he or she is prone to fail in the most dangerous way possible.


Thanks to his lanky build and well-trained eyes, Vince is a VERY fast, and VERY able individual. He has great skill dodging strikes, falling objects, and even a few slower moving projectiles. He is also well versed through experience in the ways of a free runner, able to leap from greater than normal heights, scale nearly smooth walls, and use his momentum while running to propel himself in other directions.


Despite his minor conversational abilities in other languages, Vince is a capable diplomat. He uses his natural talents to disarm his foes through action, whenever talking is not an option. Vince has a sense for most personality types in a tense situation, and can react accordingly. When confronted with a paranoid opponent, he will instinctively lower his guard, as opposed to showing his strengths to a more cautious opponent in an effort to scare them off. His natural charm and dry wit also allows him to talk himself out of most situations without resorting to combat or even bargaining. He can quickly read a person at face value and assess their feelings. Given time talking alone with someone, he can eventually ascertain their motives.


Vincienzo Bortelli is currently a Scab on Society. He receives no weekly salary, and has to make money through his encounters alone.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 DA Starting Funds
396 DA 500 DA 104 DA Pawned Loot, Bought Gear
1054 DA 688 DA 60 DA “Expensive” Watch Scam
11054 DA 10000 DA 0 DA Helped Kill a Crazy Neko
11044 DA 0 DA 10 DA Root Beer and Brandy Float
8044 DA 0 DA 7400 DA New Pistols and Belt
67044 DA 28000 KS 0 DA Luca's “Big Damn Heroes” Fund
83044 DA 8000 KS 0 DA Uriel's “Donation”
1583044 DA 2250000 KS 0 DA Calculated Royalties from Phoenix Merchandising Campaigns YE 34-YE 37
1578001 DA 2000 DA 7042 DA A Wild Ride of Revenge, Booze, Drugs, and Hookers in YE 36


Ship & Ship Contents

The Lady of The Night, Mule Ultralight Freighter
The Lady of the Ngiht

Upper Level and Engineering Section

* One plastic ashtray, black

* One novelty gun-shaped airfreshener, grey, with faded scent of lilac

* Four button-up crew shirts, varying colors

* Three pair cargo-style pants, varying colors

* One fedora-style hat, black

* One business suit, black

* One extra-long tie, red

* One pair Leather dress shoes, black

* Three intact boot Socks

* Two sets, keys to a custom airbike stolen from Roshan Funaka in YE 31

* One half-bottle, Lorath Brandy

Cargo Area

* One custom airbike, white with golden trim

* One crate of long-rotten apples

* One crate of long-expired perishable drugs

* One crate of overpriced gimmick items, stolen

* A small stuffed giraffe

* A slightly larger stuffed giraffe missing it's right ear

* Tool box containing basic and moderately advanced tools

* Thirteen duffel bags, empty, black

* One suitcase, empty, brown

* One suitcase, contents include a piece of paper with a list of prices, black

* One poster, featuring popular Nepleslian TV heroes.

* Two small beetles, dead.


  • 1 White Button-up crew shirt with extra pockets
  • 1 pair canvas cargo pants, green
  • 2 1/2 pair black boot Socks, with various holes
  • 1 still intact boot sock with no holes
  • a black beret with the Red Faction Emblem embroidered on the forehead.
  • a grey duster with a few scuffs on it from years of use.

Weather Gear

  • 1 Thick black scarf, double width

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 1 black wife-beater with a red wolf emblazoned onto it
  • 2 pair of grey sweat-style pajama bottoms, one short, one long.


  • 1 quick-draw holster for a Type 29 Pulse Pistol
  • 1 quick-draw holster for a snub-nosed .45 automatic
  • 2 Thick, military syle belts, one leather, one canvas. Both with built in accessory frogs.
  • 1 pair black leather, buckle style riding boots
  • 1 pair black leather finger-cut gloves, with full-length index and middle fingers
  • A silver chain with a small charm showing two crossed shotguns, which reads: “Ex gladio ultio” on one side. On the reverse side, a small olive branch is displayed with an inscription of “fides fortis defendit”.

Personal Hygiene

  • 4 Bottles of multi-purpose shampoo/bodywash
  • 1 bar of stolen public shower soap


  • Electronic Money Card


  • 1 Extremely Large .357 Revolver “Borrowed” from Bortelli Brother's Quality Used Merchandise (Pictured, left.)
  • 1 snub-nosed .45 caliber holdout pistol, expertly crafted for and looted from the corpse of “Fred Duncan” (Pictured, right.)
  • 1 Heavily Modified Type 30 NSP with an extra setting: 1-round, ultra heavy mode
  • 1 Tiger's Tears High Powered Revolver
  • 1 EMP-P1A Electromagnetic Pulse Handgun
  • 2 KN-LR Knucklers
  • 1 Standard Energy Pistol
  • 2 fifteen-round magazines filled with .45 rounds
  • 1 spring-assisted foldout knife, stiletto style
  • 11 Origin Industries rations from his escape pod
  • a moderately sized pile of energy weapon components
  • 1/2 a bottle of generic brandy
  • 2 bottles of liquor stolen from a bar on Nepleslia Prime
  • an unopened bag containing an escape pod survival kit
  • a combination footlocker-suitcase
  • six poorly made watches, imitations of popular brands
  • 26 and 1/2 packs of Nepleslian Greens Menthol cigarettes stolen from the 45 Star Hotel on Nepleslia Prime
  • Cigarette lighter, which reads: “Thank you for staying at the 45 Star Hotel– Prime City, Nep Prime!”
  • Acoustic Guitar, cherry colored with aging strings

OOC Discussion

Alright guys, I'm in! I'd like to officially thank everyone who helped with the character creation process and the general settling in. You all gave me great advice and intelligent replies.

Character Data
Character NameVincienzo Bortelli
Character OwnerLamb
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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