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Haisely Goenkof

Haisely Goenkof is a player character played by club24.

Haisely Goenkof
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: YE 20
Occupation: Tech Specialist
Rank: FO-0
Current Placement: Die Screaming or Die Trying

Physical Description

Haisely is on the shorter end as Nepleslians go standing at 4'8โ€œ and being as flat chested as they come. Her hair on the other hand is on the longer end, reaching down to her hips easily if she hadn't tied it up or in some cases, spiked it up with gel into a large mohawk. Her hair is a natural light brown colour however she likes to keep it dyed either hot pink or electric green with a neon red streak haphazardly placed down the full length of her hair slightly to the left of the centre.

Haisely has a more or less plain face that screams neither beauty nor hideousness, her eyes are partly covered by her long fringe despite if her hair is tied or gelled back. Her cheeks are dotted with a few freckles and her general expression is one of a person who spends their sleep time with one eye open.

The standard attire worn by this short punk girl usually consists of utility jackets with the sleeves ripped off to provide maximum storage while allowing full movement of the arms and tank tops with some handsewn pockets on the inside to hide special items such as storage drives or notes. To go along with the vests and loose tops, jeans or tighter shorts which didn't get in the way but were not form fitting to retain some modesty of her athletic limbs.


Both arts by Crystal

After making a name for herself online and forming a cyberspace avatar of sorts, Haisely finally took the plunge at the young age of 18 to have cybernetics implanted. While not quite as severe as a cannon for an arm the various components do have their uses as well as essentially turning Haisely into her avatar. All of her cybernetics are custom made by her.

Neko Ears: A set of white fur covered metallic acoustic speaker/microphone combos atop her head which are able to enhance her hearing beyond normal standards. She can also create basic sonar maps using high pitched echo-location functions with her ears. In public the ears are almost always folded down and covered either by her hair or a beanie or cap.

Neko Eyes: Basic cybernetic eye replacements which offer enhanced long distance vision as well as better sight in low-light conditions. The colour of the eyes changes depending on her mood with their default being a deep golden colour with cat-eye slits as opposed to human style iris's.

Neko Paws/Claws: The only potential combat cybernetics in her whole collection, a set of replacement hands with short 3cm extendable Nerimium claws in each finger-tip. These claws are especially useful in wiring and physical work as well as urban parkour, they also have enough length to potentially cause some serious damage if used to attack someone.

Neko Tail: With the highspeed lifestyle of an urban hacker the matt blue metallic tail offers better balance during all sorts of situations and escape runs. The tail itself has no special properties or features but could deliver a decent blunt force blow if swung or poked at someone. It also retracts down from 1m long to just 5cm with each segment retracting back into the previous one.


Haiselys personality is split into two main segments, her online self and her real world self. The real world Haisely is quiet and always looks for the best exit strategy when she walks into a room, she possesses a substantial amount of intelligence but often won't converse freely without moderate coaxing playing on her interests. The online version of Haisely however is a sarcastic, attention gobbling, know it all catgirl with a tendency to find herself in places she shouldn't be, stealing data she shouldn't have and selling it for money she didn't earn. Her online personality has earned her a small following of anonymous fans and like-minded people who often set her challenges such as breaking into some restricted system without getting caught.


Born YE 20 into what would have been a loving and kind family, an act of thievery gone wrong saw her stolen along with the family's car. After the accidental kidnappers found out about their blunder they had initially tried to return her but could never find her parents. With no idea what to do with the infant child they simply left her in the care of whoever they could find, which happened to equate to leaving her on a doorstep that night.

As she entered her teens, Haisely got into more and more trouble with all sorts of people, she never harmed anyone while she was young and stuck to petty theft and spoofing. Eventually the girl got more enchanted by the online world and spent more and more time online, leaving her mark and making small money on the side with relatively low risk due to the anonymous nature of the net.

When she finally turned 18 and could make her own legal decisions Haisely immediately had cybernetic implants of her own design added to her body and wired directly into her nerves. These implants were partly made so that she could better resemble her online avatar, as well as boost her own abilities.

After finally sneaking her way on board a trade ship and escaping her home for good the girl travelled all over after placing herself onto the crew roster quite easily. Eventually she hopped off in USO and wandered around the main city for a while but quickly got bored with the lack of real opportunity, after picking up a few items through manipulating purchase documents she found her way to S6 and snuck aboard their ship before they left for their new home.

In YE 41 Haisely decided to change careers, initially contacting Galactic Horizon but then later deciding it was time for her get back to her not so nice roots in nepleslia. Despite the fact she had escaped the nation after being abandoned and kicked to the kurb the hacker figured what better way to get back at the scum who screwed her over than by joining the police force.

After a short career in law enforcement, a recruiter for the NSM took a liking to her particular skillset and in YE 45 she changed positions from a small time network and support role in the 13th Precinct she was moved into being the Tech Specialist for the military.

Skills Learned

Haisely possesses several skills that many street types could easily learn, either to survive or to expand their potential and earn better payouts in various jobs.

Urban Fighting: Not an officially recognised form of martial arts but rather a collection of underhanded combat tactics used to escape or easily take down a couple of enemies using the environment and some dirtier tactics including tossing sand or grit in their eyes. Urban Fighting styles often focus on how to best attack the weak points of an enemy like legs and blind spots allowing you to get them to the floor and give yourself time to escape or kick them while they're down.

Parkour/Athletics: Growing up on the run from various people she stole from and then also the people she ripped off, Haisely learned how to effectively navigate the streets of Nepleslian cities with her smaller stature and later acquired several cybernetics to help her enhance her free-runnning ability even more.

Technology Operation: With a natural affinity for technology it was only a matter of time before Haisely began experimenting on small time computer systems and stores. Eventually she had become a menace to small businesses and even some the worse protected bigger businesses.

Basic Stealth: The ability to hide herself in a crowd or squeeze into a tight spot to escape pursuit is one of the more essential skills in Haisely's arsenal. Having learned them out of necessity to survive they quickly became a core part of her lifestyle.

Social Connections

Haisely Goenkof has no social connections and no known family on account of being raised a street orphan when she was kidnapped at a very young age accidentally.

Inventory & Finance

Haisely Goenkof currently has:

  • 15 000DA
  • A semi dismantled but full suit of Zytone Heavy Combat Armor
  • Several sleeveless utility vests
  • Several pairs of jeans
  • Several pairs of shorts
  • Pink beanie with a black stripe
  • Laser Printer - Good for printing memes
  • Priceless Lorath Religious Icon
  • Pair of Boombox robots that follow her and play sick beats, and a lot of meme music when she feels like annoying people

OOC Information

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In the case club24 becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameHaisely Goenkof
Character Ownerclub24
Character StatusActive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty

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