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Taro Emerson

Taro Emerson is a player character played by SirSkully

Taro Emerson
Alias/es: Snowflake
Species and Gender: Female Android
Year of Birth: YE 41
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Ambassador – Warrior Cadre
Rank: W1 // Warrant Officer
Current Placement: NDS Ravenaca's Watch (Plot)

Physical Description

Taro stands at a fairly tall height of 6’3” with a pleasantly curved hourglass figure and overall appearance that radiates pure elegance, with creamy though not vampiric skin and sharp features easily considered beautiful by the standards of most folks, a nice blend of primarily Nepleslian queues with some noticeable Yamataian accents.

Taro’s figure carries a rather apparent hourglass shape with a decidedly bottom-heavy disposition, made of soft feminine curves that simulate the perfect layer of fat over her dense synthetic muscles, which are subtle though still prominent enough to be noteworthy. With thick, shapely legs, heart shaped rump, toned stomach, hips a few inches wider than her shoulders, a svelte waistline and perky d-cup breasts Taro certainly turns heads. Especially since most of her off-duty outfits manage to expose a generally small, tasteful hint of porcelain-like skin.

Taro’s snowy complexion is complimented by her shoulder-length, chalk white hair, mesmerising purple eyes with their thick eyelashes and dark eyebrows. Taro was designed as a flawless, elegant beauty and dresses as such, usually found wearing some of the latest fashion in a shade of white and/or grey, with a particular bias towards hints of leather and fur. She is rarely seen without a pair of thigh-high socks or stockings when off work, often accompanied by an ushanka during colder months.

When on-duty and not forced into dress uniform Taro tends to wear her custom knife holsters, a webbing belt with her custom pistol holstered on one hip and a white leather jacket with quilted shoulders over the standard bodysuit she was provided.


Taro has an unbreakable calmness to her regardless of the situation at hand, leading to most people around her being divided into the two camps of thinking she is a “cold bitch” and the other finding her overbearing air of authority rather pleasant. She tends to find the phenomenon of people getting flustered and losing their cool rather amusing, being one of the few things that can make her crack a smirk, the other being when people decide to not question any objective statements or observations she often makes. Taro’s stern, intelligent tones usually demand subservience on their own without her bluntly requesting as much, all this combined naturally leads to misunderstandings where someone may assume she is of a higher rank than what is actually the case.

Taro spends the majority of her free time alone and often goes for long walks or at the very least reflecting on her own thoughts in any private, quiet place she can find if ship-bound. She’s not unpleasant to be around though usually takes a bit of getting used to, and most of the people she’d consider close still tend to feel like they are being observed whenever Taro is nearby.


In mid YE 40 Remy Belmont, or rather one of her aliases, was contacted by an underworld individual who wanted to commission a custom gynoid off of her. It was a simple enough thing and the pay seemed decent for the job, Remy going to work covertly securing and sanitizing components so that there was no way they could be traced back to her. The end result in early YE 41 being a combat-capable unit based largely off the EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) with EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (Advanced) and EM-J2-2a Shujuu Android (TCSF) parts mixed in where needed, moulded into the very specific form factor the client requested with some custom tinkering hidden away within the gynoid’s systems to ensure this could never be used against its creator.

When the creation was completed and deemed up to specification in early YE 41 Remy made preparations to get her smuggled a few planets over, only to be intercepted and taken into the custody of the NPF a few hours from it’s final destination, which lead to Remy faking the first death of one of her aliases as the young woman cut any and all ties to the project.

The Gynoid was scanned and had her consciousness carefully booted up in a virtual environment before being given a choice, freedom and the appropriate steps taken to set up identification for her, or be powered down and kept in storage until she was deemed needed. It did not take much thought for the newly booted woman to accept the first option, purposefully picking a very generic name that fit her features to better blend in with the world she knew little about beyond what was preloaded into her system.

Henceforth the android would be known as Taro Emerson, given that she was designed to function as an enforcer and was preloaded with combat subroutines it made sense that Taro tried her hand at some local mercenary work before deciding it would be best to put some distance between herself and the events that lead to her creation. Taro’s slow spiral eastward would eventually lead her to the New Dusk Conclave in YE 43, where she would be able to easily integrate into the local populace and even enlist in the NDC’s military as an Ambassador under the Warrior Cadre.

Social Connections

Skills Learned

Taro Emerson has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: Given that there is some military grade targeting equipment baked into her attracive synthetic figure1) Taro is understandably a crack shot with most weapons platforms, favouring more compact options though capable of utilizing as much as a heavy weapon ripped from the wing of a downed vessel. Her sensor-enhanced, synthetic nerves also make the gynoid a rather fearsome hand to hand combatant, utilizing lots of grappling and disabling moves when not attempting to make space so that her trusty pistol could be better utilized.
  • Entertainment: Alongside an enforcer Taro was originally designed to function as her boss’ plaything when such action was desired, and as such she’s fully capable of accessing a few subroutines and software packages related to carnal actions as well as a few of the more salacious styles of dance.
  • Physical: Given that her musculature is comprised largely of EM-J2-M3405 Advanced Muscle Structure Taro is an extremely physically capable individual, only hampered by safety limiters and mechanical wear that comes from pushing herself too far. She is an exceedingly agile and flexible individual given that she has total control over each and every fiber of her being.
  • Leadership: Taro’s naturally dominant and eloquent personality make her well suited for a leadership role one day, being more than capable of taking control of most situations, though has resigned herself to a more action-orientated role for the time being as she feels it is the most optimal position given her current knowledge and experience.
  • Communications: Taro predominantly speaks Trade with an upper-class Nepleslian accent that has hints of Yamataian, though she is fully capable of installing a new language pack if she needs to. Currently Taro is fluent in Trade, Yamataigo (邪馬台語), Freefolk and Six Cog.

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

In the case sirskully becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

Portrait artwork made by Wes using Artbreeder and a background he purchased from Adobe Stock.

Character Data
Character NameTaro Emerson
Character OwnerSirSkully
Character StatusActive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchNavy
NDC RankW1 Warrant Officer
including but not limited to a pair of MOASS units for eyes and para-aramid fibres beneath her skin
completely sanitized of all identifying marks, featuring a shortened slide/frame and “melted” edges
complete with synthetic leather sheathes and custom shoulder holsters
4) , 7)
navy blue
light grey
modified to be compatible with M3 Assault Weapon System magazines
modified with silver plating, some subtle engravings and a small amethyst
features a cowl and aftermarket xenon headlights, repainted maroon
often worn with a white leather jacket that has quilted shoulders
equipped with suppressor and infrared light, has the iron sights removed

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