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Ensigns are the lowest ranking of members on a bridge crew. They are often fresh from training at a Naval Corps Bridge School. On most ships the Ensign is given a watching position while other Warrant and Joint personnel operate at the bridge. When a Captain thinks that an Ensign has done enough watching, he assigns him a position in where he'll work closely with the person who usually operates it, along with a promotion to Lieutenant (NSN) afterward, depending on their performance. Ensigns are usually paid 300 DA a week, and often given their promotion after their first space battle.

NSN Ensign's Rank Bar

Note: Ensign is mainly a Naval Corps rank, members of the Care and Public Relations Corps usually skip this rank straight to Lieutenant (NSN).

For a full listing of Nepleslian military ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.

List of Ensigns

Nepleslian Ranks
Rank NameEnsign
Rank PaygradeO1
Rank Desc.Second in command of a division of sailors, learns from the Lieutenant

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