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NAM Soft Ballistics Vest

The NAM Soft Ballistics Vest is a rather low-profile piece of body-armor that has been a part of Nepleslia for a good part of its history, this is the less-protective sibling of the similarly designed plate carriers that have been around for much longer – it’s popular with bodyguards, security forces, bodies of authority, VIPs and the average citizen who wants to wear something armored without spoiling the lines of their favorite clothes.

It has gone through a few revisions over the years but the latest revision was released in mid-late YE 41.


  • Vest: 350 DA

Damage Rating: Tier 2, Medium Personnel

While the vest by itself could not stop bullets it is typically a lot more stab and slash resistant than most vests due to the Graphene woven into it, able to stop traditional knives from piercing the material though there are still open gaps near the armpits and neck that a determined-enough attacker might go for that are exposed and vulnerable to attacks.

The hardier version of this is the NAM Hard Ballistics Vest


High-value targets have always needed protection that flies under the radar, whether it be a mafia member being brought before a court or a playboy looking for fun in a dangerous area, so there has always been a demand for lower-profile vests even if they sacrifice a bit of their protection in the process.


Like most low-profile vests this particular design is meant to be replaced once used rather than repaired, due to size constraints, though to help overlook this fact the vest is noticeably more damage-resistant and hardier than previous iterations.

The vest is primarily made from Graphene-woven para-aramid fabrics that have been treated to be heat-resistant and fire-retardant1), they come without the rows of heavy-duty nylon webbing that their sturdier plate-carrier cousins are available with. The sides of the vest are held together by a hook-and-loop fastened seam that won’t come open even with the most rigorous of movements, the shoulder straps of the vest are easily adjustable to ensure a correct fitting – finally the inside of the vest is padded with impact-absorbing foam-filled honeycomb structure beneath a Graphene mesh that takes some of the force out of bullets impacting with the vest thought not enough to keep getting shot from being an unpleasant experience.

The protective interiors designed for the vest have a similar consistency to a baseball base, it is a flexible polymer wedge with a series of empty cavities that have been filled with a non-newtonian fluid designed to both harden upon impact and dissipate some of the force into the surrounding cavities to lessen how much of the impact is felt by the user, though broken ribs and bruises are still inevitable.

The vests come in a few different sizes from kids up to something that could fit a part-SOL though pricing remains the same due to the mass-produced nature of it all – it is available in the usual wide variety of flat colours, with the most common being a navy blue or a light grey.

These newer vests have both a longer shelf life and greater protection than the earlier models that were purchased in bulk and still sometimes found on the market, these older vests usually being made from tightly woven fabrics and fibers.

The Nepleslian Milspec version of this vest uses a solely Stone Thread exterior in place of more commonly availablepara-aramid fabrics that the usual version is made from.


The vest is donned by the user slipping their head through the space between the shoulder straps and then sealing up the hook-and-loop fasteners on the side panels, though typically the shoulder straps have been adjusted prior and only one side is left open to speed up the process.

It is designed to be easily concealable beneath most items of everyday casual clothing though can still imprint against particularly tight clothes, with the most noticeable sections being around the armpits and sides of the torso – it is recommended that the entire vest is replaced after taking damage, due to the fluid-filled cells having a tendency to burst, but the vest itself can be patched up with some careful sewing if it has only suffered some minor cosmetic damage.

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a big issue with older vests is that energy-based weapons can cause them to ignite

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