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YSS Sakishima Former Crew Roster

These are the former crew of the YSS Sakishima.


Warrant Officers
Enlisted Personnel
Reoccurring NPC's Not on the crew
Tenth Fleet Rank Pins Rank Name Position Secondary Position Color Player Orders Notes
Chusa Tomohiro Mai Commanding Officer NPC Former CO, DESRON 2
Shoi Bubblegum Starship Captain NPC YSS Yurei
Joto Heisho Pike Starship Systems Technician NPC YSS Yurei
Itto Heisho Goto Daisuke Legionnaire NPC Leo Star Fortress
Nito Heisho Akamaru Datenshi Legionnaire NPC Leo Star Fortress
Lars Thorsson Civilian / High School Student Dakura's Toy NPC Most frequently re-appearing member of Asrid's family

Keep it sorted based on rank and then alphabetically.

Cabin Assignments

The Sakishima has seven cabins which house two each. Unlike other, larger ships, there is no captain's suite on the vessel.

Cabin Occupants
1 Yoshi Katai
2 Open
3 Ise Momoka
4 Open
5 Dakura Dakura
6 Viola Lie
7 open

Open positions

Former/Inactive crew

Kurata Dakaru Akimoto Michiko Fujiwara Saya Song Weizhi Yuu Magnusson Goto Misha Siv Asrid Thorsson Simo Anzu

OOC Notes

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