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Abdullah bin "Ben" Al-hussein

Abdullah bin Al-hussein AKA 'Ben' is a player character played by Soban.

Abdullah Al-hussein
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: 17ζ—₯ 4月 YE 23
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Cargo Handler
Current Placement: ISS Brimstone

Physical Description

Short and wiry, he has dark skin and coal eyes that burn with an inward fire. His hair and beard are black, his beard is short but well kept as he hasn't been growing it for long.


Usually chill and easy going, he is a young man cast adrift in the universe without much direction. He often is unsure and second guesses himself. He wants to be a stoic, but has trouble controlling his emotions. He believes in his mother's religion which involves praying several times per day.


He grew up on 188604, his parents were both employed by Section Six. His father disappeared before he was born and his Mother was an engineer. While he did well in school, he never felt a passion for any of the subjects. He played on the basketball team, but wasn't a star. His mother was killed when the fleet was attacked. He was saved by Ven Volontany along with a group of children that he helped protect. After that incident, he looked up to Ven as a role model. He and Ven exchanged S6-Long Combat Knife β€œCross”. Ven would reccomend him to Kessler Ryzka as a trustworthy and promising young man for his crew. Since his mother's death, he has become more devout in the religion that she followed that involved praying several times a day.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Abdullah bin Al-hussein has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: Trained by Ven, he his a skilled knife fighter and is one of the few non-Separa'Shan trained to use and counter Hesskara. He is also competent with guns.
  • Physical: He played basketball and is in excellent physical shape.
  • Maintenance and Repair : His mother taught him the basics of and importance of maintenance.
  • Engineering: His mother taught him the basics of engineering.
  • Medical: He knows his way around a first aid kit.

Social Connections

Abdullah bin Al-hussein is connected to:

Notable Inventory

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameAbdullah bin "Ben" Al-hussein
Character OwnerSoban
Character StatusActive Player Character
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