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Star Army Ranks

Star Army of Yamatai members are assigned military ranks based on education and experience. These ranks are parts of a hierarchical organizational structure where higher ranks exercise power over lower ranks in a chain of command. Ranks increase through Promotions based on experience, performance, and individual achievements. As soldiers rise in ranks, they are entrusted with more authority and more responsibilities, and their pay increases accordingly.


The Star Army phased out the warrant officer ranks in YE 43, and existing warrant officers were promoted to officer ranks.

Rank Categories

In the Star Army there are four categories of ranks:

  1. Enlisted Soldiers
  2. Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
  3. Commissioned Officers
  4. Flag Officers (also called general officers)


Enlisted are the everyday soldiers who sign up for 3 years in the Star Army and usually are combat soldiers or have some specific specialization. Most technicians, infantry troops, box-movers from supply, etc are enlisted. These are the worker bees of the Star Army that provide the labor and manpower the Star Army needs to get stuff done.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) are more experienced enlisted soldiers who have risen to become supervisors of the lower enlisted soldiers. They function under the officers' delegated authority and translate orders from officers into tasks for the enlisted soldiers. NCO ranks can only be earned through years of service.

Commissioned Officers

Officers are typically college-educated military career professionals who are either in complex roles that require a lot of formal education and/or training like doctors, scientists, and starship operators. Often found in labs and starship bridges. Line Officers are decision makers and leadership like Star Army Centurions, First Officers, and Starship Captains.

A commission is a formal document from a head of state (the Empress) or in their name, that appoints an officer to a position in the military. Currently in the Star Army, Taisho Yui commissions officers and she and the Empress jointly commission flag officers (general officers).

Flag Officers

Flag officers, also called general officers, are the Star Army's admirals. A flag officer is a senior military officer ranking higher than a starship captain. They are commissioned officers who have risen through the ranks to become generalized high-ranking Star Army leaders who command various parts of the Star Army.

Rank Tiers

Star Army ranks can also be grouped into five tiers of mostly 3 ranks each:

  1. 3 Flag Officer Ranks - Taisho (O9), Chujo (O8), and Shôshô (O7)
  2. 3 Command Ranks - Taisa (O6), Chusa (O5), and Shosa (O4)
  3. 3 Officer Ranks - Taii (O3), Chui (O2), and Shoi (O1)
  4. 3 NCO Ranks - Jôtô Heisho (E7), Ittô Heisho (E6), and Nitô Heisho (E5)
  5. 4 Enlisted Ranks - Jôtô Hei (E4), Ittô Hei (E3), Nitô Hei (E2), and Santô Hei (E1)

Additionally there are two training ranks, one for enlisted (Yontô Hei) and one for officer cadets (Shoi Kohosei). The rank tiers are reflected in the designs for Star Army pin insignia, where the metal is gold for the top rank of the tier.

Starting Ranks

Star Army soldiers enter at the rank of:

The Star Army no longer appoints warrant officers.


The Star Army of Yamatai issues promotions based on time-in-grade, merit, and leadership ability. For details see Promotions in the Star Army.

Pay Grades

In the Star Army, soldiers are paid by their ranks. Pay grades range from E0-E7 for enlisted and NCOs, W1-W3 for warrant officers, and O0-O9 for officers. For details and pay amounts, Star Army Pay.

Rank Insignia

The Star Army has two types of rank insignia1):

  1. Pins (metal badges that go on the chest)
  2. Sleeve (arm patches or cuff stripes)

The rank insignia used depends on the uniform style and level of formality. See Star Army Uniforms for details.


Rank pin designs designs combine a fleet insignia (in the Star Army, these are triangular) with a backing that shows rank tier. Each fleet has slightly different rank pins that are customized for their distinctive triangular fleet logo. The backings are shaped like heart, a circle, or a flower with 8 petals2).

Each rank tier has three backing colors:

  • gold is the highest in the tier
  • silver is the middle
  • blued metal is the lowest of the tier

Enamel colors in the fleet logo at center of the rank pins are also color coded:

  • White for officers
  • Red for enlisted

Blue was formerly used for warrant officers, but this was discontinued.

Sleeve Rank Insignia

Newer Star Army of Yamatai uniforms, beginning with the working uniform and later with the service dress coat, began using rank patches instead of pins.

