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Zero Three

Zero Three is a player character played by SirSkully.

Zero Three
Alias/es: Roth, The Black Kaiser
Species: Custom Cyborg1)
Year of Birth: YE 32
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Hired Muscle
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Brimstone

Physical Description

Roth stands at the above-average height of 5’11” with the appearance of some mix between a Nepleslian and a tailless Nekovalkyrja, her Caucasian-styled synthetic skin is lightly tanned and surprisingly scar-free for somebody in the mercenary business – leading up from a pair of strong-looking yet shapely and feminine legs to her noticeably flared hips and round, toned rear that manages to look good in any style of pants as it moves with a slight bounce. There is a delightful taper to Roth’s tight waist though nothing too extreme as it transitions into her modest chest, round and somewhere between a large c-cup or a mid-range d-cup in size that sit beneath her defined collarbones – overall Roth’s body has a noticeable bit of tone and definition to it, though due to her manufactured nature it is entirely aesthetic and helps the cyborg to be deceptively stronger than most expect at a glance.

Roth’s facial features strike a fine line between delicate and hardy, a noticeably strong, triangular jaw frames her high and rounded cheekbones, with slightly hollow cheeks and a dutchess’ nose that sits above her pert lips – her ears end in elven-style knife tips with a small measure of fuzz running across the top and to the tip similar to the style usually reserved for Nekos, slightly thick though no doubt still feminine eyebrows sit above eyes with pale grey irises and likewise ashen hair that would fall past her shoulders if not for the fact it is usually kept up with the main body in a loose bun and the sides falling down to her shoulders, Roth usually keeps her ashen hair and pale eyes a dark brown and light green respectively thanks to their fibreoptic nature.

Roth usually dresses in a rather utilitarian fashion, almost never seen without her short-sleeved revenant undersuit and chest rig though usually for public decency the cyborg will also throw on a pair of well-fitted ¾ length cargo pants or shorter cargo shorts and some Section 6 gym shoes, sometimes even throwing on a slightly beat-up leather jacket with zips that run along the underside of her forearms.


Roth’s cybernetic body started life as a EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) that had been modded to accept her brain and even before being rebuilt by Section 6 the body had undergone various modifications and alterations. Currently Roth’s body is A thicker version of the revenant undersuit that acts as her muscle culture over an Aegium skeleton, with eyes based off of the MOASS and an upgraded neural interface based off of the Geist – it is all fairly sturdy and rated at tier 2 to withstand small-caliber rounds and most assault rifle rounds in addition to being able to lift 300kg worth of weight on top of her already 95kg base weight, Roth’s skin itself is a temperature-resistant but otherwise not overly protective rubber-like polymer that simulates the texture of skin and can patch itself up through a series of subdermal extruders that feed from a replaceable cartridge in her upper abdomen.

She is powered by a nuclear fission device housed in her chest, which can be accessed through the maintenance panel that is her abdomen – the seams of which seal themselves through the same system used to repair her skin, much like all the seams on her body. The unit that houses Roth’s brain is built sturdier than the rest of her an is rated against more powerful rifles and weapons at tier 3 due to it having to protect her most precious component, the life support systems in-place can keep her brain going indefinitely so long as it has a safe atmosphere to draw oxygen from or one week in the vacuum of space so long as her systems remain uncompromised. Each of Roth’s forearms contain a cut-down version of the Sickle assault rifle that feeds from the underside of the forearm and ejects casings through the top, hence why she keeps her arms free most of the time – the ejection port and mag well sit beneath her synthetic skin when the weapons are not deployed, with the polymer sections sliding away to expose both those and the charging handle, her hand folds back to be with a 90 degree angle to Roth’s forearm and the telescoping barrels push forth from her wrists.

Finally, Roth’s knuckles are capable of incapacitating foes with up-to 50,000 volts of electricity being pushed through their metallic surfaces, able to transfer this shock through her layer of synthetic skin – both her hair and eyes are fibreoptic in nature and can shift into any colour Roth wishes them to, with the more delicate parts of her anatomy being based on both the em-j2-m3403 and em-j2-m3404 as well as the em-j2-m3402 to provide her brain with the necessary nutrients and oxygen it requires.


Despite being a living, somewhat breathing, weapon in the mercenary business Roth has a rather warm outlook on life even if it is displayed in somewhat muted tones – she will smile and offer kind words to those she gets along well with though Roth’s mind is usually on the job at hand. Roth tends to fall into place as a kind of mother to the groups she runs with, making sure the others have their gear all in working order and are looking after themselves between missions, something she has no issues with continuing to act as if only to ensure things run as smooth as possible.

There is a certain unwavering strength to the cyborg though, a very hard individual to break who keeps her weaknesses in a vault at the bottom of the ocean so to speak – while she may have intentionally locked the memories away Roth is subconsciously very cautious and always wary of letting people get too close, lest she end up hurting them in the long run.


Roth began life as a NH-29 named Anna Harada, born the daughter of an enlisted Neko and her Nepleslian lover who was there thanks to the Star Army Exchange Program, an odd mix of features from both women resulting in a daughter they poured all their love into. Anna followed her parents into service as a power armour-clad infantry – the role her particular generation of cat-eared super soldier was quite literally born for, even if her mixed heritage did mean the girl’s anatomy was missing a tail and had a few other less obvious differences.

