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The Black Vipers

The Black Viper is a roleplaying plot created October 29, 2014 by Semjax and Co-GM'd by Syaoran.

Plot Overview

The plot follows the adventures of a rag tag group of pirates lead by the nefarious Rogyr “Iron Giant” Dorkley, and his daughter Abigayl Dorkley. The plot will center around the freedom and lack of rules that pirates are known to have, and will include a varying amount of things from Colony Raiding, to Slavery and beyond. The possibilities are endless!

Rules and Pacing


The plot is going to have a strict three strike rule going on, when I say a strict three strike rule I mean a strict three strike rule. The rule is:

  1. 7 Days Without Posting: You will receive a PM from the GM and are respected to respond to it, should you not respond within the 2 day mark between 3 Days and 5 Days, it will move into the second strike.
  2. 10 Days Without Posting: The GM will take over your character to move along the plot as he sees fit, with or without your permission. After this you will have two days to reclaim your character by PMing the GM.
  3. 14 Days Without Posting: You will be kicked out of the Plot following a final PM to explain to you what precisely is going on and that you will be removed and your character either a) abandoned or B) Killed. The outcome is dependent on how many times you've broken the 3 strike rule, to many infractions may cause your character to move from abandoned, to Killed, permanently kicking you from the plot or forcing you to make a new character.

Now, first offenses will be immediately 'abandoned'. This will give the offenders a chance to PM the GM and explain themselves and ask to be let back into the plot. If the GM is nice or the Offender gives legit reasons on why they didn't post, or promise to not make it to day 14, then they may just be let back in. Do it a second time and all gloves are off however.

So try to keep in mind that you can PM the GM if you are incapable of posting.


  • 18+ No exceptions
    • Sexual Content
    • Violence
    • Thematic Elements
    • Criminal Simulation
    • ect

Characters and Players


Name Player Notes Position/Rank
Abigayl Dorkley Semjax PC First Mate
Kiettisuk "Kiet" Juntasa Syaoran PC Fighter Pilot / Officer
Viras Mortanes Dies Centurion PC Crew Member / Officer
Anabel Ghent SmokeEmpress PC Head Engineer/Intern
Juan 'Mako' Juarez Whitehart PC Operator/Intern
Raphael Castiel Gunhand4171 PC Intern
Jasmine Blackhawk SmokeEmpress PC Demolitions/Intern
Veronica Val Faire DragonNova PC BLOW SHIT UP/BEAT FACES IN/Intern
Datajack Siη0η Zero Nine PC Hacker/Mech Pilot/Intern


Character Player Notes Rank
Rogyr "Iron Giant" Dorkley Semjax NPC Captain
Hyung Hwangbo Semjax NPC Second Engineer/Intern
Viesza Libre Semjax NPC Pilot/Intern


Character Player Notes Rank
Lilith Oakheart Bloodyscarlet PC Crew Member
Maraea Morgan Gossamar PC Doctor
Daman Tilak Miss Story PC Negotiator
Lurizon Yuhalajiashe Kyle PC Intern
Corin "Korr" Blight Nite Train PC Negotiator/Intern
Zylis Darkjasper Archander PC Intern

Open Positions

We are currently not accepting any new people into the plot. Thank you for your interest!

The Black Viper is currently seeking players for the following positions:

  • Science Personnel
  • Infantry
  • Mecha Pilots
  • Starfighter Pilots
  • Medical Personnel
  • Engineers
  • Negotiators
  • Starship Pilots
  • Loyal People

Ranking Information

  • Captain - Absolute authority on the ship, no questions asked.
  • First Mate - The One with the second most authority on the ship.
  • Officer - Proven Members that have shown their loyalty to the Black Viper cause.
  • Member - Members who have proven they wish to be a part of the group, sworn in by the Captain.
  • Intern - Members who are to be watched, and tested to see if they will not betray the group.



The Black Vipers is a group of Space Pirates known to be pretty vicious lead by the former Nepleslian Military Colonel Rogyr "Iron Giant" Dorkley and his daughter Abigayl Dorkley. The two of them along side former members Kyle Berkley and Jane Berkley formed the group when they successfully salvaged and fixed up a ship that they named The Taipan, named after a former Earth animal known as the deadliest snake on earth. Kyle wound up getting killed in a skirmish with local law officials on their first mission. Distraught, Jane left the pirates and went to live in Seclusion. Rogyr and Abigayl decided that they should go out and find more people to aid in their endeavors who had issues with authority, and had an eye for gold but also an eye for loyalty.

Episode 00 - The Beginning

As such Abigayl and her father decided that they would start at a refuge for criminal scum located deep within the Nassau system. They found their goal a small settlement located on the Nassau System's most habitable planet, known as Morant. Abigayl sent out fliers all over the settlement to attract attention and waited in a strip joint known as The Slimy Hole. There she met the future crew members of her ship, Lilith Oakheart and Kiettisuk "Kiet" Juntasa who instantly made an interesting impression on her. She took a bit to get to know Kiet and Lilith, easily taking a liking to both before Lilith left the Strip Joint temporarily, upon coming back Lilith was covered in blood…this worried Abigayl so she decided to cut her recruitment short, cause people had friends in this place.

