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Remy Belmont

Remy Belmont is a player character played by SirSkully

Remy Belmont
Alias/es: Sparkles1), Reznov2)
Species and Gender: Human Female
Year of Birth: YE 17
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Broker
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Crimefest

Physical Description

Remy stands on the slightly taller end of the average spectrum as far as heights go, 5’10” with the faintest kisses of a tan across her Caucasian skin – though naturally raven-haired Remy has chosen to dye her hair a hue of emerald/teal green that gets lighter towards her tips, when loose it would fall to just below the small of her back but it is often kept styled to fall down the front of her right shoulder. While not exactly a genetically-engineered super model the human does have a good hint of natural beauty to her features – starting with dark, naturally thin and arched eyebrows that seem to rather vividly display her facial expressions, complimented by smoothed-over cheekbones and a tapered jaw that transitions into her triangular chin, Remy’s eyes sparkle a bright shade of green that is bespeckled with hazel pigmentation, with lips that are more pert than full, often curved into a slight smirk.

While not having the most dramatic of curves it would be a lie to say that Remy’s figure isn’t still appealing, taut, lean and trained with a slight hint of muscle definition and a faint six-pack strapped to her slim core – with toned legs and arms though her lower half is notably more accentuated, shapely legs and a wonderfully sculpted set of buttocks on her noticeably flared hips. A tapered waistline accentuates the wider hips on her pear-shaped body, with perky c-cup breasts on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Despite her bright hair Remy’s preferred style of clothing goes for more of a basic approach rather than being overly flashy, she can usually be found wearing Nepleslian surplus cargo pants or jeans with a plain top and a flannel shirt over the top – with the only exception to her style being the round sunglasses she sometimes wears, with their emerald lenses that glow faintly, though it should be said she can more than pull off a dress if she needs to.

Due to the few rough turns that have come her way Remy has a bit of light damage on her body but nothing too disfiguring or identifying - a few small, mostly faded, scars about the diameter of a few 9mm rounds sit to the left of her taut abdomen from her time as a child soldier of fortune, not that she can remember it; one she can explain though are the two thin lines that run through her right eyebrow, barely noticeable but they're from a scuffle not too long after Remy left the Belmont Compound to see what else the universe had to offer. In addition to these there are also a few mostly-faded scars around her wrists, ankles and neck from her long-forgotten time as a child slave - which is the reason Remy tends to wear long sleeve shirts with high collars despite not knowing for certain where the damaged tissue came from.


Living in Nepleslia and doing most of her transactions through digital means eventually forced Remy to implement some level of technology into her flesh, so in YE 42 she paid a lot of money to have a set of subdermal implants installed off-record from a recently reinstated surgeon that owed her some favours.

They consist of a communications array based off a skeletonized Handsfree Communications Collar as well as a processing unit as capable as a high-end handheld computer, movement sensors in her fingertips for keyboardless typing, lenses that allow a private HUD and finally an extremely high-fidelity volumetrics array designed to mask her face at a moment's notice, it was not cheap though thus far she has only seen benefits from these investment.


Intelligent, Determined, fierce, charming and above all else somebody you really don’t want to piss off – a few words that can accurately describe the kind of person Remy is depending on the situation at hand, generally she is a rather warm individual and makes for great company even if not quite as sultry as the other members of her adoptive family seem to be, a different kind of charming that she brings with a small smirk.


Remy was born in YE 17 under a name she has no recollection of to a family she didn't spend enough time with, the result of a mafioso's son falling in love with a vulnerable single mother on some backwater planet residing on Nepleslia's western border. Both parents were gunned down for mafia-related reasons and the young girl was split away from her older half-brother, sold into slavery to work the fields of a plantation on some frontier planet.

Midway through the 8th year of her life this plantation was raided by a mercenary company hired by a rival to take out the owners, business was business and they were just hunting down a simple paycheck, but an odd sight greeted the independent contractors as they kicked down the door to the study – a very scared, slightly grimy girl with a short-cropped head of raven-hued hair and vibrant emerald eyes bespeckled with hazel standing over their target with a bloodied knife in hand. The initial thought was to just shoot the corpse and be on their way but no - the team’s leader put aside his rifles and approached the ravenette with one outstretched hand, one that the young slave took a few moments to slowly grasp with her own pale mitten.

She became part of the crew, somewhat at a disadvantage due to her age and upbringing yet too smart for her own good and ready to learn whatever she could – the young raven-haired girl grew her hair into a choppy pixie cut that was kept short with her bowie-knife, gained a tan from days spent in the sun and a certain athleticism to her previously gaunt features due to all the physical duress. Turns out she had quite a knack for power armour, being one hell of a pilot and an even more valuable asset to the team of mercs – but fate had to go beat her down again.

