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The Land of Dreamers

Rumors that this plot is closed were found out to be lies perpetuated by communists.
“The journey home is one through the self.” - Vaygraiv Ahrim Eehrish “Savior of the Sky Pillar” Anyu Cu'Seddir

The Land of Dreamers is a multi-chapter plot GM'd by Bilgecrank, using several elements of the setting as the backdrop to an intense character-driven narrative. The name of the plot is taken from the informal name for the Iromakuanhe homeworld Maekardan.

The plot began on May 09, 2010.

In Roleplay

The Land of Dreams is an action/adventure plotship, designed around character development and interpersonal relationships and encouraging the exploration of the themes of growing up, coming of age and the loss of innocence with a pervading mood of culture shock. The cast is composed of youths from the core systems, strangers in a strange land with no hopes of getting home.

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The Land of Dreamers has a diversified cast of characters, with the central 'Main Characters' acting as the driving force in the story. To help the tale unfold, there are also several 'Side Character's employed, often more developed than most no-face NPCs.

Joining the Cast


The following are requirements for joining the Land of Dreamers plot:

  • A respectful attitude to other players and the GM.
  • An understanding that weekly attendance to Plot JPs are expected. Any person who is absent for two JPs without decent cause will have their characters moved to the Off-Stage section.
  • An awareness that the GM is picky of who he allows into his plot.


Warning: The GM is a vulgar and eccentric individual, his conversations are at least PG-13.

Should a SARP Player find themselves confident of these requirements he or she must contact Bilgecrank through personal message on the Star Army Forums or in the #stararmy IRC chat-room for a personal interview. This interview is done in private, and is confidential between potential player and GM. Whether or not the GM chooses to interview the player is the GM's business.

The interview will first consist of:

  • The out-of-character limitations of the plot. These limitations are to find if the Player can work with the schedule of the GM, and the schedules of the already established players. Since Land of Dreamers is mainly a Joint-Post plot. These limitations are fairly important, and the schedules of already established players take priority over a newly entering player.
  • The in-character limitations of the plot. These limitations are for the Player Character, and will change depending on the plots flow and how someone may be able to enter the story. If the player feels dissatisfied with these limits, then the GM will try to work with the player to find a suitable compromise. If no compromise can be made, the player will not be accepted.

Upon acceptance the player should expect to discuss:

  • Possible character designs and ways of participation, as there are no true “roles” in this plot.
  • Ideas of how to insert the player's character into the plot.
  • Miscellaneous things that may or may not be pertinent to the plot.

Main Characters


Character Player Timezone Class Asher Nickname Chibi
Na'Subir "The Living Statue" Alasur Bilgecrank CST Paladin ???
Hanadi Istislah Soresu EST Scoundrel *Expletive*


Character Player Timezone Class Asher Nickname Chibi
Asher Orkin Westwood Bilgecrank CST Berserker
Freethinker Nova 77-6584-1426 Soresu EST Engineer ???
Oskar Eberhardt Matthew EST Booze Hound Four-Arms
Cassiel Andris Aendri EST Onion Knight ???
Ellis "Shelby" Davenport Lamb CST Deserter ??? -

Off Stage

Character Player Timezone Class Asher Nickname Chibi
Nall'Tis "Harmony" Hulut Llamnel Tiffany EST Brawler Fangy
Itou Shiki Exhack EST Onion Knight Shitto
Mikael Battle Samuel CST Onion Knight ???
Najat al-Haradim PlaidMage EST Warrior Priest ??? -
Roshan Javaid Anfortas EST Onion Knight ??? -
Laeliel David UTC Onion Knight ??? -
Kikkawa Sayoko Kylen MST(Arizona) Onion Knight Librarian -

Side Characters

All side characters are played by Kokuten, unless noted.

Temple Guard

  • Master Guardian Haladin Yuzri - Sund Wakir - One of the head trainers at the Kaeshun Training Facility, is in a rivalry with Feri over the Headmaster position. He has a sunny disposition that's difficult to rain on. Was the one who passed on Najat's hopeful status.
  • Master Guardian Feri Labal - Sund Wakir - One of the head trainers at the Kaeshun Training Facility, is in a rivalry with Haladin over the Headmaster position. She's generally cold to most people, and it's difficult to warm up to her.
  • Knight Guardian Yuri Elaba - Sund Wakir - A combat instructor of the Kaeshun Training Facility.
  • Knight Guardian Shazzar Saylan - Sund Wakir - A survival trainer of the Kaeshun Training Facility.
  • Knight Guardian D'nar Yaneesh - Sund Wakir - A mental strength instructor of the Kaeshun Training Facility.

