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Star Army Soldier

Star Army Soldiers are an occupation listed in the Star Army of Yamatai. It is a starting occupation for newly enlisted soldiers.

The MOS code for Star Army Soldiers is 01 and their uniforms have cornflower blue panels.


This occupation is as old as the Star Army of Yamatai itself. It is the most basic starting place for new soldiers.


Soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai that do not have a specialization are simply referred to as soldiers. This general occupation can be found in both fleet and planetary operations units, performing a wide variety of tasks as the situation and unit demands.

Soldiers have Star Army Basic Training, which includes combat, protocol, and operation of Star Army equipment. Because all soldiers are combat-trained, they are considered infantry and wear the infantry color, cornflower blue.

This occupation is a stepping stone to a specialized Star Army occupation.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Santô Hei and the maximum rank is Jôtô Heisho.


In roleplay here are some things the Characters should be doing:

  • Adjusting to life in the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • They should frequently check in with:
    • their superior or commanding officers.
  • They should be focused on training exercises.
  • They should gain and understanding of the the equipment, weapons, ammunition, explosives and other gear frequently used in the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • They should be ready to engage in combat and mission-specific tasks as directed by their commanding officers.


Star Army Soldiers have all of the Star Army Common Skills and should be concerned with expanding their skill set. When a soldier is ready to specialize, she can request orders to be reclassified into a new occupation code. Typically specialization occurs at the E4 rank level.

Player Expectations

Players of characters in this occupation should be focused on training and learning. It is also a good time to explore the ins and outs of other specialiations to help decide the future path of their character.

List of Characters

These Characters are listed as Star Army Soldiers.

PageSAOY AssignmentSAOY RankSAOY Occupation
Aika KakoFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Alfsigr UehashiFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Annelise StrixdottirYSS Kōun PlotShoi KohoseiStar Army Soldier
Araquiel "Samandriel" ZarallFort TokyoSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Ardath KerrYSS HeartbreakerSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Astridr ShigefumiYSS EucharisIttô HeiStar Army Soldier
Brice KettleFort Victory Reserve CenterIttô HeishoStar Army Soldier
CassieYSS ResurgenceJôtô HeishoStar Army Soldier
Chi (血)Fort Victory Reserve CenterShoiStar Army Soldier
Davonte LyonsYSS ResurgenceNitô HeiStar Army Soldier
Eileifr O CuanaFort Victory Reserve CenterNitô HeishoStar Army Soldier
Freydis EiriksdottirYSS ArtemisJôtô HeiStar Army Soldier
Fuyakawa TenshiStar Army Soldier
Giada NuñezPisces StationJôtô HeiStar Army Soldier
Gwendolyn QueenNitô HeiStar Army Soldier
Hanna MadsenCentral Fleet DepotIttô HeiStar Army Soldier
Hildr ShigefumiYSS Kaiyō IIJôtô HeiStar Army Soldier
Iella RemiFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Kanagawa RennaFort Victory Reserve CenterYontô HeiStar Army Soldier
Kazako ShimeiNitô HeiStar Army Soldier
KeiFort Victory Reserve CenterChuiStar Army Soldier
KôsukaFort Victory Reserve CenterChuiStar Army Soldier
Leila RoundsFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Madoka KaraSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Megan AoiJôtô HeiStar Army Soldier
OrianaLegacy Bastion (Katsuko no Iori)Ittô HeishoStar Army Soldier
Oswald CrayYSS MotomeShoiStar Army Soldier
Oto NiYSS IntegritySantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Ragnhildr HayashiYSS Sakura IISantô HeiStar Army Soldier
RebeccaYSS EucharisSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Sanzugawa RingoUX-13 Training Center (Fort Ready II)Santô HeiStar Army Soldier
Takeshi KentaFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Tanaka, YoshiroYSS ResurgenceJôtô HeishoStar Army Soldier
Tsurugi HimenoFort Victory Reserve CenterSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
Wambui Adaeze BabatundeSpirit CityIttô HeishoStar Army Soldier
Yamazaki YukaIttô HeishoStar Army Soldier

OOC Notes

Andrew updated this page using the Occupation Template on 01/14/2021. The update was approved by Wes in this thread.

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