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Anabel Ghent

Anabel Ghent is a player character played by SmokeEmpress.

Anabel Ghent
Species: Elysian
Sub-Species: Caelisolan
Gender: Female
Age: 35 (Looks to be 25)
Height: 5'2โ€œ
Weight: 90lbs
Occupation: Freelance Mechanic
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

Physical Characteristics

  • Measurements: 34C-26-32

Build and Skin Color: Anabel is like most of her fellow Caelisolans, looking relatively small in build but a lot stronger than expected, though of course not as strong as one of Patrician. Her skin tone, when she went from being one of Plebeian to Caelisolan, is still that of normal flesh.

Eyes and Facial Features: Anabel's eyes are a light brown color and shaped more rounded than oval. Her nose is small and pert and her lips are rather thin on top and bottom.

Ears: Anabel's ears are normally rounded.

Hair Color and Style: Anabel's hair is a deep russet color that falls straight, so she usually has it pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Distinguishing Features: Anabel's wings are primarily white with gray mottling.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Anabel is a tough cookie. She has seen many things throughout her life, not including the four wars, and so that has made her appear more hardened than she really is once one gets to know her. She is gruff in her demeanor, but she is fair in how she treats those who are both younger and older than her. Though she is not from the military itself, she does respect those of authority regardless of the race. Even with that respect, she will be hard pressed to warm up more towards those who are of Yamatai descent than any other species or races. She doesn't hate Yamatai for what had happened to her family, but she holds little love for them at the same time.



  • Father - Gabriel Drakos (Patrician, deceased)
  • Mother - Annabelle Drakos(Nepleslian, deceased)
  • Husband - Jeremiah Ghent (deceased)
  • Sons - Azazel and Samuel Ghent (deceased)


Anabel was born as one of the Plebeian. This, of course, due to the fact that her father was one of the Patrician and her mother was a Nepleslian. Her father was an engineer in the, then, Elysian military, and her mother was an Engineer in the Yamatai Navy. They met before the wars, of course, and grew to love each other. At that time, his family was willing to endorse their marriage, provided of course that she adhere to their culture. She understood this and accepted being considered one of the 'lesser' class and the two had a happy marriage. When the First War broke out, Anabel was conceived and born during YE 02.

During the time of the slaughter in YE 08, Anabel was kept safe with her father's family while her parents were on patrol in the other parts of the Heavens where they were killed. She was then put into a boarding school, sponsored by her paternal family, and given all that was able to be for a Plebeian. During this time, it was shown that, thanks to her parentage, she was adept at Math, Physics and Engineering. She had a knack of taking things apart and putting them back together again.

At the age of 16, with the end of both the Second and Third wars, she moves to New Elysia. Once she finishes her schooling at the age of 18, she then starts to work for her father's family as an apprentice. She showed a lot of progress and started to work on her own within a couple of years. During that time, she was subjected to an arranged marriage.

At the age of 19, she married her husband, Jeremiah. He was a member of the Elysian Celestial Navy and as such they did not see much of each other until his training was over. Just before the start of the Fourth war, though, she conceived their sons, Azazel and Samuel. Since, at that time, it was not clear how long the war would last, Jeremiah had determined to ensure she could defend herself and their sons, should the need arise, and taught her enough Pankration to fend off someone so that she and the boys could get away, but not enough to subdue more than one at a time.

After the fourth war, and peace was established, they were able to live relatively happy lives. During one of her assignments off planet, Jeremiah and the boys had decided to surprise her by going on a transport to the station where the ship she was working on was docked. Unfortunately, during the flight, something happened in the engine room and the ship and everyone on it was blown up. It was rumored to either be terrorists, pirates or some unknown faction, though none really know at this point.

Belle, as she is now known, had opted to become a Caelisolan when the idea of the Project first came out. Now she is a freelance mechanic and working on the Juniper as the chief mechanic, though of course only as a civilian.


The Black Vipers

Episode 1.1: There be a shit storm a brewin'!