Farouk Caravan

  • Geruud Al'Taleem - Sund Wakir - A curious six year-old Sund Wakir orphan, who is unmatched in his confidence and courage. Met Nova when she first came out of her Escape Pod and considers her a friend.
  • Jaleel Al'Taleem - Sund Wakir - A grumpy eighteen year-old Sund Wakir, who is, even though tired of taking care of him, very defensive of his little brother Geruud.
  • Elder Berja Al'Taleem - Sund Wakir - The Elder of the Al'Taleem family. He is large, boisterous, and has a very thick beard to match. He's not one for being slowed down by mere physical obstacles when he needs to get something done.
  • Zahrah Ahmada - Eyr Ranr A freelance fly-for-hire Eyr Ranr, who works for the Farouk Caravan as a scout. She's often seen wearing heavy flight robes, and her goggles, which hide her infamous symbiotic eyes. If not for her, Roshan would have wasted away in the desert.


  • Sura Reesh - Sund Wakir - A young mechanic who owns Sura's Machine Shop and maintains the radio antenna in Laruslan. Has tendency of saying, 'ya get it?'. He's the mechanic who did repairs on Hanadi's sandcrawler.
  • Nada Rahimah - Sund Wakir - A socially shy woman, who doesn't hesitate to harm when she feels threatened. She owns the Dry Oasis, the only bar and entertainment establishment in Laruslan.
  • Iyad Jabalah - Ivuori - A twitchy, jumpy, and cowardly doctor who, for some strange reason, holds up the only hospital available in Laruslan.
  • Hasheeda Ab'dul - Sund Wakir - An apprentice to Iyad Jabalah, is trying to learn medicine. Is greatly successful, but tends to forget finer details that could smooth out her practice.

Punjab Monastery

  • Noah Fayiz - Sund Wakir - The enigmatic mecantile director of the Punjab Trading outpost, and leader of the Spotted Turbans.
  • Habeeb - Sund Wakir - One of Fayiz's many assistants, a guide who helps people find their way in the spacious trading hub and acts as proxy to Fayiz whenever a message is to be sent.
  • Gira Hamza - Curdatl - The muscle-bound food trader, a Curdatl who is intensely health-crazy and avid muscle-builder. Gira's estranged personality is sometimes attributed to his estranged childhood, of which he refuses to speak of, but yet holds great pride in.


  • Johnny-Ray Blizzard - Nepleslian -A Nepleslian cop who survived the shuttle crash after passing out in reentry. He was piled under the dead survivors, being mistaken for one when the Sund Wakir cleared out the survivor's shuttle. Not long after awaking from his fate, he was killed by two Bandit's scouring the wreck.

Broken Guard

  • Aliye - Sund Wakir - A reformed Broken Guard, who left her life with her murderous order behind to start a new life .

The Story Thus Far

Since the Land of Dreamers plot is more of a civilian survival plot against the elements and it's compatriots, it's story is divided into several chapters instead of missions.

Prelude: The Unluckiest People In The Universe

Prelude Chapters

There are people that say the privileged take their lives for granted, that those who are used to the in and out of the everyday are completely unaware. The story that unfolds for these unlucky people will take that saying, chew it up, and spit it in their face. It all began on the Silver Sultan, a pleasure cruise ship that never took mind of it's route through lower security space. The passengers of that glorious vessel represented those who took their life for granted, and why would they? With over a hundred mini-bars and entire deck of the massive ship dedicated to nothing but recreation, why would hardship even cross their mind to dour their expensive vacation? Absolutely no reason at all.

Except for a space pirate attack, of course! Which is exactly what happened to the Space Cruise-Liner.

These unlucky people, as unlucky as they were to experience it, huddled and gathered in the small space of a shuttle, guided by one injured soldier. They set themselves off and away from the attack, escaping with only a single shot to their continuum drive. Though, who would use a damaged continuum drive at the risk of tearing themselves apart to the molecular level? People who are trailed by a pirate cruiser, that's who, and that's what they did, escaping with the barest of their lives in the strangest warp that even the soldier had never seen. When the continuum drive bubble burst open, those unlucky people found themselves staring down at a tan planet, just barely above it's atmosphere.

The people of this world, as fortunate as they were not to have been victim to space pirate attack, were unlucky as well. Many had their own problems, but those within its strange hallucinogenic desert had much much more. There were some who had modes of transportation and survival that needed repair and had not the funds to use them. There were more ill-fated individuals who did not belong in the desert at all! Though, the unluckiest person, was the one who had to find all of the above.

Chapter One: The Descent Into Chaos

Chapter One Thread

A soldier is someone who tends to be shot at. The soldier in this tale had been shot nearly thirteen times before he had decided to gather up his fellow survivors in a shuttle and ferry them away from death. This shuttle, fell into the atmosphere of Maekardan, and like a strange disease, became infected by the unluckiness of it's passengers. First, the shuttle hit an antenna, breaking the one line of communications the antenna's people had with the rest of the world. Then, bits and pieces of that aperture showered in, killing some of the unluckiest survivors. Worse, sand and glass blasted inward, cutting flesh and impacting bone! Finally, and much to the disdain of a certain soldier who had forgotten his safety harness, the shuttle crushed hard into the sand, giving a whole new meaning to first contact.

