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This is a medium machine gun that is currently being fielded by all SMDIoN forces, and being sold on the civillian markets.

History and Development

In late YE 36, the M3 Assault Weapon System was modified to be rechambered in the new 11.5x43mm "Slugger" round to provide a greater degree of stopping power to the average rifleman.

With demand for a medium machine gun (HMG by anyone else's standard) deployed at the squad level coming from SMDIoN brass and civilian sources. The weapon platform had to be compact enough to be used effectively by dismounted and mounted infantry, while being a stable enough weapon platform that a soldier firing it wouldn't have too much trouble with the recoil. To this end NAM sought to develop a medium machine gun developed around this heavier projectile and the lighter 6.8 x 43mm NAM.

Utilizing the same stamping, heat treating and hammer forging methods, NAM developed the Special Purpose Automatic Infantry Device to be an uncompromisingly reliable and durable medium machine gun that can be deployed by an individual to support squad-based actions, and in the time-honored Nepleslian tradition, a spade was added to the heat shroud in the belief that it increased accuracy.

Currently, the M115 SPAID is sold chambered either on 6.8mm NAM or 11.5mm Slugger.

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Don John; Eddy Mac and his crew (ammunition development)
  • Manufacturer: NAM
  • Nomenclature: Na-M115
  • Name: “SPAID”, M115
  • Type: Long Stroke Gas Piston Medium Machine Gun
  • Role: Squad Automatic Medium Machine Gun
    • Max Length: 36 Inches
    • Min Length: 32 Inches (Stock Collapsed), 30 Inches (Stock Folded)
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Mass: 12.5 lbs (empty), 17lbs (loaded).



The SPAID is a rather robust-looking medium machine gun that has been developed to be as compact as possible due to the anticipation that many of its operators will be required to dismount from crowded vehicles to deploy it within the confines of a cramped interior place, or be mobile enough for the operator to redeploy from cover to cover on the streets of Nepleslia in a timely manner.

The M115 SPAID comes with a fixed and hooded front sight forward of the heat shield, which is detachable and placed directly over the barrel at the 12 o clock position. The barrel shroud covers the replaceable barrel, which can be easily and quickly replaced when worn-out by the stresses of constant fire. Each new barrel comes with a barrel shroud, and every barrel shroud has a spade cut into each side in the belief that it increases accuracy.Towards the rear on top of the receiver are rail sections that can accept any available optic produced in Nepleslia. At the rearmost section of the receiver is a peep sight adjustable for windage and elevation. Both front and rear sights employ high visibility night/day sights, which either rely on ambient light to provide illumination during the day or a radioactive material during the night that produces illumination as a product of its decay.

At the rear of the receiver there is an adjustable stock for length of pull as well as for cheek rest position. The stock may also be folded to the right side of the gun and does not interfere with the ejection of brass.

Being primarily belt-fed from the left hand side, while having the charging handle situated at the right side of the receiver, the M115 also has a rail section is at the six o clock position in front of the weapon, covering the housing which contains the gas piston. M115s are shipped from the factory with a foregrip and bipod as standard equipment. At the end of the gas piston housing there is a small “gas regulator” which changes the port size of the gas system, allowing the user the ability to allow more or less gas into the system as the situation dictates.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: A large yellow flash with each discharge, visible at night or within 50m during the day
  • Retort: Loud, sharp bang without a silencer; Soft, low pop with the suppressor/silencer
  • Effective Range 350m using 11.5x43mm "Slugger" or 6.8 x 43mm NAM
  • Rate of Fire: 800RPM (Full Auto, Normal Gas System) 1100 RPM (Full Auto, Adverse Setting Gas System)
  • Recoil: Heavy when used by a Nepleslian, minor when used by an ID-SOL. Negligible when used by a power-armored soldier. For the 6.8mm NAM, the recoil is moderate to light when used by a Nepleslian, and negligible when used by an ID-SOL.

