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Milo Frost

Milo Frost was a player character Made by frostjaeger, Played by Charmaylarg

Milo “Jaeger” Frost
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Gender: Male
Age: 21 Height: 5'10“ (1.778 m)
Date of Birth: April YE 17 Weight: 163 lbs. (73.9356kg)
Organization: Nepleslian Star NavyNepleslian Star Navy Complexion: [[items:drinks:coffee (493727)]]
Fleet: 1st Assault Fleet, 78th Tactical Battalion Measurements: N/A
Rank: Lieutenant Lieutenant Hair Color: Midnight Black (040002)
Occupation: Fighter Pilot Hair Type: “Fuzzy”, Short
Current Placement: Aquila Flight Eye Color: Emerald Green (147E26)
Orders: N/A Pilot Ranking: A1)/ C2)
Opening Theme To Be Loved (NSFW)
Insert Song Death and Republic
Launch Theme Barrel Roll

Physical Characteristics

Milo Frost, average in height and weight (178 centimeters and 73.9 kilos, respectively), has a dashing figure whose handsomeness has somehow weathered years of self-inflicted abuse via alcohol and a plethora of scars acquired in battle. Coffee-colored in appearance, he's quite striking, with athletic and well-defined features; his left eye - the right concealed behind an eyepatch - is a lush emerald green. Milo's European appearance, though marred by a jagged scar running vertically through his aforementioned right eye, is still quite gorgeous - something that the Nepleslian frequently takes advantage whenever conversing with members of the opposite sex.

Milo's hair is an elegant midnight black; it's “fuzzy” and short in appearance - as an afro just wouldn't be practical, much to his dismay. His ears are average in length and form.


  • Right Arm/Shoulder: Completely cybernetic; constructed out of Durandium. Grants enhanced strength (400 lbs./181.437 kg) and minor storage capacity due to compartment located in forearm. Uncovered; colored gunmetal grey.
  • Left Arm: Cybernetic from the forearm downwards; constructed in a similar fashion to the right arm. Although it doesn't grant any additional lifting capacity (due to Milo's left shoulder and elbow still being 'natural'), it still (literally) packs quite a punch. Covered in heated synthetic flesh colored to match Milo's natural skin tone.
  • Ears: Cybernetic internal components grant the ability to pick up sounds from a greater distance in addition to a slight increase in overall sensitivity.
  • Internal Organs/Structures: Milo's heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents due to injuries sustained in combat; furthermore, portions of his skeletal frame have been reinforced with Durandium for the purposes of adequately compensating for the additional stresses caused by the right arm.
  • Right Eye: Cybernetic; features variable zoom (up to 10x), several software packages, and infrared vision. Due to the fact that its red iris glows while active, it's typically concealed by the aforementioned eye patch.

Psychological Characteristics


Witty and hilariously charismatic, Milo Frost is a smooth talkin' ladies' man capable of charming (or fightin') his way through just about any situation. Rarely found without a particular alcoholic beverage in hand, Milo, basically, is the personification of the maverick: always ready with a snappy comeback, cocky, and constantly in search of “female companionship.”

“Workin' hard and partyin' harder,” however, is merely this Nepleslian's way of dealing with the dark, jagged scars of battle…and sooner or later, Milo knows that he's going to have to confront his past - and face his darkest fears…

Preferences and Goals

  • Likes: Jägermeister, billiards, flying, music (metal), firearms, physical exercise, snakes, tinkering with his cybernetics, poker, “romance”
  • Dislikes: Politics, the NMX, Nekos, Elysians, sweets, spiders, douchebags, spooks
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Goals: Getting his hands on more Jägermeister

Service Record



  • Jonathan Taylor the Third (Father, 54)
  • Melissa Taylor (Mother; deceased)4)


Born in YE 17 as the only child of corporate tycoon Jonathan Taylor the Third, Maxwell Taylor's life was even from the first few moments of existence seemingly cursed with pain - for his mother, Melissa Taylor, was killed mere months later in a freak aircar collision.

Due to this, Maxwell and Jonathan had a frosty relationship at the best of times, for the latter devoted all of his energies towards managing Taylor Industrial - leaving the former in the care of tutors, maids, and so forth. As the years went by, Milo became better and better at hiding his hostility towards hid father - even as Milo's resentment towards him grew with each passing day.

Fortunately for Milo, the need for this facade vanished in YE 32, when the NMX bombed the Nepleslian Senate - as the chaos that ensued thereafter provided Milo with a means of achieving the one thing he desired more than anything else at the time: freedom. Freedom from his father and freedom from the stifling constraints of the Nepleslian upper society.

The next few years were….informative, to say the least, for Maxwell (who'd since changed his name to Milo Frost and joined the Black Syndicate as a getaway driver). He learned plenty amidst the underbelly of Nepleslian society: how to fight, how to talk, and most importantly of all, how to fly.

By the time YE 34 came rolling around, however, Jonathan (via ever-persistent investigators) was getting closer and closer to reuniting with his son and, after several particularly close calls with both the investigators and police, Milo, out of a combination of desperation and frustration, went to the one place no one - not the police, not the Syndicate, and certainly not his father - could ever reach him: the Nepleslian Star Navy, where the former aristocrat-turned-criminal enlisted as a fighter pilot.

