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Amaterasu Aki

Amaterasu Aki is a player character played by Archander.

Amaterasu Aki (天照 明)
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nekovalkyrja, NH-33M (Miniature) Height: 18.54cm (7.3in)
Gender: Female Weight: 5.99kg (13.2lbs)
Age: 4 Complexion: Creamy Peach (FFD8AD Hex Code)
Date of birth: June YE 33 Measurements: 96-71-91cm (38-28-36) 1)
Organization: Star Army Reserve Bra size: 32F (American) 70G (Japanese)2)
Fleet: Fort Victory Reserve Center Hair color: Cascading Midnight to Frost Blue with Platinum Silver Highlights
Rank: Jôtô Hei Hair type: Long, layered, straight
Occupation: 06A - Information Technology Eye color: Bright Gold
Zodiac: Gemini Pilot Ranking: C
Current assignment: Fort Victory Reserve Center

Physical Characteristics

Amaterasu Aki, like her sister Emi, is a little shorter than the standard NH-33M (Miniature), standing only 7.3 inches tall, weighing in at 13.2lbs. She is very feminine looking, with a curvaceous and voluptuous build. Despite her busty and sensually apparent figure, she has stamina beyond that of a normal Miniature Nekovalkyrja. Unlike her sister, she isn't quite as well conditioned. Aki has brilliant, bright golden eyes that almost appear to be glowing, with a slender yet fitting nose and full luscious lips that almost naturally default to a pout, all framed by a beautiful heart shaped face.

She has deep, dark midnight blue hair that cascades down and changes shades to become frost blue at the bottom with platinum silver highlights. Her hair is long, layered and is straight that reaches down to the small of her back when not pulled back in a ponytail or pulled up in a bun. Like Emi's, it is luscious and very well kept. Aki's ears are slightly longer than normal, are outward swept, and are more horizontal than vertical covered in silken midnight to frost blue fur just like her hair, minus the silver highlights. The fur on the inner ear is a shade or two lighter than the top and back of her ears. As an NH-33 series Mini-Neko, Aki has four fingers and a thumb as opposed to Nekos in previous series.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Aki tends to move to the beat of her own drum, and often reacts drastically different than those around her. She's extremely neutral in her emotions, consistently comes off as being aloof or off in her own little world, and finds it difficult in most cases to come to the same conclusions as everyone else. As such, Aki reacts to situations minimally or with a delayed response in the fashion of what she thinks everyone expects of her heavily tinged with deadpan.

As such, Aki has an almost disturbing lack of a sense of fear, but is far from the types that display bravado in the face of such. She also tends to be quite literal when she gives considerations to those she becomes close to, and has very little shame or modesty when it comes to her body. This illogical sense of being seems to afford Aki impressive abilities with computers and programming, perhaps her greatest strength.

  • Likes: Computers, mint candies, quiet places, reading, her sister Emi (sometimes)
  • Dislikes: unorganized social gatherings, “bandwagoning”, freeloaders
  • Goals: To enjoy her time amongst the stars and discover things for herself instead of following the perceptions of others.


Family (or Creators)

Creators: Ketsurui Zaibatsu for the Star Army of Yamatai Family: Amaterasu Emi (Twin Sister)


Amaterasu Aki and her twin sister Emi were created in June YE 33 on Vicky. Despite having training facilities there on the planet, both opted to venture out to planet Yamatai (Planet) to train at Fort Victory Reserve Center, though this decision was mostly Emi's with Aki going along for the ride. There at Fort Victory, where Emi seemed to have caught the attention of SAINT to which they decided to invest in her training, Aki seemed to be a whiz with computers and a bit of a tinkerer. Apart for the first time since their creation, Aki stayed there at Fort Victory while her sister Emi traveled back to Vicky to complete her SAINT training.

During her time at Fort Victory, it didn't take long at all for Aki to realize how drastically different she was from most everyone around her. Not just in aptitude but in her social and emotional abilities. Though it was difficult for her to relate to those around her, Aki found that focusing on her studies provided the necessary comforts to excel. Her technical prowess with computers and various systems proved much too valuable to allow what seemed like stunted emotions to hold her back. After completing her initial training, Aki was assigned to Leo Star Fortress which had only returned to SAoY's service in the year prior.

There at Leo Star Fortress, Aki offered her technical prowess to aid both as an Information Technology Specialist as well as a supplemental technician and engineer when necessary. Primarily working behind the scenes, Aki's performance was best when she was left to her own devices as opposed to working with others in concerted efforts, a testament to her self-reliance and self-sufficient nature. More often than not, she would see a task that needed to be completed and have it done well before command had issued orders to do so, of which her superiors grew quite fond of her despite her normally awkward tendencies. After three years of service at Leo Star Fortress, and at the dismay of her superiors, Aki was reassigned to the YSS Takamagahara. Unbeknownst to everyone, even her own sister Emi, Aki had secretly requested the reassignment to join her sister while having it look like the orders came on their own.

Service Record


Star Army Common Skills

From her time spent in training at Fort Victory Reserve Center, Aki is fully proficient with all basic skills and functions required of a soldier in the Star Army of Yamatai

Technology Operation

Aki's technical prowess with technology is exceptional, especially with any systems running the Kessaku OS. She is highly capable of using, modifying, and repairing any computer system within starships as well as starbases. To further supplement her technical skills, Aki has undergone specific SAINT training in hacking and counter hacking areas to better protect the information systems in which she is charged with maintaining. In her personal time, she continues to improve her abilities via the use of Lazarus' "Laplace" La+ Operating System.


As a specialist, Aki knowledge of starship and starbase based systems extends into the area of being able to help design new systems and augment existing ones. Though primarily focused on computers and the like, Aki has begun dabbling in more generalized areas to better assist other engineers.

Maintenance and Repair

With her extensive and intricate knowledge of various starship and starbase systems, Aki is able to perform at or above normal standards for a technician. Unless her attentions are required elsewhere with her primary duties, she can be counted on to respond for repairs when necessary.


Aki is exceptional in mathematics, having pursued education including calculus and trigonometry. She is also trained to be able to read and manipulate the codings of a growing number of computer systems and softwares.


Aki reads constantly in her spare time, gathering whatever manuals and information packets she can to further her knowledge of various computer systems. Along with continued courses online, Aki has an extensive collection of materials she can call upon if necessary to assist her in her duties.



Amaterasu Aki is currently a Jôtô Hei in the Star Army Reserve.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameAmaterasu Aki
Character OwnerArchander
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankJôtô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Information Technology
SAOY AssignmentYSS Takamagahara
SAOY Entry YearYE 33
1) , 2)
equivalent to full sized neko
Miniaturized if possible/necessary

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