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Aerial Football

Aerial Football is football for players who can float and/or fly under their own power, such as Minkan and Nekovalkyrja.


This game is played in the Yamatai Star Empire, owing to the large percentage of the population with gravity-manipulation abilities, or other forms of flight. It began to be played as a natural outgrowth from Football played by participants having these abilities, and as soldiers moved from planet to planet, ship to ship, their local rules mixed until they became standardized. Rules standardization led to the formation of leagues, and subsequently the adoption of Aerial Football as an official sport by the Star Army of Yamatai for organized play for their soldiers.

Aerial Football Pitch

Because of the speed and power of the participants, it is more than three times larger than the largest standard Football pitch. An aerial football β€œfield” has a domed ceiling, in the shape of a hemisphere truncated by the edges of the rectangular field.


  • 500m X 375m (1640’ 5” X 1230’ 3¾”)
  • 300m (984’ 3”) high at edges, 500m (1640’ 5”) at highest point.
  • Halfway line is a semicircle bisecting the field
  • Center Sphere
    • 25m (82’ 0¼”) in diameter
    • bottom is 90m (295’ 3β…œβ€) off of the ground
    • at midpoint of field, centered on halfway line
  • Penalty Area
    • 50m X 20m (164’ 0½” x 65’ 7½”)
    • 60m (196’ 10¼”) high
    • 75m (246’ 0¾”) off of the ground
  • Goal
    • truncated cone 25m (82’ 0¼”) diameter at the rear, 35m (114’ 10”) at the front 10m (32’ 9¾”) deep, cylindrical
    • centered vertically and horizontally inside Penalty Area
    • bottom is 90m (295’ 3β…œβ€) off of the ground
    • Penalty Spot is 35m (114’ 10”) from rear of penalty area 25m (82’ 0¼”) in front of goal
  • Corners
    • truncated, horizontally bisected cones in all four corners of field
    • sides of cone intersect edge of field 25m (82’ 0¼”) along edge from corner along horizontal edges.
    • 25m (82’ 0¼”) high at intersect.

The Ball

The ball is about the same size as a standard regulation football but is much heavier. Specifically, it is constructed of materials that are particularly sensitive to the gravitational, and to a lesser extent magnetic and electrostatic forces of the inertial controlling ability of Nekovalkyrja and Minkan. This means that it is possible to use interference from inertial control to move the ball, such as to steal control of it by taking it into one's own β€œorbit” by proximity, rather than just by striking it. This gives the ball a β€œsticky” behavior that also allows for dribbling the ball when airborne and off of the ground as well.

It is composed of materials that can take the shock and acceleration of gravity-manipulation-enhanced kicks. Additionally, it transmits telemetry from impact sensors, locators, radar, and accelerometers, and has patterns of lights to assist in visibility, that can change colors based on possession or other factors relating to the state of the game.


  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Mass: 1kg (2.2lb)
  • Cost: 20-100KS, depending on brand, style, and celebrity endorsement


The rules are, with the exception of three-dimensionality and the size of the pitch, very similar to Association Football. The number and positions of players, scoring, penalties, and timing are essentially identical. Although contact with the arm from shoulder to fingertip is disallowed except for the goalkeeper, inertial manipulation is allowed no matter what part of the body the ball is near, as long as physical contact with a disallowed part is not made.

Imperial League

The Imperial League is Yamatai's largest league. It consists of teams from various planets, space stations, and even starships (though only the largest starships, such as the YSS Battle Of Yamatai, have football fields).Imperial League Logo


  1. Ternifac - The Ternifac Terror
  2. YSS Battle of Elysia - Guardian Angels
  3. YSS Battle of Nataria - Shieldmaidens
  4. YSS Battle of Tau Ceti - Dragonslayers
  5. YSS Battle Of Yamatai – Cleavers

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