Anna Harada was a good soldier, not anything too noteworthy but simply a good soldier who did her job and slowly climbed the ranks of the SAOY – she could have made officer one day if not for the fateful Battle of Yamatai and what happened to her during it.

According to all official records Anna died at Port Xenn at 0350 local time, her power armour’s generator having failed and claimed her life in the explosion that ensured, the cat was cloned and given a new suit of power armour before being sent back into the fray.

Only issue is, the explosion may have severely injured Anna and destroyed her armour’s electronics which resulted in her suit going black-status but the Neko ended up being pulled back out to sea in her armour during the ensuing tsunami – her suit’s still-functioning seals carrying the unconscious soldier down the coast for three days until she washed ashore and eventually regained consciousness, weakened by the event but alive and nervous to find out if her family had survived Anna hitched a ride out on a civilian salvage vessel that had loaded itself up in the aftermath but Anna couldn’t really blame the guy, technically he was doing his part to help clean up.

It was a difficult and heart-breaking decision the young cat had to make upon seeing her mothers hugging a clone… she could come back in and the clone would most likely be terminated, her parents now having to live with a daughter that had been tainted by going through hell and back, or let them live with this much more innocent version.

With a huff Anna pulled up her hood and turned around to walk away, taking a different ship out to Nepleslia where she would find work at a Kennewes-based salvage firm while trying to figure out what to do next.

In the end the easiest way to stop the pain was to simply remove it, so the cat kept her head down and worked hard until she had everything she needed – a EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) to modify and a back-alley cybernetics specialist who owed the catgirl their life, memories were voluntarily quarantined and locked away at the back of her mind before her brain was carefully placed in the head of the new robotic body she would call her own. Anna Hamada is a soldier in the SAOY, this new entity would come to be known as Zero Three, the first numbers of her bootup sequence that caught the cyborg’s attention – there was fear and confusion at the start but the person who’d transplanted her brain restrained the cyborg and explained to her that she had been in an accident and her body was destroyed along with some brain damage that might explain the memory loss, with this being the only way to save her, it was the story they had agreed upon and eventually Zero Three believed it.

It was a fairly typical tale from here, a cyborg wakes up in Nepleslia and gets dragged into mercenary work – somehow through the mental reset and body-jump Zero Three had still had access to a lot of her military training so hit the ground running, upgrading her body slowly over the next few years until one particularly bad day which left Zero Three (now having adopted the nicknames Roth and the Black Kaiser due to Zero Three being a mouthful and a massacre involving some Abwherans who didn’t take too kindly of her, respectively) partially dismantled and floating through space in early YE 41 with her body having shut down all processes deemed non-essential in an effort to keep her alive.

Section 6 scooped up her remains and were surprised to find even the faintest signs of life, deciding to repair her and find out the cyborg’s story – she explained it all from YE 34 onwards, and how the last thing she remembers was hearing an automatic shotgun’s charging handle get primed back, partially-rebuilt Roth then asked if they had any use for someone in her line of work to repay the debt she had with them saving her.

Over three weeks Roth was rebuild from the ground up with Section Six’s technology until the cybernetic ex-catgirl was reborn for the second time in her life, asking to remain conscious throughout the process.

As a merc with a debt to repay it’s not the biggest leap to believe Roth made her way to the ISS Brimstone as soon as she was able-bodied and the kinks had all been ironed out of her systems.

Social Connections

Erased Connections:

Anna Harada (Clone)

Chiho Harada (Mother)

Nikita Harada (Mother)

Skills Learnt

Fighting: Roth is highly skilled with most kinds of firearms and is particularly noteworthy with small blades, be they thrown or held – she tends to be able to use a gun after only looking it over for a few moments.

Maintenance and Repair: Roth has tasked herself with learning the ins and outs of her body’s systems and as such is able to perform repairs when it gets damaged so long as she is still functional – this extends to her being able to fix more general parts of ships/power armour/vehicles.

Physical: With the majority of her body being made out of the core of Section Six’s favourite suit of Power Armour one should expect Roth is quite physically capable, able to lift up to 300kg of weight and put a lot of power behind a punch, likewise she can move quickly and jump greater distances than your average humanoid of a similar scale.

Rogue: Roth is no stranger to keeping her head down when she knows she isn’t supposed to be somewhere and as such the cyborg can be rather sneaky if she wishes to and even knows how to pick locks.


Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver

-vented counterweight assembly

-3x speedloaders

-Polychromatic Laser Pointer

S6-Long Combat Knife “Cross”

6x Nerimium throwing knives

Black chest rig

-thigh holster

-4x magazine pouches

-thigh mounted bag

-6x throwing knife sheathes

-sheath for the S6-Long Combat Knife “Cross”

3x polymer cartridges2)

4x BW-6AS "Sickle" magazines

Scuffed leather jacket with zips down the forearms

Short-sleeved version of the Revenant Undersuit

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Character Data
Character NameZero Three
Character OwnerSirSkully
Female pronouns
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