Following his graduation from boot camp 5 months later, Ensign Milo was assigned to a Talon Flight in the 1st Assault Fleet, NSS Mission of Courage Carrier Division. Seven months later, Milo had, after 17 years, found his family in the form of his fellow Talons.

Then the Talons, along with the rest of the 1st Assault Feet, were deployed to Rok'Veru.

It wasn't that bad at first. Hell, Milo was ecstatic (as he'd earned his first two kills in combat) and things seemed to be going smoothly for the Talons (and the rest of the Fleet) as the NMX defenders were annihilated in a tsunami of destruction and Nepleslian awesomeness.

Then, as the Talons escorted a fraction of the shuttles carrying the 1st Fleet's Marines, some bridge officer somewhere quoted a certain admiral by the name of Ackbar, and the seemingly easy milk-run became a nightmarish fight for survival as the squids launched their counterattack, claiming numerous ships (and two Talons) in the process.

As the living hell that had become the Battle of Rok'Veru wore on, Milo fought on in horror as the only family he'd ever known was slowly killed off one by one. It wasn't long before Milo himself (having scored an additional kill) was forced to eject from his ruined FA4 and fight the squids on foot in his NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – “Hostile”.

By the time the last of the NMX anti-orbital batteries had been silenced, it was all over. The Talons had fought hard and made one hell of a last stand - but there were just too many of them. All of them had perished valiantly in the heart of battle.

All of them, that is, except one unlucky fellow by the name of Milo Frost.

Unconscious for several months due to the extent of his injuries, Milo awoke in early YE 35 to the heartbreaking news that the Talons - the one family he'd ever known - were gone.

Following his discharge from the hospital in the spring of that year, Milo (now sporting various cybernetics and promoted to Lieutenant JG) spent the next two years wasting away in one of the squadrons assigned to a Bulwark Starbase in the Nepleslia System. In the summer of YE 37, however, things changed when Milo was transferred back to the 1st Assault Fleet - specifically, to a squadron called Aquila Flight…..

Aquila Flight

Interlude 0.5 (Return & Recover)



Milo is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, powered armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He's fluent in Trade, thus he's able to speak and write it correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, and so on; lastly, Milo is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc.).


Milo has received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons he is trained in include pistols of all types, knives, grenades (and other forms of explosive weaponry), and rifles of all kinds; in addition, he's in excellent physical shape and has considerable endurance. Milo's also able to pilot land-based powered armors - but must rely on the suit’s AI to do anything advanced; regardless, however, this Nepleslian is by far at his best when engaged in, well, practically any form of combat, as few expect the inebriated shoot straight - or land blow after powerful blow…

Survival & Military

Milo, as a pilot of the Nepleslian Star Navy, has been taught the skills required to survive undetected in hostile environments for an extended duration of time without the use of technological aids; a sampling of his expertise would be evident in his ability to construct and maintain shelter, evade detection through various means of camouflage, forage and/or hunt for food in an impactless fashion, and - should the need arise - conduct guerrilla warfare against enemy forces.

Strategy & Tactics

Milo can understand and give out tactical commands and work with other pilots to follow those commands efficiently. He knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure of the Navy even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc.); in addition, he's able to recognize ambush points, is knowledgeable of basic math (for tasks such as calculating distances) and, lastly, can use a tactical map.

Starship Operations

A product of the frequent, action-movie-worthy joyrides he took in his youth, Milo has become incredibly skilled at for making vehicles move through the air at insanely high velocities - which has proved to be a life-saving skill time and time again, be it in the smog-choked skies of Funky City, the nightmarish atmosphere of Hell itself, and even the infinite blue yonder of the future. Having flown just about everything from rustbucket civilian shuttles to high-end NSN starfighters, Milo - while by no means an ace (yet!) - is a skilled fighter jockey when all is said and done…though this gift with high-velocity vehicles unfortunately doesn't extend to any other starship-related fields like stellar cartography or astronavigation.

Maintenance & Repair

With numerous portions of his body (including some rather critical ones) being cybernetic in nature as a result of injuries sustained in the past, Milo is able to carry out an assortment of maintenance-related tasks on the various mechanical components that keep him alive. He's also begun to dabble in performing basic repairs on the equipment he uses - though it'll be a long time before he can perform anything more complex then routine maintenance…


A consequence of devoting the vast majority of his childhood to keeping his true feelings hidden from those closest to him, Milo has over the years become highly proficient in the art of acting and nonverbal expression - though such skills can be influenced (for better or worse) by the pilot's mental state. He's also pretty good at mixing drinks, due to his frequent consumption of alcohol and a bit of experimentation done in an unsuccessful attempt to find an alternative to (the hideously expensive) Jägermeisters.

OOC Discussion

This character was originally created on 2015/07/20 15:18 by frostjaeger and is not up for adoption or usage as a NPC.

This character was adopted by Charmaylarg on 2/9/18. Despite the Not Up For Adoption clause, Frost allowed char to adopt milo here

Disclaimer: This character does not represent the author's view of those with darker skin tones; Milo's skin tone was only chosen due to the note here. Additionally, the author does not endorse any product made by Jägermeister.

Character Data
Character NameMilo Frost
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
RankLieutenant (NSN)
Powered Armor
“Promotion” due to revision of NSN ranking system.
34 at time of death in YE 17

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