During a job up north, a particularly tough yet well-paying one mind you, one well placed shot to her armour’s power supply sent a surge back through the suit and into the synaptic controller that lined the young raven’s helmet and then her brain – damaging her limbic system. Someone deemed the young girl in power armour important enough to drag her off somewhere she might receive the right medical attention.

She woke up in a hospital bed in downtown Kyoto, multiple leads from various machines running to and from her body – with no recollection of who she might be and in a location unknown to her of course the first thought was one of fear, attempting to pull the various machines out of her body and get away before quickly being sedated to avoid harming herself. The 15 year old ravenette wasn’t one to give up so this cycle repeated itself a few times before finally understanding they meant her no harm, by listening to the various medical personnel and looking at the charts on their datapads the girl was able to discern that while her motor functions and muscle memory had been restored the girl’s actual memories were deemed “unrecoverable” and prior to being admitted to the hospital she had never existed as far as official records were concerned.

Quickly nursed back to good health but with no-one coming to claim her it became apparent that the foster system would be the best choice for her, the ravenette disagreed and made good on her old plans to run away, taking to the streets for a while – it wasn’t glamorous and each day was a struggle but it was living on her own terms. With no name and little to call her own the girl had to resort to stealing or scavenging what she could, which is how she got to Campus Belmont, and started the next chapter of her life.

It was a wealthy family, pretty good security too but every system had a flaw or two and while the young raven didn’t know where her ability to find these weaknesses came from they were instinctual and hadn’t let the girl down yet so through the window she clambered. It was a nice little pile of expensive things she had gathered too, but the girl was hungry and so made her way into one of the many kitchens, assembling an armful of things to eat when a voice piped up from behind the ravenette - a boy about her age with white hair that flowed down his shoulders, the voice simply said.

“You don’t have to steal, you know.”

It was more than a little rocky at the start but the two adolescents spoke and one thing lead to another until Remy found herself being brought into the Belmont family, it was all rather surreal to go from nobody to an adoptive daughter of a rich family but nothing she hated – she heard tales of a certain “Remulus Belmont” who was a bit of a badass back during the frontier days and took a liking to it, taking a good bit of inspiration from that name to come up with her own. Remy was given the freedom a young woman deserves but only if she earnt her keep so to speak, including attending the compound’s own school and working as one of the compound’s maids among other things, to teach people her age the value of hard work and to not act over-zealous just because a powerful surname was attached to them.

Her and Mikodimus quickly fell into a pattern of the usual sibling rivalry, getting under each other’s nerves in the worst ways and in particular he caused more than a few embarrassing situations to send a blush across the raven-haired Remy’s cheeks but truth be told the two were as thick as thieves even if it seemed like they were mortal enemies.

Remy did her time and after completing her training/education decided to see what was out there in the universe, falling victim to the lure of a more independent life as she packed her bags and began roaming around, forging new connections where possible as Remy dipped into the role of an up and coming “broker” of sorts.

Skills Learned

Remy Belmont has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting: Due to the only memory of her lost past being muscle memory Remy is quite a fighter even if she doesn't quite know where it came from, she is well versed in most conventional firearms and even a few unconventional ones though prefers kinetic weaponry over energy-based, while not a black-belt she can hold her own in a bar fight if need be but prefers to keep foes at the end of her barrel.
  • Technology Operation: Since coming the to Belmont Compound Remy was able to re-discover he love for poking and prodding digital systems, she's a far cry from being any big-shot hacker that might topple a company overnight but give her a door to open or a person to track down and chances are that she has you covered after making sure her own ass is covered behind proxies - in addition she's overall rather tech savvy with both software and hardware, not one to shy away from a bit of janky jury-rigging.
  • Physical: Remy is a rather fit and capable individual, she'll still most likely fall short against war-bred synthetics without a bout of trickery but there is no denying Remy's fit form is for more than just looking appealing.
  • Domestic: Having spent part of her time in the Belmont Compound as a maid, a job that surprisingly enough teaches a lot of important values and life skills, she learnt how to cook, clean and other things you'd expect a butler or maid to be capable of, thankfully Remy didn't forget this the moment she left and still retained it all.

Social Connections

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameRemy Belmont
Character OwnerSirSkully
Character StatusActive Player Character
childhood nickname given to her by Mikodimus Liber Belmont when he spilled glitter all over her
Alias for black market trading
removed stock, short mag, reflex sight, foregrip, 3 short magazines
overclocked and modded with an aftermarket cooler, extended battery, universal data jack and a high-grade networking card
with inbuilt, programmable voice modulator
with the ability to project a basic hud when connected to other devices, runs off of bioelectricity
Fires .45 caliber rounds necked down to 10mm
carbine configuration

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