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YSS Aeon Personnel

This page lists the crew members of the YSS Aeon and available positions. It also shows crew cabin assignments.

Crew Roster


Warrant Officers

Enlisted Personnel

Crew Quarters Assignments

Captain's Suite

Lounge Cabins

A total of nine encircle the crew lounge.

  1. Gustav, Josea , <Available>
  2. <Available> , Tanaka, Yoshiro
  3. <Available> , <Available>
  4. <Available> , <Available>

Available Positions

The YSS Aeon is currently looking for more players.

  • Infantry
  • Science
  • Medical

This starship prefers NH-29 and Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 or NH-22C and Minkan but will accept other races for its crew. New recruits and trainees are welcome, so long as they put good effort into their profession. Recruits should be patriotic and loyal to Yamatai Star Empire.

If you're new to Star Army please check out the following:

Former Crew Members

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