Technical Information

The M115 SPAID is constructed of high strength steel stamped into a receiver, which is then heat treated to ensure a high degree of durability. This ensures a faster production time as well as the fact that stamped receivers are a bit more reliable and have less chances of having metal fatigue under heavy usage

The M115 SPAID comes with a cold hammer forged barrel, which is a technique that allows for a greater overall density in the material used to create a barrel, and also allows for a more smooth rifling by which a projectile may advance unimpeded by small imperfections made with normal “cut” rifling.

Advantages of polygonal rifling include:

Providing a better gas seal around the projectile as polygonal bores tend to have a slightly smaller bore area, which translates into more efficient use of the combustion gases trapped behind the bullet, slightly more consistent muzzle velocities and slightly increased accuracy.

Less bullet deformation, resulting in reduced drag on the bullet when traveling through the barrel which helps to increase muzzle velocity.

Reduced buildup of copper or lead within the barrel which results in easier maintenance characteristics.

Less sensitive to stress concentration induced barrel failure.

Prolonged barrel life.

The barrel is also chrome-lined, which reduces overall wear on the inside of the barrel and aids in protection against corrosion. To further increase barrel life, the option to buy Durandium Alloy barrels is also available at a higher price; this more expensive, far more heat resistant material, gives the barrel the triple of the durability of a standard steel one, and is notably useful for longer bursts or sustained fire.

Firing Mechanism: Open Bolt Long Stroke Gas Piston

When the trigger is pulled, the bolt and carrier move forwards under pressure from the recoil spring at the rear of the weapon. The bolt itself strips a round from the belt of ammunition and chambers it. Upon lockup, the cartridge is discharged. Expanding gases from the projectile are harnessed near the muzzle by a gas port that redirects gases to act on the face of a piston at the six o clock position under the barrel.

These expanding gases force the piston towards the rear and act upon the bolt carrier and bolt, driving them rearward and actuating a mechanism that advances the next round from the source of ammunition into position. The bolt carrier group advancing rearwards compresses the recoil spring, providing the ability to send the bolt carrier group again forward.

Ammunition Description

Ammunition 11.5x43mm "Slugger" or 6.8 x 43mm NAM

  • Average DR: see article of specific ammo typoe for details.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Safety: Ambidextrous switch on either side of the receiver, above the grip
  • Fire Mode Selector: Full auto only.
  • Weapon Sight: Adjustable, high visibility night/day sights.
  • Attachment Hard Points: Hard points are located on the top of the receiver. Hard points are also located on bottom of the foregrip.
  • Capacity: Works off of linked belt ammunition, configurable by the user when not using a drum. 200 round drum standard.


Field Maintenance Procedure

Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel down and all moving parts.

Optional Attachments

  • Holographic sight
  • Red dot sight
  • Fixed or Variable Power Optics
  • 40mm Single-shot Grenade Launcher
  • Fore grip
  • 8in or 16in bayonet (most testers preferred using the standard glass-breaker muzzle instead of the bayonet, or simply clubbing their targets with the heavy weapon)
  • Flashlight
  • Two Point Sling
  • Three Point Sling
  • 50 round drum magazine
  • Chainsaw grip

Included Parts

  • All M115s are shipped with cleaning kit, foregrip, two or three point sling, bipod and suppressor/silencer or .


  • M115: 750 DA, Available for Commercial Sales
  • Replaceable Parts and Components:
  • Underslung 40mm Grenade Launcher: 150 DA
  • Underslung Shotgun: 100 DA
  • 8 or 16in Bayonet: 50 DA
  • Flashlight: 10 DA
  • Suppressor: 100 DA
  • Replacement standard barrel set: 20 DA
  • Replacement Durandium barrel set: 100 DA
  • Ammunition: Can be requested from any SMDIoN armory or purchased from any gun store, 20 DA per 400 round loose ammo can.
  • 200 round drum magazine: 50 DA
  • 6.8mm NAM rechambering kid: 300 DA

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2016/03/29 00:36 by koenig. Edited and art added by Foxtrot813

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