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Star Army Intelligence RP

The Star Army Intelligence meta-plot ties together command-level and intelligence gathering actions conducted by Star Army Intelligence outside the course of regular plot ship activity. Administrative and grand narrative perspectives are provided by Director Nakaide Shida and other non-player characters in intelligence leadership roles. This meta-plot is meant to help players, GMs, and the FM of Yamatai with any intelligence services they need from outside of plot roleplay. It is run by GM raz.

Status: This plot is currently open for any SAINT character to join.

Plot Overview

SAINT metaplot RP involves:

  1. Showing what goes on at SAINT facilities and ships
  2. Posting intel-related communications in the Yamatai Government forum and SAINT-specific orders in the Star Army Orders forum
  3. Providing GMs and ship captains with intel resources upon request

Rules and Pacing

  • Any game master, faction manager, or player may contact any of the intelligence directorates for in-character communications
  • Replies from SAINT occur as-needed
  • Post as often as you'd like

Characters and Players

Raz plays the SAINT Director Nakaide Shida. Rizzo plays the former Deputy Director Jinja Emi, who is the current base commander at SAINT's Vicky headquarters.

SAINT Intelligence Analysts:

SAINT Operatives:

Open Positions

See Characters Wanted for any SAINT positions open on Star Army plots. As an organization, SAINT is currently looking for an active Deputy Director, whose out-of-character duties would involve responding to intelligence inquiries made by players and GMs.

RP Threads

Characters WantedAny player who wants to participate in SAINT's administration is welcome to contact raz and submit a character.

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