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Tereane Elisto

Tereane, Elisto is a player character played by Kyle.

Tereane Elisto
Tereane Elisto
Species: NH-22C Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'2“
Weight: 162
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Intelligence Operative
Rank: Nitô Heisho Nitô Heisho
Current Placement: 21st Fighter Squadron 21st Squadron
Orders: Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 2”
  • Mass: 162

Build and Skin Color: Is muscular all over, but is well built and thus appears normal. His skin is of a white color.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes two different colors, denoting Heterochromia - one eye is red the other is green.

Ears: Neko style ears with an orange based fur color within. Hair Color and Style: Elisto has dark brown hair that's in a military style cut, though his hair does have light blue streaks through it.

Distinguishing Features: In keeping with his own tradition, he's had digital tattoo's added to his body that denote his police service. One tattoo is located on his left arm, which depicts a partially naked female officer, riding a top of a fighter, and chasing a criminal who is running for his life. The other tattoo showcases a young Elisto with his left boot on the wing of a fighter, staring up at the sky.

He's also had digital scars placed on his body as well, which he calls 'battle scars', one scar is is located on his shoulder while another is across his chest.

Psychological Characteristics

Tereane Elisto

Personality: Elisto has a rather calm and collected personality due to his previous profession as a police officer, he's protective of those around him and won't hesitate to give his life if it means protecting others. He's also got a stern, yet loyal, attitude to him but he doesn't like people who think they are better than others.

His view on life is somewhat cold though despite his demeanor.

Likes: Elitso likes anything that is spicy, kids, military brats, fighters, electronics. Dislikes: Mishhu, Pirates, Slavers, bland food, criminals, smugglers, traitors. Goals: To one day strike back at the Mishhu for obliterating his squad and to ascend the ranks of the military to command his own ship.


Family (or Creators)

  • Rin Tereane - 5 - Alive
  • Melisa Tereane - 38 - Alive


Elisto's past is something he prefers to keep to himself, mostly due to him almost dying at the age of six years old when a family friend betrayed them. At the age of ten, his father who was an officer of the law took him out on a police patrol - what should've been a simple run of the mill patrol turned into a harrowing life and death experience. Despite this, this experience propelled Elisto through his childhood years and made him want to become an officer.

Bright as he is, he graduated high school at the young age of fifteen and joined up with an interstellar police agency that handled work outside of the lawful territories of the Yamataian Empire, his craving for adventure and danger pushing him along. Upon leaving the police academy, he was assigned to the YSS Keitan, a police operated gunship. He spent four years on the ship and was promoted to bridge officer status at the end of his fourth year. After turning twenty one, his ship was caught in an ambush by pirate slavers and his captain was killed. Seeing no one step up to take his place, he did so and manage to get the ship out of harms way, for his actions he was promoted to captain and given command of the YSS Keitan.

When he turned twenty two years old, he meet a young girl named Melisa while on leave and married her a few short months later. The year following, Melisa gave birth to a young girl named Rin, though Elisto wanted to stay and be with his new child he couldn't and had to return to his duties. In the year of YE 28, Elisto's wife changed into a Yamataian body, it would take a few months more before Elisto made the change due to him being undercover in a pirate clan which later helped bring about their arrest. Changing into a body actually worked in his favor, as the pirates weren't able to put a hit out on him due to him no longer possessing his old body.

In late YE 28, Elisto took part in a raid on a criminal syndicate. The raid had to do with child trafficking and Smuggling, out of the eight passenger ships that were confirmed as being syndicate, three were regretfully destroyed when the ships opened fire on police cutters, a type of cruiser designed to intercept fast moving ships, while posing less armor and weapons than a typical cruiser. Elisto was responsible for stopping one transport when it attempted to run the police blockade, he flew his fighter in at an angle and racked the transports upper bridge - blowing a hole in the side and exposing the crew inside to hard vacuum. The ship was able to be stopped after that, and its crew arrested. Four hundred children were saved, including several families. Munitions and supplies stolen from other freighters were also recovered from the ship.

In February of YE 29, four months following the raid. Elisto was ordered to monitor a group of confirmed criminals who were using an old, beat up station as a hide out. Piloting his gunship near an asteroid, he shut down everything but what was needed to survive and 'latched' onto the asteroid. Using a series of small drones, his crew was able to keep an eye on the criminals even when the ship wasn't in direct line of sight of the station. Three days later, he called in the cavalry and helped disable several fleeing shuttles and parked the gunship in front of the only usable hanger bay - preventing the criminals from escaping.

