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ISS Dig-It (Plot & Ship Info)

ISS Dig-It is a roleplaying plot created July 31, 2016 by Legix.

Plot Themes Mecha and Mining Operations
Status of RP +18 Open RP (contact Legix) for info to join
Pace of RP Five Day Limit
Player Count 3 active, 5 total
OOC Thread Click Here
Current Plot Thread 03: Don't Stop My Drill

Plot Description

The ISS Dig-It is centered around the adventures of Dhaval and his Kudhacari wife and two lovers, venturing into the stars with a crew of misfits willing to trust him and seek out a proper profit and way of life. With only his ship, a Justicar Mecha Carrier, and its two mecha with mining equipment, he seeks to make a profit through the various resources in space. Mining, exploration, and ultimately the elevation of his people to the “galactic stage” are all goals. And, of course, to make the stars remember the first Kudhacari to escape the collective focus of his people.


Language Sexuality Violence
3 3 3

Posting Rules and Pacing Explained


  • Mix between standard posts and JP. Everyone will generally require a JP to enter the RP's setting.


  • Posting in standard threads should be done every 3-5 days if not sooner, with any period longer than that required a warning to all members involved in the main thread. Everyone is allowed 3 “misses” (effectively meaning they have held the RP up for at least 15 days) before they will be written out of the current arc.

Characters, Allied NPCS, and Inactive Guests

Character Player Notes Art
Dhaval Dhawan Legix Dhaval is the Kudhacari Captain of the Dig-It, along with his three wives! Yes!
Techspeaker "Treasure" T-33 Primitive Polygon Treasure is the eccentric bundle of arms Freespacer that stowed away aboard the Dig-It. Now, after coming out of hiding, she helps the crew! Yes
Yori Kataoka Syaoran Yori is an employee of Ken-TEC, a female Minkan brought on to help the crew in its developmental procedures and maintaining its tech! Between working on her abs, anyway! Yes!
Lyly Pad Speeder01 A Kudhacari drone-operator that had an unfortunate stroke of luck during the testing phases of FTL technology for their species. Had been captured by pirates, but was found among some boxes! Yes!
NPC Player Notes Art
Manju Dhawan Legix Manju is the Kudhacari Pilot of the Advik and the wife of Dhaval! None
Neha Dhawan Legix Neha is the Kudhacari Comms-Officer aboard the Dig-It and the crew flirt! Yes!
Sitara Dhawan Legix Sitara is the Kudhacari Domestic-Officer and Head Miner aboard the Dig-It! None
Akiyama Takashi Perilous Siege / Legix Takashi is the Minkan Accountant and Legal “Face” of the Dig-It, ensuring their contracts don't have issues and they're not doing anytihng too illegal! None
Amelia Byrd Hotelkilo / Legix Amelia is the Mishu-Neko Doctor of the Dig-It, handling the medical needs of the Dig-It's crew! None
Inactive or Guest Character Player Notes Art
Spacecase Prime Samuraipizzaman Prime is a Type Three Automata, going along with the Dig-It with his own personal ship, Winds of War, as the escort to protect the Dig-It whenever required! None
Machariel Valeria Frostjaeger Machariel Valeria is a Archangel soldier, saved by the Dig-It crew! None
Naffie Navian Naffie is the mysterious Freespacer runt, charged with maintaining the Dig-It and its various mechanical objects alongside Marlice! Yes!
Marlice Atreavu Primitive Polygon Marlice is the half Nep-Gesh Mechanic Gal, in-charge of handling the crew's technological creation needs! Yes!
Samson Cordinarr Samson is an ID-SOL who had a really bad day and crashed on a world the crew was working on, aptly brought on for some muscle! Yes!
Cassandra Cassiopeia Lunar Rabbit An every day Nepleslian who enjoys dancing between or even during her work. Between her trading background and the dancing occupation, she'll be a nice asset! None
Neyla Realgar Pancakei A Kudhacari researcher, lost to time thanks to quite the unfortunate accident. To be rescued and play the role of the group fossil! Yes!

Open Positions

Currently, the necessary positions are filled. This doesn't mean the RP is full, however. If interested, view the character list and analyze the roles and duties fulfilled before contacting Legix, as doing so may allow you to figure out how and where you might best try to squeeze in/offer to make your character for. Having a miner is always viable for example (the RP is centered around mining operations/business), but there doesn't need to be 4-5 pilots for the Dig-It.

  • We are looking for people willing to post actively.
  • We are looking for people who can perform combat/pilot roles.
  • We are looking for people who have some art/model skills for future tech submission opportunities.
  • We are looking for people who want to do some solid world-building and lore interaction.

Non-Allied NPCs

This section is dedicated to the characters that have been added as NPCs (GM tools) to drive the plot for one reason or another. If they're no longer being used, they'll be given a mark near them to signify they can be requested for use in other plots!

Neutral NPCs

NPC Description Use In Other Plots?

