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Amaterasu Emi

Amaterasu Emi is a player character played by Archander.

Amaterasu Emi (倩照 恡美)
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nekovalkyrja, NH-33M (Miniature) Height: 18.54cm (7.3in)
Gender: Female Weight: 5.99kg (13.2lbs)
Age: 4 Complexion: Creamy Peach (FFD8AD Hex Code)
Date of birth: June YE 33 Measurements: 96-71-91cm (38-28-36) 1)
Organization: Star Army Intelligence Star Army Intelligence, Star Army of YamataiStar Army of Yamatai Bra size: 32F (American) 70G (Japanese)2)
Fleet: Star Army Tenth Standard Fleet Star Army Tenth Standard Fleet Hair color: Fiery Crimson Red with Golden Highlights
Rank: Shoi Kohosei Shoi Kohosei Hair type: Long, layered, semi-wavy
Occupation: 03 - Intelligence Operative, 01C - Starship Infantry Eye color: Bright Gold
Zodiac: Gemini Pilot Ranking: A
Current assignment: YSS Takamagahara

Physical Characteristics

Amaterasu Emi, like her twin sister Aki, is a little shorter than the standard NH-33M (Miniature), standing only 7.3 inches tall, weighing in at 13.2lbs. She is very feminine looking, with a curvaceous and voluptuous build. Despite her busty and sensually apparent figure, she is extremely well conditioned and has greater than normal stamina, strength and agility (even for a Miniature Nekovalkyrja), unlike Aki, who isn't as physically driven. Emi has brilliant, bright golden eyes that almost appear to be glowing, with a slender yet fitting nose and full luscious lips that almost naturally default to a pout, all framed by a beautiful heart shaped face.

She has fierce, fiery crimson red hair with golden highlights thats long, layered and is very straight that reaches down to the small of her back when not pulled back in a ponytail or pulled up in a bun. Like Aki's, it is luscious and very well kept. Emi's ears are slightly longer than normal, are outward swept, and are more horizontal than vertical covered in silken red and golden fur just like her hair. The fur on the inner ear is a shade or two lighter than the top and back of her ears. As an NH-33 series Mini-Neko, Emi has four fingers and a thumb as opposed to Nekos in previous series.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Emi is a very friendly and outgoing Mini-Neko that enjoys the company of others and will even go out of her way to make those around her smile. She is also quite flirty and mischievous, which sometimes can get her in trouble. Though she is energetic and high-spirited, she does her best not to come off as hyper, usually making an effort to not be annoying however there are always exceptions to the rule. Given time away from her ship duties, Emi tends to feel as though clothing is optional, though for the sake of her companions this is kept under wraps.

Her combined upbeat and glass half full personality often draws questioning looks as to how she became a SAINT operative at all, that is until things get serious. When the need arises, Emi becomes significantly more professional, exuding a heightened sense of focus and goal oriented drive in order to complete the given task or live up to the standards becoming of officer of the Star Army of Yamatai as well as SAINT.

  • Likes: Good company, companionship, sex, pranks, most Nekovalkyrja, her sister Aki
  • Dislikes: Social rejection, Mishhu, broken personal items or equipment
  • Goals: To enjoy her life and service to Yamatai, SAINT, and the Star Army… and have no regrets in doing so.


Family (or Creators)

Creators: Ketsurui Zaibatsu for the Star Army of Yamatai

Family: Amaterasu Aki (Twin Sister)


Amaterasu Emi and her twin sister Aki were created in June YE 33 on Vicky. Despite having training facilities there on the planet, both opted to venture out to planet Yamatai (Planet) to train at Fort Victory Reserve Center, though this decision was mostly Emi's with Aki going along for the ride. There at Fort Victory, where Aki seemed to be a whiz with computers and a bit of a tinkerer, Emi seemed to have caught the attention of SAINT to which they decided to invest in her training. Apart for the first time since their creation, Emi left Fort Victory and Aki to go back to Vicky to complete her training as an Intelligence Operative.

While at Vicky, Emi turned quite a few heads both for her drastically different personality as well as her drive and tenacity. It was a bit of a conundrum, however her marks in both the practicals and field tests proved that she couldn't be judged by her outward appearance. Much to her surprise she was referred to Kyoto War College and just after her first birthday she found herself training to become an officer. Training at Kyoto was exciting, with Emi pushing herself to take a staggering course load akin to a double major.

Having spent a full three years at Kyoto focused on the technical aspects and completing a bachelor's degree in regards to her field of choice, it was time for Emi to put all those hours of training to good use. Not long after graduating from the War College, Emi found herself quite surprised to be assigned to the YSS Takamagahara and even more surprised to hear that her sister Aki had been assigned to the ship as well.

Service Record

Vicky - SAINT Training: Mid YE 33 - Mid YE 34

Kyoto War College - Officer/Advanced SAINT Training: Mid YE 34 - Mid YE 37

YSS Takamagahara - Intelligence Operative: Mid YE 37 (Current position)


Star Army Common Skills

Through her training on Vicky as well as her time spent at Kyoto War College, Emi is fully proficient with all required basic skills to be a soldier in the Star Army of Yamatai.


As an intelligence operative for SAINT, Emi is well trained in the arts of espionage, infiltration, sleight of hand, information gathering, counter-intelligence, and counterinsurgency. She knows how to use the abilities of her NH-33M (Miniature) form and its attributes in order to disguise or completely hide her presence, almost to the level of it being second nature. She is also capable of applying charismatic elements of charm and seduction in appropriate situations as well as intimidation and or coercion as necessary.


Emi, despite her miniature form, is a very capable fighter both in ranged combat as well as in close quarters. When in close quarters and unarmed Emi will often employ Jeet Kune Do, playing off her speed to overwhelm her opponents quickly and with minimal effort. During her time at Kyoto War College, Emi spent tireless hours training with her Daisho, a pairing of a katana and wakizashi she acquired. Though not to the level of a Ketsurui Samurai, she is still quite formidable. Lastly, Emi is highly capable in the area of Power Armor/Mecha piloting, and is usually granted use of a wide variety of systems available without many restriction.


As a SAINT operative, Emi has made it a point to hone her body to surpass most NH-33M (Miniature). Despite her outward sensual appearance, she is near the pinnacle in terms of conditioning, enjoying greater than normal speed, strength, agility, and stamina.

Technology Operation

Included in her training as a SAINT Operative, Emi is highly capable using any system that runs the Kessaku OS, as well as other widely used OS and a few more exotic systems. Though not as proficient as her sister Aki, Emi is mostly sufficient in completing any required tasks asked of her regarding starship computer systems and the like.


Reinforced by her time at Kyoto War College, Emi has learned well how to delegate actions to and direct those of her charge with clear and precise instructions and commands. She understands the weight and worth of morale, and tends to employ an approach of respect and leadership by example, unafraid to get her hands dirty.

Vehicle Operation

Due to being cross trained as a field operative and infantry supplement, Emi is capable of operating most vehicles employed by the Star Army of Yamatai with little difficulty.



Amaterasu Emi is currently a Shoi Kohosei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameAmaterasu Emi (倩照 恡美)
Character OwnerArchander
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShoi Kohosei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Intelligence Operative
SAOY AssignmentYSS Takamagahara
1) , 2)
equivalent to full sized neko
miniaturized if possible/necessary

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