September 23rd of YE 29 saw Elisto planeside, monitoring yet another criminal group, but this time he intention wasn't to call in the cavalry but to assassinate the head. He waited patiently for nearly four days before the head of the crime group exposed herself, but Elisto had a problem, there were children in the camp. He was forced to wait an additional two days until the children left, possibly for home. Later that day, he took the shot, and killed the leader while she was in a forest nearby bathing. Several hours later, a police raid was performed on the camp and several safe houses, arresting what remained of the group. He would later discover that the children he saw were slaves, and had been rescued in the raid.

Elisto's career as a police officer was cut short in April of YE 31 when the patrol squadron he was attached to was responding to a civilian distress call, only to exit fold-space right next to an NMX task force. The YSS Kaiten was pounded harshly by NMX weapons and was able to jump away after a few minutes, but by then, the damage had already been done, with eight police ships being destroyed and two being crippled. Upon arrival in Yamatai territory, the gunship suffered a reactor failure and the ship had to be abandoned.

When Elisto returned to Yamatai, he settled down for only a week before he joined the military to further his career as a pilot much to his wife’s disagreements, however the one thing he had to leave behind was a special gift given to him by an old friend, a sniper rifle custom designed called Ezekiel, only to find that it was brought along by one of his officers at the last minute. During training, he was shocked when SAINT scouted him out, though he has no idea if it was due to his background, or if something else convinced them to nab him - but he didn't say no, and joined up. He hopes to continue to fly, though he knows he can use his previous skills as an officer much to his advantage, and perhaps even, help those he will soon call a family.

Mission 3.1 Menace in the dark

Elisto's first assignment has him already doing what he enjoys; with his arrival on a Prospector ship when he was originally headed ot his first duty station, he wasn't expecting to be hunting down a possible sabotour. His arrival on the Akagane was at the momente as he chased the intruder through the ship and eventually caught up, and later killed, him. His first mission as a SAINT taught him quite a bit about being more attentive to his surroundings and to be more cautious about stuff that he finds. He recovered a book and a knife shortly before boarding the YSS Yamato.

After his debrief with the Taisa of the YSS Yamato and the onbaord intelligence operative, Elisto joined a fellow Hei named Yumeoibito, Errowyn for some refreshments before being called to an escort mission. Boarding a Kawarime fighter, and with the assistance of his fellow Hei, they were able to protect the transports while laying waste to a series of AA batteries that had threatened the transports.

Shortly there after he landed his fighter and meet his future commanding officer, Chui Numa Atsui.

Mission 3.2 Adjustments

Now on station, Elisto has meet his fellow pilots but the meeting and greeting didn't go as he had hoped. A confrontation with Silic Vas, and a misunderstanding, led to the squad possibly thinking he believes he isn't one of them. Though he did learn just why Silic Vas has a note in his file, and he is intent on changing the soldiers opinion of him. Meanwhile, he going to go dancing with some of the pilots to prove that just because he's a SAINT Operative, doesn't mean he can't have fun.

Mission 4.0 Breaking the Dam

A new day starts and Elisto is awoken to an early morning briefing which revealed an operation to break the blockade. During the initial setups, there was a brief moment of confusion as to how things would be set up, but after Atsui intervened, things went smoothly. The initial jump was brought on with some small conversations before the fighters and their escorted gunships arrived in-system to a greeting by the NMX.

During a dogfight, Elisto's fighter suffered an impact from an unexploded missile, it took his wingmen, Emiyu, to discover that since he couldn't see the missile itself. Whether it was defective, or not wasn't a concern for Elisto however as he continued his job of monitoring the battle - but during the monitoring of sensor data he, along with his fellow Tet pilot Anne-hei, picked up on some strange ion trails that Elisto has yet to figure out, though the prospect that they are mines worries him.

Mission 4.1 Repairs and Recreation

After the battles had ended and the ship was safely back in port, Elisto decided to look into the details and intelligence they had gathered alongside fellow pilot Anne. However, the look at the intelligence was brief when the Director of SAINT engaged directive one three seven point nine. This has left Elisto rather confused, but as par directive, he has now contacted his superior SAINT. While waiting for information, he has recieved a rather odd paper airplane and opened it up to see what is inside. Inside, was an image written up by Silic Vas that made him yell out the mans name in frustration.

Settling down a bit, Elisto headed to Konpeki's office where he learned of the Tachibana Clan and how they've betrayed the Empire. Now his main worry is potential sabotage of the ship.

Mission 5.0 Special Delivery

What was originally supposed to be a simple mission to escort several Urufu ships that were newly constructed, has resulted in the Heitan heading for Yamatai to defend the homeworld from a major NMX attack. Launching in his fighter, Elisto has began to make the battlefield a bit easier to understand, while also monitoring enemy communications in an effort to locate the enemy commandship….

