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Effy Penihatolapsoa

Effy Penihatolapsoa is a player character played by Ametheliana.

Effy Penihatolapsoa
Species & Gender: Elf Female
Year of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Intelligence
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement:
Orders: Orders

Physical Description

Silvery grey hair falls between Effy's shoulder blades and crops her face in bangs that cover both eyes. She wears it in a variety of styles, all of which change day-to-day. Some days it will be in a braided crown, other days just the top layer is pulled back in a tie, and other days it will be in two buns above her ears, over her ears, or one bun behind or to the side of her head. Sometimes it is found lying curled against her back, free of any constraints. Though naturally it is straight, she will braid it in the night to curl it in the morning.

Her eyes, much like her hair, are greyish, but with more blue in them. Effy is a tree elf, so it is befitting to her to have long and pointy ears. She is tall, strong, and capable. Standing at six feet and two inches, she holds height over many Neko, though she does not hold over them strength and bodily abilities, sadly.

Her skin is flesh-colored and her cheeks ready to blush if another comrade or otherwise turns to look at her.

She wears a circlet that can be seen as it sits on her forehead and is hidden by the rest of her hair. It is golden and has one main band with half circular patterning above and below it. In the center of the circlet, high above her nose, are two jewels that are stacked. The jewel on top is larger than the one below and both are the same blueish grey as her eyes.


With nothing but diplomacy in mind, Effy is capable of working the most out of others. She likes to get information and likes even more to hoard it, sharing it with only those that are directly above her.

Effy is quick to warm and quicker to grow cold. She finds reasons to like others she has just met, but at the first sign of trouble, she turns off and no longer finds excuses to have anything to do with them. This is something she has not yet been made aware of and something she would work to rectify if only it was known to her.

Effy Penihatolapsoa hates failing, as one would expect of a perfectionist, which she is. She will try and re-try certain tasks, finding within her the ability to do them no matter the strain, conditions, or costs.

Unable to sleep well at night if with another, Effy is never found in the bed of anyone but her own. She has never enjoyed seeking a mate and hasn't begun that process, though growing up she got the experience of growing attached to others, both male and female. The experiences did not resonate well with her and are not memories she likes to relive.


Effy Penihatolapsoa was born in YE 10 in Xiuluria on Yamatai/ Geshrintall to a family that became known as nobility throughout the Elfin land that ran autonomously to the outside world of Yamatai.

Being surrounded by artisans and masters of their craft was good for Effy. She grew to know the skills of the magicians and potions-makers, but devoted herself to something much more different.

She would hide in the treetops and play games of subterfuge constantly, pretending in ways that few others did. She would gain knowledge of other elves, gain their secrets, gain things few others sought. She was a spy. From an early age, she was one and it was unsettling to those around her when she cracked open her notebook to show off the accounts, records, descriptors, and so on of other elves' exploits.

Soon, the Star Army began its recruiting and Effy held up her nose as she held the hands of her fellow Xiulurians. She did not have any inkling to leave what she was coming to know so well. She was growing in ways she wanted to hold onto for dear life. Things that would eventually lead to her exiting Xiuluria. Things she would only be able to have if she left, but she didn't know that when she was young. She had to live a little in order to realize such things.

For years she lived with her family as they grew to be known as elders of the Conclave in the village that they lived in. She lived with a great level of responsibility all of her life and became a Conclave member at a young age. She voted with a keen eye and steady hand and brought matters to be addressed with a sound mind. She was known for her ability to see things as they were, not as they should be. She was a masterful strategizer and planned out future events so thoroughly that her village ran smoothly and efficiently for years, in large part due to her subterfuge and ability to scheme for the good of all. She was skillful in exploiting the weaknesses of others, doing so to those that deserved it most.

The tug to know others' lives as well as she knew hers was a strong one and she began to work underhandedly in some respects, gaining insights into the lives of the Village Elders in such a way that she was able to manipulate them to sway to her needs. Others did not know that the strings she pulled were those attached to them like they were puppets, instead they thought it was just Effy being both wise for her age and plucky in her youth.

She thought for a long time on becoming more than just a part of a village's Conclave and, doing what she was destined for back when she hid in the trees to clandestinely learn of others with giddy glee

So, her long journey to becoming something great for her village ended so that she could shed the titles she had gained. The person in her that wanted to wield her skills of espionage could not exist within the scope of the respect and honor she had gained.

Her new path to her old ways began by way of leaving Xiuluria. She went to the Star Army and found herself in a realm very much unknown to her. Giving up her body for a Neko one seemed laughable… Until basic training. Then the thought of doing so haunted her dreams and kept her from getting good sleep at night. Despite that, she resisted temptation and grew stronger, more agile, more capable.

She then went though SAINT operative selection on recommendation, passed, and was brought for INDOC to Vicky. She went through the programs to become a SAINT agent on the icy planet, growing to know the Snowy Neko and other SAINT operatives as mountains to be conquered. She had her work cut out for her and her old ways of gaining territory on others and encroaching on their secrets was hindered by the tight-lipped stoicism and lack of transparency befitting Star Army Intelligence. Despite that, she was able to gather that SAINT was the right place for her.

She at one time saved the Premier of Nepleslia by way of gadgetry while undercover. Though she broke her cover, she completed her mission and solidified herself as a solid agent. She works for the office of the Yeoman to the Director and has kept the entry-level rank of Santo Hei throughout her active few years of service.

Skills Learned

Effy Penihatolapsoa has the following notable skills:

  • Art and Vocations: Effy is an accomplished seamstress, able to embroider lovely, detailed, and intricate works of art.
  • Chemistry: After having learned potion-making from her mother to a degree, Effy is more than capable of creating her own mixtures and has set her mind in no small way to be able to do so on a proficient level. Her mother took a liking to the subject and it was something she wanted deeply to pass on to her daughter.
  • Entertainment: Effy is an experienced and entrancing singer and can be heard humming to herself often.
  • Humanities: With a deep understanding of sociology and psychology from being entrenched in politics all of her life, Effy has a deep understanding of the subjects. She loved studying it and enjoys even more the practice and application of the humanities, such as sociology and psychology.
  • Knowledge: Laws, history, and practices of all Yamataians are known to her, as well as the laws, history, and practices to her fellow elves. She learned these things from grueling study and late nights spent pouring over texts to understand and come to terms with the way things are— so that she can change them to the ways they should be. Or at least her version of what they should be.
  • Leadership: An effective and accomplished leader, Effy is great at being in command of herself and those around her.
  • Medical and Science: Able to create potions and mixtures with healing properties, Effy has a deft hand for medicine and science.

Social Connections

Effy name is connected to:

  • Liam Penihatolapsoa(Father)
  • Hopp Penihatolapsoa (Mother)

Inventory & Finance

Effy Penihatolapsoa has the Star Army Standard Issue Items as well as several outfits, boots, a purse with standard contents, and some small vials of potions from her mother as well as a Multi-function Bracelet 1-b that was given to her on a mission to Nepleslia to spy on the premier Gaelan Sanders.

Effy Penihatolapsoa currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameEffy Penihatolapsoa
Character OwnerAmetheliana
Character StatusActive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankSantô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Intelligence Operative

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