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ISS Brimstone

ISS Brimstone is a New Dusk Conclave plot to be run by Game Master Jack Pine. Its concept is โ€œA small crew of smugglers and merchants go on adventures across the Kikyo sector in search of excitement and a paycheck. But a hidden mission hides below the surface as the captain has his own mission to gather data and assets on the various underground and criminal elements in their travels..โ€

It was approved by Zack/Jack Pine as of 2/19/2018 under the faction OSO, then re-established under Section 6 by Jack Pine on 10/21/2018. It is now hosted under its new parent faction, the New Dusk Conclave in 2020.

Forum Link: ISS-Brimstone Subforum

Plot Details

ISS Brimstone
Age Requirement: 18+
Format: JP/SP
Pacing: Dependent on players' schedules
RPG Rating 3-3-3

About The GM

Jack Pine joined the site in 2017

Previous Experience

188604 plot

Lost Colony plot


Jack Pine is in the Central timezone and is available: Varies but usually after 4pm to 12pm everyday but Tuesday and Thursday. Then I'm available all day.



Early YE40, Brimstone docked at a independent station to recruit, but only found one. This did not stop a disheartened Kessler to continue work.

The first job was on Vice in the Reservoir star system. The small crew had not even stepped outside before recruits began to come out in the wood work. With bolstered numbers they raided a warehouse of the target item, getting yet another new hire in the process. After fighting through a ambush the crew made it back to the ship and hit the road. Planning for the next job given began almost immediately.

While the crew plans a prison break for a mark, Kessler does a side job that goes horribly wrong, but yields a new recruit. The new recruit Kyle heads to 188604 for pilot training for a new mech, there he is adopted by Seraphina Cerulius. During this time Harmony was found adrift in her ship, a Lorath woman who stayed with the crew for a short while.

In YE 41, the ISS-Brimstone and her crew have taken station under the role as a merchant contractor to the local government now established on Sirris VI in the Sanctum star system. Kessler hands some clandestine dealings as the crew continues to run supply shipments to Essian resistance forces. Meanwhile, a job offer that should have been run of the mill, will pull the crew into the plot that runs deeper then just their simple form of Smuggling and arms dealing.

Characters WantedAny and all misfits looking to make a buck for somewhat grey area work. Also accepting Independent characters, as I can only fit the one faction in accepted characters.

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