Antobella Brazier is the Baseline Human in-charge of the ISS Lullaby, the elected leader and Head Representative of the One-Destiny Settlers1). | Not Usable |

Hostile NPCs

NPC Description Use In Other Plots?
None yet! - -

Plot Timeline

YE 38 - Late

Dhaval and his trio of ladies finally break free and acquire the Dig-It, leading them to set out on their own expedition to both find their world and make a killing off their mining knowledge. They begin to assemble a crew of people. Spacecase Prime, their pilot, mentions he'll be slow to join them, leaving only Amelia, Takashi, and Marlice to meet up with the initial voyage of the Dig-It. Their first job put together by Takashi, is to assist a group of colonists with the settling of 220401 2). While Takashi, Amelia, and Manju all go to the surface to prepare an area to operate and clear for the colonists, Dhaval, Sitara, and Neha go investigate a signal in the system. The very same colonists are quickly identified as the ship, having come to oversee the job somewhat and to more properly land. Aboard the ship, Dhaval speaks to the leader after recruiting a new addition to the Dig-It. A Freespacer, named Naffie, is quick to become another mechanic aboard the Dig-It. Once finished with the meeting, the trio of Kudhacari and the female return to the planet and moved to land the Dig-It within a river near the landing site.

Now deployed, the crew works to clear the area for colonists while looking for anything they can make a profit on beforehand. It's only a matter of luck, however, as an order to Second Chance Salvage Corporation has some goods being sent to the planet. Junk on the way and things going so smoothly, it seems like nothing could go wrong at all. However, the delivery ship strikes an incoming ship carrying quite the prize. An ID-SOL, by the name of Samson, and a project of some corporation's tampering. When the group goes to salvage the area, they find him among the crash site. Despite Dhaval's ignoring, however, the group ends up taking him back… but not before they find a second discovery within the cargo of the salvage ship. A stowaway Kudhacari, Lyly Pad! Unable to speak the languages of the other crew members, it's up to her other scale-kind to assure her. The result is the group walking away from the crash with news that they could do part of their job, making a huge killing in the process! Two other faces had also arrived thanks to the hiring efforts from Takashi, resulting in both Cassandra Cassiopeia and Yori Kataoka joining up to lend their pilot and mechanical skills to the group. A quick bolstering of numbers, the crew stands to make a healthy pay that will net each of them, barring Dhaval's wives who share with him, a sum of 10,000 DA. All they have to do is get the colony's foundations down in the clearing they've prepared.

YE 39 - Early

Upon their return, many of the crew begin to take their own side-projects to push the job forward. Yori and Cassandra take to try to handle the water situation for the colony, bumping into some unsightly aliens in the process. The pair is able to organize a meeting later, returning while Marlice socializes and the rescued Kudhacari works to get a proper translator. Dhaval and Naffie saw to contacting the refugee leader to begin their proper planning of exactly what would further constitute the initial job, resulting in an immediate conclusion that the group needs to find more resources to better fund their efforts to get things built. A scan led by Naffie reveals an object in the system, however, that leads Dhaval to assign work to their new pilots and crew-members while heading out with Marlice and Lyly to investigate. They quickly discover a ship of ancient Kudhacari designs, indicating it as some sort of ancient research vessel. Aboard it, however, they find that someone is alive and in stasis within the derelict, recovering the ship to salvage and transfer her aboard. The return trip is rather fast, but as they settle down with the ship for part salvaging and the pod is assigned to their Neko doctor, there's only one question.

Just who is this new, cryogenic pod Kud and what could she have possibly been doing aboard a ship so ancient and in such terrible shape?

Thread List

The following list has everything that details the plot's timeline, but in a standard list format rather than story-writing. Numbers depict when threads occur and letters will indicate their estimated order between our main threads. If they share the same number and letter, then they took place simultaneously.

RP Reviews

For when the future comes, we'll have this ready!

ISS Dig-It (The Ship)

The Dig-It is a Justicar Mecha Carrier, one of many designed by Origin. It currently is painted black and accented along the edges of its various parts with dark green. It has no true modifications made yet.

Deck Layout

Compartment Layouts


Captain's Suite

  • Captain's Suite - The Captain's Suite is located on deck two, behind the bridge.

Cargo Storage Areas

  • The Bottom deck is mostly taken up by a large storage area. The section directly below the mecha hangars is only a half-deck, and is used to store things that don't need to be accessed very often.

Crew Cabins


  • The Engineering section is a room on deck one, placed above the engines, allowing access to that area. It also stores the necessary tools and equipment for servicing the ship.

Machine Shop

  • Directly above the Mecha Hangars is a fully-functioning machine shop, capable of effecting repairs on damaged pieces of equipment and even fabricating replacement parts.

Maintenance Conduits

  • Standard Access Tunnel- These snake throughout the engine room, but are not needed elsewhere on the small ship.

Medical Center

  • Standard Medical Bay- Located on deck four, the small med bay is in easy reach of supplies, but may be difficult to access in some situations.


Mecha Hangars

  • The two Mecha hangars are on either side of the ship, and mirror one another. They contain racks to hold Mecha, and access doors and mobile scaffolding allowing the mecha contained to be worked on. They are sealed off by large armored doors when the Justicar is traveling. These doors swing downwards to provide a stable launch platform, as well as to protect the Mecha from ground fire during an Atmospheric drop.


Cargo List

It is assumed that the Dig-It is fueled, stocked with spacesuits for a full crew, and stocked with food and parts to sustain it at basic levels.

    • Oban 01 - Advik (Unmodified)
    • Oban 02 - Himmat (Unmodified)

Mecha-Operated Equipment

Various Refugees who came together to settle a world away from trouble.
Manju's Bosom, as it gets named by the crew

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