Mission 6.0 Mists and Mysteries

With the Battle of Yamatai over, and the planet recovering, Elisto has been able to relax a bit, but not before helping with the recovery effort - saying people who were cast adrift in escape pods or were on the planets surface.

A briefing was held for their next mission, a bombing mission that isn't really a bombing mission but one to go after the Tachibanas. Originally Elisto was going to talk to Atsui about his concerns related to a matter not pertaining to the mission, but deciding not to because of how long the briefing took.

After the launch, he flew his fighter in but not before losing his wingman Rick. Not knowing why, but realizing that the mission must continue, Elisto continued onward to the bombing run - after which he headed to the randevous point where he is now armored up and following Yaeko.

Upon arrival at the Tachibana camp he helped identify several locations for the plague bomb, including one that was attached to a strange looking missile which he had to disarm, but the missile ended up ejecting it's payload and he was only barely able to stop the payload from breaking.

After this he made his way toward a column of black smoke and discovered a prisoner transport, an indivisual who had been watching Elisto mentioned what the plague was and what it can do to a person and demonstrated it on an NMX Neko. Elisto, sickened, informed Yaeko of what was going on and was ordered to get the prisoner cage out of the area.

Elisto did as he was told and drove the cage out, but his suit had suffered damage so he couldn't communicate to well with the rest of the group. During his drive, he ran into an SSS camp that was inside of a mountain and got into a standoff with a man named 'Patrick', who thought he was NMX.

After the brief stand-off, Patrick permitted him passage and he drove toward the camp. Upon arrival he convinced the camp and it's personnel to evacuate the area, not realizing that the reactor for the base he had just been at had been secured and wasn't at risk of exploding.

However, while tending to the evacuation an explosion happened that caused the mountain to collapse. Elisto was ofrced to grab onto the hand-rails of a MOLE in order to flee the area, but he suffered injuries to his body including a broken and twisted leg.

Mission 7.1 - Operation Payback

Elisto finds himself right back in combat after nearly getting himself killed in the previous mission, with his concerns surrounding a criminal now dealt with, he can focus his attention on the mission. This mission, to attack the NMX, has him both excited but also rather worried.

Mission 8.0 - Whispers in the dark

Elisto finds himself taking part in an investigation, and heading to what would've been an abandoned base only to find there to be survivors onboard.. along with the previous of the Cats who are loitering in the area. Elisto and Anne board the station along with Akemi bring her fighter into a cargohold and providing limited - but heavy - firepower in the event of attack.

After disarming a boobytrap, Elisto soon comes across a hired hand and easily takes him out, and learns that there are others onboard. Now, Elisto is prepping the shuttle with Anne enroute with other survivors and a pregnant woman….

Skill Areas

Survival and Military

With the requirement of ambush in order to capture convicted criminals, smugglers and slavers, Elitso has had to develop his own means of keeping hidden and surviving on long surveillance missions and even hiding out in an asteroid field while spying on smugglers, slavers, pirates and any other suspicious ships. Elisto also had to develop a lot of patience due to those operations


Elisto knows most forms of mathematics but hasn't really used any of it except the basics and algebra for his old police job where he had to investigate crime scenes on the occasion.

Starship Operations

Elisto has flown fighters, bombers, and small patrol ships throughout most of his life and has charted courses utilizing both a star map and a computer, thus as long as he has a guide he can chart courses even when his navigation system is offline.


He's had training in boarding action and the usage of most current weapons and hand-to-hand fighting. His old job required him to fight in zero-gravity with and without armor and with just having his hands.


Elisto has had to operate alone at times without any squadron to help him, this also includes operating in areas such as asteroid belts and Nebula's, due to this, he's had to learn how communicate effectively and calmly and thus has experience on most current systems of communications.

Technology Operation

He's had to operate different kinds of operating systems, including those not legal in order to apprehend criminals. He's got relatively good hacking skills because of this, and is able to break past at least some encryption walls. Because of his experience, he's also able to search for information effectively and also get details that he desires.


Being a police officer required Elisto to be physically fit and ready for any form of duty, including chasing criminals on planetary surfaces or stations. He's actually quite acrobatic and is ambidexterous.



Elisto Tereane is currently an Nitô Heisho in the Star Army of Yamatai. He receives a weekly salary of 1770 KS per month due to having a wife and child.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
3744 KS +744 Months Wage
5232 KS +1477 Two months pay
6709 KS +1477 Two months pay
8479 KS +1779 Months Pay
22639 KS +14160 Eight months pay

OOC Discussion

I didn't add his leadership nor medical skills. Leadership due to him being new to the military, and medical due to the seven skill limit.

Fighter 2


Character Data
Character NameTereane Elisto
Character OwnerKyle
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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