Belle had been working on a few other liners, but she had opted to stay with the ISC Juniper for longer than expected. She liked the crew she was with and she liked the easy going atmosphere. However, when things went south all of a sudden, that's when even the ship itself seemed to fall apart. She never trusted the Doctor on the ship, and she worried that the Captain wasn't as all there as he should have been.

When the Captain had his briefing, Belle was highly disappointed. Rather than get all non-essential personnel and guests into the escape pods right then, he was saying how it would be done should the need arise. Belle shook her head at it all and went back to the Engineering room, getting her crew under control and working so as to not be too concerned with what was happening outside.

She had gotten one of the girls to get the stuff of all the others that would be essential. Just when she came back, the ship rocked. Not only that, but the Doctor herself decided to switch sides and let all the escape pods go so that none could escape. Rather than let them take the Engineering Room too easily, Belle locked the doors and had ordered them to dismantle pieces. The hyperdrive was malfunctioning anyway, so better to make them sitting ducks, or at least make it critical that the Engineers were kept alive to show they were needed. She hoped.

Lucky for her, though she might disagree, the captain found something worth keeping all of the engineers. They did sell off all the other crew and passengers, but it was something that was necessary so that they could get the pay expected for their stint. Now, it seemed, they were all part of the crew of pirates known as the Black Vipers.

Episode 1.5(Interim) "Yar! Spend that Booty!"

Anabel, for her part, tried her best to get sold with the rest, but those attempts were thwarted. When she asked why, the captain turned on the charm and had started to convince her that she was worth more than even she realized. (Episode 1.3 โ€œPirates aren't all badโ€)

Soon after that encounter, she once more found herself getting to know Rogyr. There was already a bit of attraction that the elder mechanic felt towards the captain, but in spite of her efforts to hide from him, he kept finding her. He not only got her to eat a full meal, but even got her to finally sleep in a bed instead of in the engine room where she normally slept. Albeit, in [i]his[/i] room no less! (Episode 1.6 โ€œAn Angel and A Devilโ€)

Now, they are on the planet Morant. Currently, they are in one of the bars that the Vipers frequent most often. Upon arrival, the First Mate, Abigayl, was accosted. Not one to care too much for such scenes, Belle heads out, only to have her own encounter with one of the riff raff. Her savior, though, comes in the form of Rogyr, no less!



Belle is able to speak and write Seraphim fluently. She is also proficient in Trade. Since Trade is the more 'common' language spoken wherever she would go, she has no other languages. She can utilize most forms of communication like radios and computers.


Belle was taught basic Pankration by her husband, so can handle herself well enough in hand-to-hand combat. She is not able to fire any kind of weapon at this time, so she carries no weapons on herself. Only tools she has are the tools of the trade for being a mechanic and the multi-tool can only do so much.


Belle was top of her class in Math. She has a thorough understanding of what it takes to make sure an engine works as efficiently as possible and what it would take to fix any underlying problems in a design or schematic.


Belle is able to work on any engine that comes her way. She has worked on various types throughout the years as a civilian contractor and knows the difference between basic diesel and complex systems of fusion generators. If she doesn't know it right away, she can learn it quickly enough.


Belle can make just about anything seem edible. She was able to trick her sons into eating vegetables by hiding them in foods they liked.


Due to motherhood, Belle also came to learn basic medicines like dressing wounds and administering clearly marked medications.


Belle is very disciplined in her way of keeping the engine room running. She is subservient only to those of higher rank than her and expects those who are below her to follow her directions with minimal questioning. Of course, that is with the understanding that those below her expertise are either fellow Plebeian or other races that are not Patrician. Since she is not of military background, she does not expect anyone in the military to follow her directions, though she hopes that, in an emergency and only in the engine room, she will be followed. Outside of that, she will follow any orders given.


Anabel Ghent has the following items:


  • 5 Iyko - all white
  • 5 Trousers - all white
  • a I'yaloh
  • a Soh'k'tohs
  • sandals



  • Backpack
  • basic white money card
  • pictures of her husband and children


Anabel Ghent is currently a Mechanic on the Juniper.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS (15000 Aureas) Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameAnabel Ghent
Character OwnerSmokeEmpress
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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