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Origin Industries Standard Kitchen

Origin Industries' standard starship kitchen is a relatively nice one. It can be run in three ways: Like a fast food shop, Mess-hall buffet style, and like an actual restaurant. How it is run however, is up to the staff. It includes everything needed to cook: Ovens, grills, barbecues, stoves, microwaves, and almost any implement a chef could ever need. The menus depend on what food is stored on the ship.

Dishes are cleaned via a large dishwasher, which has the capacity to clean about half the dishes and utensils used by the kitchen. Cooking implements are hand cleaned in a large sink that is next to the dishwasher. This sink has a disposal system which grinds food into small particles that are eventually filtered out and recycled in some way.

Trash is disposed mostly with a trash compactor. The compactor has a 1M^3 capacity, and can crush things down to 1m x 1m x 5cm. These crushed pallets may be recycled or simply disposed of in port.


As a standardized component, many of the ships produced by Origin Industries Fleet Yards use this in its stock configuration or with slight variation.

Small Ships

Small ships that include the Origin Industries Standard Kitchen

Medium Ships

Large Ships

Larger ships with the Origin Industries Standard Kitchen onboard

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