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Ternifac is a city on Yamatai (Planet). It is an enclave in Xiuluria Prefecture that sits at the border with the Jhuniata Prefecture and the Jhuniata Desert. Among other claims to fame, it's home of the Ternifac Cheese-steak, which is SARP's equivalent of a Philly.


Ternifac is the only Nepleslian-Yamataian city in Xiuluria. It was originally made as a railroad station some 500 years ago. When Xiuluria was recognized as a suzerain in the 30s, Ternifac was an exception. There is no prefecture level police for Ternifac due to its unusual status as an enclave, which led to it being a haven for interesting activities. Ternifac's size is limited by treaty, which has resulted it in being built in a very dense fashion.

In YE 34, 40,000 refugees stayed in Ternifac while waiting on reconstruction of Malifar following the Battle of Yamatai in YE 33. The Ternifac Municipal Council housed them, as well as those from Jskita, until reconstruction efforts were complete1). At that time, Senator Abraham Yamashita joined the Senate of Yamatai after 12 years in Ternifac's Municipal Council2).

In late YE 42, Gabriela Lively, Dr. Poppy Pink, Agrippina Rossa, Miriam Norita, and many others stopped in Ternifac and visited the bar there3).

In YE 45.8, many crew members from the YSS Resurgence returned to celebrate Dr. Poppy Pink becoming a doctor and an officer, including Poppy, Gabriela Lively, Pidole Henitot, and Sanda Hoshi4).


Ternifac has a large population of Nepleslian humans and is built in the Nepleslian style, which is basically described as high-concrete urban cyberpunk.

Ternifac has a fair amount of On'nin Ikemen - 隠人イケ面 activity that takes advantage of the distance from the central government as well as one of Yamatai's highest crime rates. It's become known as a place one can stop at during a trainride to Beach Party5) at Malifar for carnal pleasures, drugs, and items not easily acquired through regular channels. It has many “body shops” for purchasing new physical bodies and cybernetic enhancements.

Irchaet is the barmaid at the bar across from the rail station, which is called the Thirst Trap. There is a ramen shop next to it and a tunnel to the red-light district. The streets are lit with volumetric and neon signs.

Ternifac has at least one team for a mecha (giant robot) combat league. Their Aerial Football team is called “The Ternifac Terror.”

Ternifac is the home of the Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund.

Ternifac is rich in art. Common art pieces include finely carved head and body figurines of various Ketsurui Nekovalkyrja, stylized oriental landscapes, and classical music.


Ternifac is on a major rail line:

Places to Eat


Ternifac's population, like most of Yamatai, is incredibly diverse, with humans, robots, mutants, androids, mutants, and synths as well as hundreds of known and unknown alien species. About half the population is Nepleslian and a lot of the city is culturally Nepleslian, representing traditional values from long before Yamatai was established. A lot of tourists briefly pass through Ternifac.


Here's the characters currently listed as being in ternifac:

RP Opportunities

Some things characters can do in Ternifac are:

  • visit the bar by the train station
  • buy art objects in the market
  • visit a “body shop” and buy a new body and/or transfer consciousness
  • mecha battles in the desert
  • experience the red light district
  • Go on a boat ride

Local Rumors

  • A local gang is looking to hire a hitman to kill Erinthel "Ghost" Adler after he threatened them.
  • Some say the local barkeeper has access to a potion of x-ray vision.


2 Viking-style longships are available for rent from the city. They were donated by Gabriela Lively and Dr. Poppy Pink in YE 42. Each has 10 life jackets with it.


Ternifac has a factory that makes SHAM, a canned luncheon meat.

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