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David Hawke

David Hawke is a player character played by Compouds117.

David Hawke
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: NPF
Occupation: Field Medic
Rank: FO-2
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'11โ€œ
  • Mass: 180 lbs

Build and Skin Color: David is well muscled with ashen skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: David has deep-set, light blue eyes, very high cheekbones, and an upturned nose. Thin lips and a very prominent, rounded chin make up the rest of his face.

Ears: He has round ears that stick out slightly

Hair Color and Style: David's dark brown hair is tapered and faded into the top which is long enough to hang down to the tip of his nose but is kept combed to the side. He also has a reddish-brown mustache and beard combo that is kept neatly trimmed.

Distinguishing Features: Multiple small scars criss-cross the left side of his face.


Personality: David enjoys talking and meeting new people and is generally pleasant and polite. He tries to keep a positive and upbeat attitude, but if people are overly rude or negative towards him or his friends, he can quickly turn sour.

Books have always been a great escape to other worlds for David, especially since growing up his family didn't have the money for a whole lot of extra money for different entertainment options. His interest in stories, particularly those of heroes of both fantasy settings and in times of war in the real world, grew exponentially once his father was arrested.

With age, his passion for becoming the single best officer on the force and for making a name for himself that will finally remove the dark blot brought on his family name by his father combined with his need for an escape. With reading taking a backseat to his training, it became replaced with trips to the gym as David pushed to stand out from the rest of the other cadets.

Due to the experience of being in a terrible crash during a high-speed pursuit, David incredibly dislikes driving. While not wholly adverse to it since he does have a job to do, he instead prefers to have someone else do the driving for him.

Likes: Reading, Making friends, Working Out

Dislikes: Rude People, Driving

Goals: To Make His Family Proud



David was born in the YE 18 and lived with his two parents in Funky City. His father Joseph worked the streets as a beat cop to support his family while his mother stayed at home to care for and homeschool David. He didn't have very much money growing up but the first half dozen years of his life were full of love and happiness. The Hawke family's overall situation even began to improve when David's father got recognized for his hard work and received a pay raise.

Unfortunately, this upward trend came to an abrupt halt when his father's raise turned out to be money he'd been taking from local street thugs to turn a blind eye to some of their shady dealings. Soon after Joseph was incarcerated and David's mother Veronica became forced to work a low wage job to provide for them. All of a sudden being forced to go to a public school David was frightened by the new experiences but forced himself to make as many friends as possible to distract himself from how he felt at the sudden fragmentation of his family.

Shortly finishing school, David felt almost obligated to join the National Police Force of Nepleslia to write the wrongdoings of his father and make his mother proud of him. He studied and trained as hard as he could and graduated in the top tenth of his class at the academy. For the next five years, he dedicated his life to the force, always on call ready to help.

All his hard work and dedication paid off when he was selected to be a part of one of the new Designated Tactical Response Teams and began the rigorous training required to become part of such an elite group. He showed incredible proficiency when it came to medicine and at the end of training became a full-blown field medic before being sent off to join the team in Roger Wilco City.

Social Connections

David Hawke is connected to: Father: Joseph Hawke Mother: Veronica Hawke

Skills Learned


While no poet David is fluent in trade and possesses unimpressive reading and writing skills as well as receive instructions on how to operate radios while in the academy.


David is more than proficient in the use of firearms from the training he received while in the academy but doesn't stand out with any certain weapon type.


This is where David excelled at while training. He may not be an actual doctor but he'll sure as hell keep your heart beating long enough for you to get to one.


David is in excellent shape from the conditioning he put himself through to withstand the rigors of DTR selection.


David is competent from driving for several years but isn't the guy you want behind the wheel during a high-speed pursuit through the streets.

Inventory & Finance

David Hawke has the following items:


  • Black Trousers made from a fire retardant Nylon/Cotton polymer material.
  • Dark Grey short sleeve (Long sleeve variants available depending on climate and season) button up creased shirt made from the same material.
  • Black Leather gunbelt.
  • Black, Shined shin-high leather boots.
  • Dark Grey wool trenchcoat (Winter)
  • Black Patrol cap with the NPF badge emblazoned on the front and the officer's name and rank on the back (Recommended only in the precinct house, Helmet advised while on patrol.)


OOC Notes

In the case Compouds117 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameDavid Hawke
Character OwnerCompouds117
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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