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Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism

Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism, or SHAM for short, is an endoskeleton that protects the wearer’s body as well as giving them enhanced abilities, such as strength, endurance, a self-healing central nervous system, and hard-points by which equipment can be attached without surgery or recovery time. Fitting the endoskeleton itself takes two weeks of surgeries and a course of medication to ensure the user syncs with SHAM fully. Psychopomp LLC creates SHAM and uses it for its Super Soldier Initiative.

More about SHAM

SHAM is fully integrated into the skeleton of the wearer, replacing it fully or creating its own structure within the body that can be customized by those implanting it. It requires an operation and over the course of two weeks, several procedures as well as a cocktail of pain medications and anti-inflammatories. It requires no need for understanding of its mechanics by the user, only those that apply it to them, for ease of use.


By augmenting the body's natural systems by way of supplementing them of the user with artificial substances, SHAM users gain augmented features.

The SHAM cannot operate without a power source in the specific form of a high power bioelectric generator.

Muscles will not be enhanced, joints will not be strengthened, and the user will be just as vulnerable to blunt force trauma as a normal person would be.

  • Hard-points: Hard-points grow out of the user's body. These plugs are concealable and retractable and can be used to interface with cybernetics, plating, weapons, and other equipment. There is one plug per limb, one for each shoulder and one for the torso.
  • Skeletal Adjustments: Adjustments include changes to height, stature, facial features, and even the presentation of the user's sexual organs.
  • Durability: Able to receive hundreds of pounds of pressure without breaking, SHAM has significantly decreased the body's weak points and strengthens joints and provides structuring around critical arteries. It should be noted that this feature does not allow the user to withstand stresses of the magnitude of even small caliber (Tier 1) firearms, however it does render even significant blunt force trauma much less harmful.
  • Speed: Primary motivation is fed through supplemental synthetic musculature when muscles are under duress, causing the wearer to experience lessened muscle fatigue. These synthetic muscles are motivated by the electricity generated from the power source.
  • Strength: Providing strength via enhanced skeletal fibers, the body of the wearer has super-enhanced strength, able to lift up to five times their body weight.
  • Power Source: Psychopomp offers its soldiers such a power source in the form of a compact but high powered bioelectric generator.
  • Central Nervous System: Pain transmission to the brain is lessened by the SHAM central nervous system, which also has the ability to restructure itself if damage occurs.

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