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13th Precinct

A plots based on the daily lives of the NPFs finest.

The plot was temporarily retired in February of 2021 due to a lack of innactivity. Char intends to re-launch the plot in the future.

The Plot Plan

This plot follows the action of a group DTR operators and their daily lives in the city of Roger Wilco City. Fighting and protecting the citizens of the city in situations ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. The plot is also PG-13 rated, although players can take the 18+ stuff elsewhere in the forums.

The format will mostly consist of Single Posts and between threads joint posts between players. Its subforum and subsequent threads can be found here.

Current GM: Charmaylarg


Language Sexuality Violence
3 1 3

Plot History

Dispatch 1

Assault on Precinct 13.

Things go awry with the reopening of Roger Wilco's 13 precinct. As the precinct comes under attack from local gangers and traitorous officers.

Characters introduced:

Characters Transferred/Retired:

Dispatch 2

The team encounters a deep syndicate plot while investigating a string of missing children and teenagers to illegally manufacture mutants by mutating young boys and girls into horrible abominations.

Characters introduced:

Characters Retired:



Player Name Character Name Specialty Status
Whitehart Jackson Tuvesh canine handler/ team-dad Retired
SirSPT Flannery O'Doyle Assaultman Active
SirSkully Takeshi Yeon marksman Active
jjans002 Easton Keller EOD/Ordinance Unknown
club24 Haisely Goenkof Hacker/Controler Active
Compouds117 David Hawke Medic Inactive
randumb Gary Azile EOD Active
h.g.morrison Victor Arteaga Hard Boiled Innactive
Ehwha Katya Medic Active


Character Name Gender/Race Purpose Notes
Andrej Kuznyetski Male DTR LT Ye bossman
Turi Female JANE Precinct AI perfect/innocent cinnamon bun too pure for this world
Lily Female Gunhund NPF service animal Doge


Beneath the 13th precincts main house is a vault filled with the trophies and prizes claimed by the officers in their service. They are listed here with the details about the item, How it was acquired, and the thread it was acquired in.


  • 06 Suits of NPF issued Golem Armor
  • Giant Crab Chintin.

Posting Requirements

Players are expected to post at least once every week to once every other week, if all players have posted under that timeframe the GM will do his best to get a new post in as soon as possible. Joint posts aren't mandatory for the main missions, but if the opportunity presents itself and all players affected can join, then they will happen.

Players who do not post within the time frame and who do not present a reason either on the OOC thread or by PM on the forums will be auto'ed in that post for the sake of moving the plot on. If the player is still inactive by the end of the mission the character will be moved to the Inactive Characters section of the wiki and be kept out from other missions until the player returns.

Requirements to join

Contact Charmaylarg on the forums or on the discord under the name โ€œSister Disco (Char)#0655โ€

Positions Wanted

Any and every police trope that you can fit in a SWAT style roll~

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