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Star Army Systems & Safety Monitor

:!: Some of the information on this page is out of date as in YE 45 Safety and Systems Monitor position were phased out :!:

The safety and systems monitor is a starship operator whose duty-station is on the bridge of a Star Army of Yamatai starship. They work in many different ways, especially during combat scenarios, to ensure peak performance from the ship and those maintaining it.


In YE 43, the minimum rank for this occupation was set to Shoi Kohosei and the maximum rank was set to Chusa.

More About the Safety And Systems Monitor

They are the go-to officer for the captain or commanding officer on the bridge for understanding the levels of threat the ship faces as well as numerous other tasks related to onboard ship systems.

Jobs of the Safety And Systems Monitor

The safety and systems monitor maintains onboard ship security. They also work the Combined Field System of the ship for propulsion, shields, and stealth. They work with propulsion and weapons systems to optimize functionality in order for the helm and weapons operator to be able to work to the maximum of their abilities. The safety and systems monitor observes ship-wide condition reports and acts on them. Damage control and working with the ship's technicians are two important aspects of their job.

Position on the Bridge

On a Fuji-class Bridge there is a dedicated seat for the safety and systems monitor. On a Standard Medium Starship Bridge (Sakura type), the placement of this operator is standing behind the sensors operator and works with a large wall-mounted diagram of the ship. Like the Fuji bridge, the Standard Small Starship Bridge (Plumeria Type) contains a dedicated seat for this occupation that is located behind the captain.

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