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Mazu Mazumi’s Cabin

Mazumi’s new cabin on the YSS Mazu is another of the redesigned version of the Standard Star Army Officers' Cabin. This is part of the event and thus follows the design constraints laid out by Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina.


During a time in YE 44 Mazumi was using an Emma body as her body instead of a standard Nekovalkyrja body. But due to outside intervention, and time, her body began to malfunction. Her sister Minato had managed to influence her to change her body to a more efficient body, and so she switched over to a NH-33 (Tennyo). After she used it on a small justice plan against the disgraced Santo Hei Tachibana she turned her attention to her more selfish concerns, namely where she was going to sleep!

Mazumi had recently been promoted to Nitô Hei and eventually Ittô Hei as a result of this, and the special way things were done on YSS Mazu she was able to move to an officer's quarters. This meant leaving her old quarters which would be a good idea as it was made for an android, not a fully organic being. She was saddened to leave it, but it was time, she was moving up in the empire and she needed a room to show it.

Minato took her to an officer's cabin at a part of the crew quarters deck that she thought would be perfect for her. Unfortunately, since it was unoccupied, it was used as storage space. The items inside were moved to a new storage space, and Mazumi had gotten to work on cleaning it up. The Taisho’s eventually created a event in which they were able to modify their rooms how they wanted as long as it was safe, and with her experience with recreating the Soggy Hole, she got to work.

Mazumi started with an investigation of her new quarters, and found that the after a few steps into the cabin, the floor dips, as if the weight of the items that were inside caused the floor to fall a little. On taking apart the flooring to look under, she saw further damage there. So she and a team of androids began modifying and fixing, but this time, she had added steps so that the entrance area was on a higher floor.

Once that was done, she had a Technician help with electrical things such as a office area at the entrance, and lights or her bedroom and bathroom area then furniture and things were added.

Mazumi’s Modified Cabin

Mazumi opted for standard exterior appearance, though she had to modify it in good working order, primarily cleanliness and renewal to make sure it was all in working order.

Entrance Way

Immediately on entering, the visitor steps on what looks to be white marble stone flooring which was cracked but the cracks were filled with gold.

Work area

On the right side a private terminal where she can read and review old emails, This was on top of a Yamataium made desk, and she had a memory foam lined seating for Mazumi or guests to sit on to sit on. To the left of the terminal and desk area, and the doorway to the next area was a fish tank, but this was merely decorative as the fish inside were fake robotic imitations of the real thing with pre-programmed behavior.. In between the Desk and the tank was the door to the next area, Mazumi’s bedroom.

Sleeping Area

A foot in front of the Doorway is three stairs that bring one into her actual room. The flooring beneath was red as was standard in Officer Quarters and it began right at the foot of the steps.


Instead of the large bed for two she uses a Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40 which was modified to be a single bunk, and below was extra storage for things. The bed was pushed and was turned so it was against the wall from the front of the door. Though like her chair, the mattress was made to be extra comfortable rated for best sleep. It also is capable of interfacing with external devices like the VCE Console and still provide a volumetric interface with a communicator or external computer. In addition it can be used for entertainment, virtual reality, telepresence, or other such things with its built-in Virtual Collective Experience and legacy BedNET support(as seen on the Comfort Bed and Civilian Comfort Bed).

Rest Of Her Room

Along one wall attached to the wall that was her office in the sleep area was a sofa. Here she can sit and read an assortment of books from her library, or she can lounge back. In the middle of the floor was a volumetric emitter which allows her to see anything she desired from movies, to security cameras1). It can double as a teleconference item so that she can talk to anyone she wished. Beside her bed, and at the head of it, she also had a sound system that can play all manner of music that she has a mood for. For clothes she can use the drawers under her bed, drawers at the foot of her bed, and closets for her clothes. These are slowly being filled with new form fitting clothes.

Theme and Atmosphere

While the flooring was red, the couches were matte black with the bedding, primarily the mattress was white, though the blankets and pillow were yamataian colors. The front area, and the sleep area were bathed in lights the color temperature of 3,350 K. This allows the room to be comfortable, especially for those with light sensitivity. The doors to the bathroom was at the end of the dresser, and the forward end of the couches.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom was a sterilized clean environment, and it had to be modified to fit so that there were no accidents. This was to follow the mandate set forth by the Taishos.

Interior Bathroom

The bathroom was a big brighter compared to her bedroom as this was so that she could wake up quicker if need be. The bathroom consists of a sink with a medicine cabinet2) hidden behind a mirror that can be opened like a cabinet. Beside the sink was a toilet and stepping into a barrier had a shower. The flooring was white marble like her little study, with chrome furniture, along with a cabinet for extra towels, toiletries and things of that nature.

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mostly her lounge
containing toothbrushes. and toothpaste.

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