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Katya is a player character played by james_baek. Katya is currently adopted by Ehwha.

Nickolai Katya Denisov
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Brith Date: December 14th, YE 15
Height: 5' 9
Weight: 156 lbs
Organization: National Police Force of Nepleslia
Occupation: Field Medic
Rank: PO-1
Current Placement: None

Preferred Plots:

  1. National Police Force of Nepleslia

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 9
  • Mass: 156 lbs
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Standing at 5' 9 and weighing at 156 lbs, Katya isn’t exactly a bodybuilder, but she isn’t just a small girl either. Her body is filled with not big muscles from the gym, but rather with more of muscles from all the time she has spent in the field. Scars all around her body will show anybody that she has been through some troubles herself. However, she does a pretty good job at covering them with her clothing. Her hair is black, and usually are cut to her shoulder length. From time to time however, she would grow them a longer to tie them in ponytail.

Psychological Characteristics


  • Katya used to not to speak much, but after being in bounty hunters and Crimefest, she began to open her mouth more often like she used to. Rarely, she would keep going for even hours. She doesn't drink much, but when she does, she turns out to be talk a lot. It is rare for Katya to be mad or upset. However, when she is, then she tries her best to keep her calm by taking a walk.


Family (or Creators)

Denisov family, from Nepleslia, P1-4 Porpois

  • Nickolai Perdo Denisov - (Father, dead, murdered)
  • Lyudmila Katya Denisov - (Mother, dead, died of old age)
  • Nickolai Petroviche Denisov - (Big brother, alive, mercenary)
  • Nickolai Penezski Denisov - (Big brother, alive, mercenary)
  • Nickolai Platov Denisov - (Little brother, alive, mercenary)


Denisov Family

Katya was born in YE 15, at P1-4 as one of the many children of Denisov Family. At first, she was not shy at all like she is now, but was rather cheerful and playful just like her siblings and friends. She used to run down all the way of streets and race against her friends, and almost always, it was her that ran into the ‘finish line’ first. Her family was happy family she says, although her family was not wealthy. Her father worked as a mercenary, and couldn't play with her whenever she wanted, but she was happy. She still had friends and siblings to play with. Whenever her father would come back home, he would teach her and her siblings how to fight, telling them that they would need to learn it one way or the other. Whenever he wasn’t around, she and her siblings would practice it on a big dummy doll that he got them as a gift.

Left alone

One day, a god-damned day she says, her father kissed on her cheek in the morning and went out to work just like he usually did, and went missing for 10 days. Her family thought he was doing just fine. Afterall, his job usually had him for at least 10 weeks. He did return home earlier than usual though, as he was found dead 10 days later at nearby streets. He also had extra holes when he was found, with twelve holes on his chest and a hole in the head, it took the family some moments to realize it was him. His coat was dripping with blood and was filled with his organs. After she heard the news, she was never the same again. She stopped talking with her friends, and just would keep her mouth shut most of the time. She still had siblings that eased her pain, but when they were old enough to work as a mercenary, they went off to become mercenaries like their dad to make a living. Her mother followed her husband ten years later, leaving Katya all alone by herself.

Her siblings did helped her financially, but they couldn't visit her often to check on her. She still tried to live on with her life, getting basic education and enrolling into medical school. She did have a hard time in medical school, due to her tending to keep her mouth shut almost all the time. After graduating from medical school, Katya was recruited into local general hospital, where she worked as a nurse for a short period of time.

Even though Katya has successfully became a nurse, Katya was having an even harder time in the general hospital for the same reason in the medical school. Though she did try to get over it, she just couldn’t. She just couldn’t open up like she used to.

Bounty Hunters

So she had a hard time getting used to the general hospital, and the nurse’s pay wasn’t exactly a great one, especially with the size of the hospital she worked in being so small. Now the money wasn’t a problem for her as her siblings still helped her financially, but she didn’t like getting help from her siblings, no. She was a grown-up now, she can tend for herself. However, to her being a nurse just didn’t seem like the way that she could work, no. To Katya, mercenary seemed better than a nurse simply because of higher pay. She knew the high risk of the job, though, as it could cost her her life. But after a short while, she finally made up her mind and quit as she was recruited into bounty hunting team.

And she has taken the step she would not regret, or at least she thought.

Bounty hunting life for her ended very shortly, as her team was disbanded. She was left with a paycheck and a wound on her forearm. With her mercenary team disbanded, she returned to Funky City, and returned to work as a nurse in the same small general hospital she used to work again. She was, however, recruited into a crime organization called Crimefest shortly after she returned, using her skills to assist organs for Shozon. Her criminal life didn’t last long however, as she couldn’t help but be disgusted by her colleagues’ works. So, after the second heist Katya walked out of the gang, returning to her old job as a boring nurse. Though it was obvious that Shozon would have gave her pink slip soon anyway, since she wasn’t just seem like the material fit for such work.

