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AS-7 Series Torpedo

The AS-7 series are a well-made and highly effective torpedo made for the Star Army of Yamatai by WickedArms Industries in YE 26. Based largely on the AS-5 series of twenty-four-inch diameter heavy torpedoes, these large and fearsome weapons differ in their propulsion systems, significantly faster and longer-range, using the latest small-scale CDD technology to cram more power into the same-size space.

AS-7 torpedoes could be fired from:

The AS-7 series was largely replaced by the Ke-Z1 Series Anti-Starship Torpedoes.

Torpedo Dimensions

  • Length: 24 feet, 8 inches.
  • Diameter: 24 inches.
  • Mass: 5523 pounds


  • Speed: 17,532c (2 LY/hour)
  • Range: 1 Light-Year


  • Armor: Zanarium-Coated Titanium Boron Carbide
  • Computer: WickedArms T-Guidance System (Shielded)
  • Optics: Variable-Band/Subspace Mass/Aether Radar
  • Propulsion: Continuum Distortion Micro-drive

Warhead Types

AS-7-1-TA, Type 1

  • Warhead: Transphasic Aether
  • Purposes: Anti-Starship
  • Damage: DR 4 (Starship Scale) - See Damage Rating (Version 3) for more information.
  • Blast Radius: 20,000 miles.

AS-7-1-AM, Type 1

  • Warhead: Anti-Matter
  • Purposes: Anti-Starship, Anti-Planet
  • Damage: DR 4 (Starship Scale) - See Damage Rating (Version 3) for more information.
  • Blast Radius: 1 mile+ (Directed)

AS-7-1-SDM, Type 1

  • Warhead: Subspace Detonator
  • Purposes: Anti-FTL Field, Anti-Wormhole, Anti-Shield
  • Damage: No Direct Damage.
  • Blast Radius: 5,800,000 miles.

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