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Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund

The Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund is a nonprofit corporation based out of Ternifac dedicated to gathering donations of food, or money for food, for distribution to those without food after the Battle of Yamatai.

About the Hunger Fund

The name of the corporation is a misnomer that arose almost at the start of the corporation's existence. Initially, Ternifac citizens wanted to help their starving neighbors by creating a fund drive to purchase food from parts of the Empire that had plenty, or if necessary buy from allies such as Nepleslia.

However, two events changed the fund's mission. First was the government's announcement of food rationing, ending the ability to even purchase food within the Empire for Yamatai's citizens. The second was the announcement that Anisa System would send food to Yamatai.

The combined result of the two announcements turned the Hunger Fund into less of a donation drive and more of a food bank. The financial donations were used to purchase food storage facilities and distribution sites across Yamatai in order to distribute the newly donated food.

Yamatai's central government so far has tacitly endorsed the fund's presence in ruined cities such as Malifar and Port Xenn, while smaller sites in larger cities have coordinated with municipal authorities to hand out food.

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