Without another thought, Abigayl lead Kiet and Lilith to the space station where she had parked her ship. She lead them up to the ship, but before they could get in they were suddenly attacked by a group of outlaws. A large Yamataian Man (Named the Gunslinger), and two Gartagen lackies held them at gunpoint demanding that Lilith be handed over for her indiscretions against the Gunslingers friend whom Lilith had killed at an earlier time due to him attempting to violate her. Abigayl prepared for a surprise attack, knowing full well that they might get hurt, but before she could engage the group at the edge of her ships ramp a Gartagen male in power armor stepped out and dissuaded the three from engaging any further, as they retreated they declared they'd get their revenge. After a bit of discussing, the group learned that the man was Viras Mortanes Dies and Abigayl offered him a place on their ship as a thank you, and he accepted it. After this, the group got on the ship and headed back towards the Vampire-Class Taipan.

Meanwhile, on The Taipan, Rogyr had noticed a distress signal that caught his interest. He engaged in a conversation of wits, and interest with whom would become the next crew member; Daman Tilak. After much discussion, the captain took the ship to the stranded Iroma's ship. Where he sent two of his men over to help Daman to his ship. Rogyr didn't hesitate in showing him around the ship in quite a jovial fashion, he was extremely respectful, and Daman was respectful back. It was the beginning of a decent partnership and as such Rogyr welcomed Daman to the ship and sent him off to get set up on the ship.

Episode 01 - You are a Pirate

After everyone was set into The Taipan, Rogyr decided the first set of targets that the group should attempt to pirate, The Juniper, The Frisk, and The Barrel. All three were small cargo ships with minimal security, so he figured it would be a great chance to get the groups feet wet. So he sent his ships AI system to wake up the people in the crew quarters and gather them in the Star Chart room, and left from the bridge to go there.

Upon arriving at the Briefing Room everyone was given the choice between three separate ships that they could raid. Those ships were as follows; The ISC Juniper, The ISC Frisk, and The ISC Barrel. Each one held potential cargo and slave based product that they could forcefully take. After deliberation, they decided to take on the ISC Juniper, the largest and most profitable of the ships. They then worked on making a plan; They decided that the group would take two LEAFs, a handful of crew members, and raid the ship using that. Kiet would use his skills as a pilot to distract the ship while Abigayl and Dies came up onto the ship's hangar doors and use their superior fire power to bust a hole into the armored door. After Abigayl and Dies made contact with the crew of the ISC Juniper, the rest of the group would come in via a Shuttle. Finally, once everyone was settled Kiet would land inside the hanger.

All went according to plan and everyone successfully played their part. Upon landing the bloodbath began and eventually the group forced the crew and the civilians within the hanger to surrender. Events that followed included the capture of the engine room, as well as the capture of the bridge where they caught the captain as well as his neko first mates successfully, and alive. When Abigayl and Kiet returned to the hangar, they discussed their options and deciding it was better to leave the ship, they left with the future slaves, as well as new crew members for the group to have making a whopping 70,000 KS in the process.

Episode 1.1 - There be a shit storm a brewin'

While they were in the middle of this, Rogyr was contacted by a doctor within the ship who wished to aid them and get brought onto their ship in return to work with them. Her name was Maraea Morgan, having a source on the inside would work wonders, so Rogyr quickly accepted her proposition and she did part of the work for the Black Vipers by shutting off communications, and ejecting the escape pods for them. She also, unknowingly to Rogyr, helped in the surrender of two other future crew members and their crew; Anabel Ghent and Hyung Hwangbo. Using Belle's care for her crew, and likelyhood if she didn't surrender she and her crew would be forced into slavery, she convinced Belle and Hyung to surrender and turn to the pirates for protection as she did.

Episode 1.2 - Pirates aren't all bad

Episode 1.3 - A Furry Tale Begins

Episode 1.5 - Yar, Spend that booty!

After overcoming the ISC Juniper, the crew split ways with Maraea, Daman, and Lilith; the three having decided that they wished to explore the universe a bit more on their own. With Rogyr and Abigayl's blessing they departed at the next space stop. Months passed, the group convinced who they could to join their ship, and sold off the others to rather kindly owners. Finally returning to space that they recognized, the crew of the Taipan took some time to celebrate their recent success. The group took to the streets of Morant, and headed to a local bar that Abigayl and Rogyr frequented before the rebuilding of the Black Vipers. Abigayl, Dies, and Kiet sat at a table; while Belle and Hyung stayed mostly outta sight. Luri'zon found her place off to the side, and Viesza decided to mingle with the bar going crowd.

Abigayl was being quite loud, until a Nepleslian muscle brain decided to cop a feel and try to convince her to leave her crew and instead join them. She garnered the attentions of several of the bar goers, including Juan 'Mako' Juarez, Ver'rada " Rampage " Rilad Lmanel and Raphael Castiel. Before Abigayl could do anything however, Raphael took things into his own hand and attacked the man, much to Abigayl's surprise.

Episode 2 - Stealin' Be a Specialty

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