The first to arrive were angry nomads, perturbed at the lost of it's communications array, and looking for blood. What answered them were two survivors, a bookish girl, and a four-armed merchant. The two tried to ask for help and medicine, but their panicked cries sounded like threats to the locals and the nomads only answered with dangerous aims of guns and weapons. That was until the soldier found himself up again, with a myriad of injuries, catching one nomad off-guard by striking him with his own gun and taking it from him.

The second to arrive was announced by a pistol shot. Strong, steely, and respected, the originator of this shot was given way to pass as she spouted words that the unlucky survivors could finally understand. Though, the soldier found her a threat and responded in kind. Though, what he did not expect, was an eccentric lorath to come swooping out of the shuttle, clinging to him in shock and surprise and thus opening all of his thirteen bullet wounds.

He fell like a lead-sack of iron bricks.

Only one other survivor managed resistance, but that gas-clerk's fear induced intimidation was quickly silenced by his own shaking. So, with the assistance of the wiley woman who fired a gun to announce herself, the survivors who were perceived 'alive', were brought out to be seen. Though, before words could be properly spoken and said, each of the unlucky former-passengers of the Silver Sultan succumbed to an expected effect of living in a dry, hot, and near-waterless desert. Intense hallucinogenic visions that induced unconsciousness.

Later, the group of unlucky strangers to the desert planet found themselves awake, naked, and quite not hung-over. They were in the care of a doctor who had taken their bodies from the middle of a group of angry desert wanderers, to the sanctity of a small clinic in the center of town. The more inquisitive of the survivors asked where they were, and the doctor replied “Laruslan.” The more shy of the survivors asked where their clothes were, and the doctor replied “Burned.” When asked why, he responded, “Filthy.” So, time was spent with the doctor in the small hovel of a clinic in the strange town of Laruslan.

While that time was spent, the steely woman who seemed to announce her presence with a gun, was taken to a bar by a man whose face never moved. This “Stoneface” just so happened to be a Temple Guard who had been sent to find a Freespacer who had been lost in the desert. Now, he had more people to protect, and he needed the steely woman to help him. When she seemed uninterested, the stone face reminded her that he was Temple Guard with money, the woman responded with much interest. Though, details could not be explained long, as bandits assailed them from the door. Bloody details aside, they were dealt with thoroughly before the group at the bar left off to try and find the clinic-cared survivors.

This brings the story back to the shuttle, where all those that were thought to be alive were taken to the doctor's clinic. Which in this case, was very untrue, as a very forgetful young nepleslian awoke to find himself with only one other moving friend. The handle-bared moustached man greeted him, before being rudely interrupted by a duo of bandits, who looked to loot the shuttle. The handle-bared man was thrown outside, and quickly dealt with to death. Though, before the bandits could go back in to finish the job, they found themselves thoroughly killed by the Temple Guard and the steely woman. While the woman seemed somewhat indifferent to the situation, she was quickly reminded by the stone face that, for every survivor there was more money, and the woman once again became interested.

Though, it wouldn't be quite fair to the other survivors if they didn't get attacked as well. So, as fate deemed it necessary, four bandits entered into the clinic, which caused all the survivors to reel in sudden fear, except for the soldier who made noise, and was promptly shot for it. Thinking the soldier was dead, the quartet of raiders congratulated one another on their kill, before they became the victims of a vicious assault by the Lorath, and her tigeresque cat.

When the group from the bar arrived, all the survivors had finally found themselves rounded up, and quickly were removed from the clinic to the steely woman's landship, which was apparently in repair by it's mechanic. Though, little time could be spent to pay the mechanic, or could it be spent trying to explain why the woman was stealing his trailer as well, so they all piled within the Sand Crawler and shot off into the night. The first day of the unlucky survivor's stay on Maekardan had finished.

Chapter Two: Awakening Inside The Hourglass

Sandcrawler Inventory

Misc Goods

  • (1) Custom Liftboard (Currently Hanging up on a wall)
  • (1) Normal Dropboard (Currently on the living area table in pieces)
  • (1) Skyboard Customization Kit (On the living area table beside the dropboard)
  • (1) Old Saali Warchest of various junk (What's inside is anyone's guess)
  • (?) Multiple Piles of junk and clutter strewn over the place
  • (2) Crates of Various potent Saali alcoholic beverages (Drink at your own risk!)
  • (1) Portable terminal (Currently in need of repair)
  • (?) Stack of old movies and music data disks (On the dining table)
  • (1) Large Hookah with four hoses (Comes with flavored Barra Leaf and Salcra Weed)
  • (1) Cerocrete wall extensions to the roof of the Sehaya to allow for additional cargo space.
  • (1) Agridinn Reinforced Titanium Safe with climate controlled interior. Currently occupied.
  • (1) Large Medical Kit




This is a section for any and all items picked up on their travels.

Because you can't yell BEST Coffee loud enough.

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