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Takeshi Yeon

Takeshi Yeon is a player character played by SirSkully.

Takeshi Yeon
Species and gender: Female Half breed Eighth ID-SOL Nepleslian/Human1)
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: National Police Force of Nepleslia
Occupation: Designated Marksman
Rank: Field Officer FO-2
Plot: 13th Precinct

Physical Description

Takeshi’s mixed heritage of having a Yamataian and a quarter ID-SOL as parents has left her with an interesting look, her genetics decided to lean more towards the Yam side of the genetic pool. Takeshi stands at 5'8“ and has high cheek-bones and a rounded yet well-defined jawline that frame her mostly delicate and lightly tanned features, her eyes are somewhat thin and a dark brown in colour was they frame her nose that has a slight bump in it – hinting toward it having been broken at least once in the past. Her shoulder-length, dark-brown hair transitions into a noticeably lighter tone towards the tips and is usually kept tied up in a messy bun, with her fringe and a few locks of hair on either side of her face staying loose.

Toned and athletic legs lead up to Takeshi’s firm, apple-shaped rear before curving in to her lightly muscled abdomen – from the sternum up her skin transitions into a layer of synthetic muscles, it is a rather expensive-looking augmentation that replaced both her arms and ends just below her jawline, wrapping around her neck and modest c-cup chest like a wetsuit, running down her back before ending in a tapered point above her buttocks.

In YE 42 Takeshi got a tattoo running down her spine that states, in Yamataigo, “There is no peace without conflict”. It is simple black lettering designed to resemble traditional calligraphic letters and includes small sub-dermal lighting elements wired into her mind-ware that can cycle through various red/green/blue values.


Both of Takeshi’s arms have been replaced with cybernetic ones made up from a series of dark, navy blue, muscle-like strips that extend into a harness-like skin replacement on her upper torso that runs up her neck before wrapping around to run down along her spine. It passively converts her body heat into enough power to both run the limbs and charge up the capacitors for when she needs some extra strength.

When idle, these synthetic muscles act as only minor strength augmentations – enough to take most of the kick out of her rifle. But the high-end augmentations have a secondary purpose, the layer of synthetic muscles can expand to increase her strength rather exponentially as they puff up and expand – additionally Takeshi can increase or decrease the sensitivity of her augmentations as well as shift around the nerves, she usually puts most of the feeling into her trigger finger.

In YE 42 Takeshi got a few additional pieces of wetware installed in her body, including the light-up tattoo down her spine and an upgraded heads-up display that allows her to view the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, causing a ring of sensors around her retinas to glow the same colour as her tattoo.


For the most part Takeshi is a rather warm and reasonably well-mannered individual who has a slight discomfort among crowds of people, despite this she is rather resilient in most other cases – always willing to take somebody up on a challenge or bet and more than capable of being a graceful loser if she loses.

Takeshi has nerves of steel that tend to show themselves in hectic situations, she likes to think of herself as somebody that can be trusted and that others can depend on when the going gets rough – like everyone she has her limits though, having a certain hate for anybody that mis-treats animals.


Takeshi was born towards the start of YE 18 to two mothers who had met five years earlier, one was a Human smuggler with a thing for Kaserine while the other one was a quarter ID-SOL Nepleslian Kuznyetski gunsmith – the two met when one woman crashed her failing shuttle into a desolate part of Planet Nepleslia while the other was out looking to see if she could find any metal to make a new lot of receivers out of.

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but the two found that their personalities meshed together well and eventually it blossomed into a relationship, one that gave them Takeshi as a result. Takeshi was raised to listen to her Nepleslian side a bit more, taking quite a liking to the .22 rifle she got for her 7th birthday and being a surprisingly good shot for a kid – even one with Nepleslian blood in her veins.

Takeshi followed the Kuznyetski tradition of building a weapon as she came of age, she kept the exact nature of the weapon under wraps until it was complete – it wasn’t a surprise to either of her mothers that it ended up being a semi-automatic rifle chambered in hand-loaded .338 ammunition that the half-breed liked to get creative with.

Takeshi was after a bit more excitement in her life that shooting game (along with the occasional ruffian) and making guns didn’t exactly provide – her wishes for a more exciting life were answered in YE 32 when the NMX attacked, the 14 year old had quite a field-day with her relatively young rifle as the casings began to pile up under the windowsill in their attic.

That settled it, she didn’t quite want to join the army but Takeshi made a decision – she was going to line her crosshairs up with the enemies of urban nepleslia, training up and eventually even getting used to the cybernetics she received on her 19th birthday until she was ready for the next NPF recruitment drive.

Her skill with a rifle caught some attention during officer training at the academy, Takeshi kept her nose clean and was given the opportunity to join the DTR – being told that skill would be wasted if she continued on the path of being a beat cop. Takeshi was honoured and accepted the offer post-haste, going through another 12 weeks of training and coming out the other side – her parents were overjoyed and supported her decision the whole way though just so long as Takeshi promised to not do anything too dumb.

So she moved away from the family home in Funky City and assigned to one of the new DTR postings in Roger Wilco City.

Social Connections

  • Akari Yeon (Mother)
  • Veronika Yeon (Mother)

Skills learned

Communication: Thanks to her heritage, Takeshi knows how to read, write and speak Trade, Kuznyetski and Yamataigo (邪馬台語) fluently.

Fighting:Takeshi has been around guns since she was little, a Kuznyetski parent and some degree of natural skill with rifles intended for longer range meant she was rather handy with a gun before the NPF training raised these skills up to something more professional – she still specialises in sniper and marksman rifles but can handle most other kinds of guns as well as any other DTR officer.

Physical: Even without the cybernetic enhancements on her upper body Tenshi is quite a fit and capable person, having a surprising bit of strength packed into her delicate form – the cybernetic enhancements however allow her to output as much power as a full-blooded ID-SOL when functioning at their peak. She is also a rather limber and agile individual, rather fond of climbing up into a nice perch high up and used to her hand-holds being less than ideal.

Maintenance and Repair: With a gunsmith as a mother, and a Kuznyetski one at that, it’s hard to imagine Takeshi doesn’t know her way around guns – she can strip them, clean them, fix them, modify them and even make them if given enough time.

Medical: The NPF instilled Takeshi with knowledge on how to correctly apply first aid, she may not be a medic but she can sure as hell try her best to keep somebody from bleeding out.

Rogue: Takeshi can move around rather quietly and lightly when she needs to, in addition she has a knack for picking locks.

Inventory and Finances


A collection of scrap_shot_338 bullets

Multispectral Marksman Scope


  • Black Trousers made from a fire retardant Nylon/Cotton polymer material.
  • Dark Grey short sleeve (Long sleeve variants available depending on climate and season) button up creased shirt made from the same material.
  • Black Leather gunbelt.
  • Black, Shined shin-high leather boots.
  • Dark Grey wool trenchcoat (Winter)
  • Black Patrol cap with the NPF badge emblazoned on the front and the officers name and rank on the back (Reccomended only in precinct house, Helmet advised while on patrol.)

Preferred Work Gear

Takeshi Yeon currently has 6000 DA

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameTakeshi Yeon
Character OwnerSirSkully
ability-wise, a more physically capable Geshrin

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