  • For officers rank is shown in the form of bands around the cuffs
    • gold bands for officers
  • For enlisted rank goes on the left arm as
    • red chevrons for NCOs
    • green bars for enlisted soldiers (red during YE 32-YE 34).

The sleeve insignia are worn on the Working Uniform, Duty Uniform (Type 35), Duty Uniform (Type 42), and Star Army Coat, Type 32. Officers have a fleet patch in the location where enlisted and NCOs have their rank patch. NCOs and enlisted soldiers do not wear a fleet patch.

Officers NCOs Enlisted
gold bands red chevrons green bars
above cuffs between shoulder & elbow
Officer sleeve rank NCO sleeve rank Enlisted sleeve rank

Rank Charts

Here are charts that show the Star Army's ranks and rank insignia.


Pin Sleeve Rank Kanji Description Flag
O9 Taisho 大将 Admiral
O8 Chujo 中将 Vice Admiral
O7 Shôshô 少将 Rear Admiral
O6 Taisa 大佐 Captain
O5 Chusa 中佐 Commander
O4 Shosa 少佐 Lieutenant Commander
O3 Taii 大尉 Lieutenant
O2 Chui 中尉 Sub-Lieutenant
O1 Shoi 少尉 Ensign
OC Shoi Kohosei 少尉候補生 Officer Candidate


Rank Pin Arm Patch Name Kanji Description
E7 Jôtô Heisho 上等兵曹 Chief Petty Officer
E6 Ittô Heisho 一等兵曹 First Class Petty Officer
E5 Nitô Heisho 二等兵曹 Second Class Petty Officer
E4 Jôtô Hei 上等兵 Superior Soldier
E3 Ittô Hei 一等兵 Soldier First Class
E2 Nitô Hei 二等兵 Soldier Second Class
E1 (no patch) Santô Hei * 三等兵 Soldier Third Class
E0 (no pin) (no patch) Yontô Hei 四等兵 Soldier Fourth Class

Big Chart

PageRank NameKanjiDescriptionSAOY PaygradeNATORank PinSleeve InsigniaRank FlagRank Category
Ittô HeiIttô Hei一等兵Soldier First ClassE3OR-3Enlisted
Ittô HeishoIttô Heisho一等兵曹First Class Petty OfficerE6OR-6Non-Commissioned Officer
Ittô JuniIttô Juni一准尉Warrant Officer First ClassWO3WO-4Warrant Officer
Jôtô HeiJôtô Hei上等兵Superior SoldierE4OR-4Enlisted
Jôtô HeishoJôtô Heisho上等兵曹Chief Petty OfficerE7OR-7Non-Commissioned Officer
Nitô HeiNitô Hei二等兵Soldier Second ClassE2OR-2Enlisted
Nitô HeishoNitô Heisho二等兵曹Second Class Petty OfficerE5OR-5Non-Commissioned Officer
Nitô JuniNitô Juni二准尉Warrant Officer Second ClassWO2WO-3Warrant Officer
Santô HeiSantô Hei三等兵Soldier Third ClassE1OR-1Enlisted
Santô JuniSantô Juni三准尉Warrant Officer Third ClassWO1WO-2Warrant Officer
Shoi KohoseiShōi Kōhōsei少尉候補生Officer CandidateO0OF-DOfficer
Yontô HeiYontô Hei四等兵Soldier Fourth ClassE0Enlisted
ChujoChujo中将Vice AdmiralO8OF-8General Officer
ShosaShosa少佐Lieutenant CommanderO4OF-3Officer
ShôshôShôshô少将Vice AdmiralO7OF-7General Officer
TaishoTaisho大将Fleet AdmiralO9OF-9General Officer

Fleet Variants

The examples shown above are for the First Fleet. For larger images and images of other fleet designs, see the links below:

Standard Fleets

Expeditionary Fleets

OOC Notes

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Some rank discussion threads:

The Yamataigo (邪馬台語) word for rank insignia is 階級章/Kaikyūshō
Q: Why is a military rank pin shaped like a heart? A: They've earned a promotion so you're attached to them. And the next level is round because by then they mean the world to you! The flower represents that leadership abilities being in full bloom.

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