Salem’s Visit

So there she was again, standing in the same general hospital she has ‘escaped’ from the beginning, just to return there again. It wasn’t all bad for her though, as she began to open up a little bit more than she used to be after all the experiences she had gone through. She began to talk more often and longer, even talking for hours with people whom she has familiarized with. For someone who has been a bounty hunter, and a criminal, it wasn’t looking that bad for her. Maybe she might be able to live the rest of her life as an ordinary nurse, she thought. However, as fate saw it she seemed like she just couldn’t stay in such life. One day, Salem, Katya’s colleague from bounty hunters, came for a visit. Not even bothering to ask Salem how she found her, Katya at first greeted her with a smile. However, what Salem had to offer her was a rather surprise. What did Salem had to offer Katya? A chance to try out for National Police Force. Katya wasn’t even sure why Salem offered her to though, especially when she has been with bad bunch from time to time. When Katya confessed to Salem about her past of being with bad bunch for short time, Salem shook it off as ‘minor stuff’ and kept on insisted on Katya trying out for National Police Force, even telling her that she could be the one to track down her father’s killer. Katya at first was skeptical about the idea, but after a while she decided to give it a try. Who knows, maybe she might even arrest her father’s killer. So, she filled out the form and turned it in, letting the fate decide what happens next.


Fighting (Hand-to-Hand Combat)

  • Though not much, Katya has been taught some fighting skills from her father and her brothers. Trainings she received from her past experiences in being a bounty hunter and from NPF Academy also has taught Katya techniques regarding hand-to-hand combat. Though not a master, those techniques Katya learned will help her defend herself in swift and decisive manner, if she is ever asked to do so.


  • Katya may not be a perfect marksman, but she can still hit what she aims for. Katya has been taught of handling firearms in both bounty hunting business, and in the academy. Katya especially prefers her now-obsolete SiZi Model 30 Condensed Plasma Revolver, which she proves to be quite accurate with.


  • Katya has learned ways to communicate with others in a rather friendly manner in the academy. However, academy also taught her to lead the conversation for her own benefit, from extracting information she could use from everyday conversations, to even confront offenders in investigative manner.


  • During her times in Medical School and in general hospital, she learned of ways to treat various wounds, from paper cuts to bleeding from the heart. Her time in bounty hunting business taught her even more ways to treat wounds, such ways as to treat gun wounds and to place a splint, etc. She also always keep a medic kit or two on her, ready to deploy should situation comes to that.


  • In medical school, Katya was taught several languages other than Trade, ranging from Yamataigo to Abwheran. Kataya can make conversations in Yamataigo and Abwheran, though it would be awkwardly and broken sometimes. Overall, Katya can speak and write in three different languages: Trade, Yamataigo, and Abwheran.


  • When not occupied with work, Katya loves to keep herself occupied with singing verses from famous bands she grew fond of. However, Katya would still sing if she ever finds any chance to do so while occupied, and she is most likely to miss a verse or two.


Katya has the following items:


  • Customized SiZi Model 30 Condensed Plasma Revolver - Inherited from her father, fitted with custom 3 inch barrel and a white grip
  • Customized Westech Trench Shotgun - Fitted with custom 13 inch barrel, a flash light, and a shell holder on the stock
  • A knife - 9 inch knife, fitted with a custom white engraved grip carved out of a bull horn
  • Talon TSP (-450 KS)
  • Zen Armaments .357 Pistol - Standard service pistol for NPF
  • Zen Automatic Rifle Compact Type 39 - Fitted with skeletal stock, angled grip, and a holographic sight


  • A Black Leather Jacket - Inherited from her father.
  • Three pairs of Combat Boots - All of them are equipped with a sheathe.
  • Ten Shirts -
  • Five pairs of pants (2 pairs of blue jeans, and pair of camouflage pants, along with two khaki cargo pants)
  • Three Tank Tops (Black)
  • Eight Pairs of Underwears w/ Bras
  • Three Pairs of Sports Bras
  • Two belt holsters
  • Two gun belts - Both of them are made out of leather, in brown and black
  • Three bandoliers for 12 ga. shells
  • Two balaclavas
  • Three pairs of gloves - In Black, Kahki, and OD Green
  • A pair of baseball caps - In Black and Khaki
  • Black patrol cap - With NPF badge engraved
  • A pair of black trousers - NPF standard
  • Five black shirts - in long sleeve and short sleeves, NPF standard

Body Armor

  • Ballistic Vest - Cloth/Mesh for easier movement
  • High Risk Response Tactical Suit - With bright red cross with white background patch attached on front and back, along with arms


  • Star Army Backpack - Gift from her big brother
  • EM-G16-1B Medical Kit
  • EM-G4-1 Filter Mask - Basic
  • Elysian Data-Pad - Standard, with Data Card
  • AwesomeCorp DataJockey - NPF Standard


Katya is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
-2100KS Purchase of Weapons
-825KS Purchasing of Equipments
Character Data
Character NameNickolai Katya Denisov
Character OwnerEhwha
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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