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Hyung Hwangbo

Hyung Hwangbo is an NPC controlled by GM Semjax who appears in the The Black Vipers plot.

Hyung Hwangbo
Species: Minkan
Gender: Female
Organization: The Black Vipers
Occupation: Pirate
Rank: Engineer
Current Placement:

Character Description

Physical Description

Hyung is a rather young, and beautiful woman. She is Yamataian/Minkan by blood, with both parents having been born on Yamatai. She has shoulder length black hair that is straight as a board. She has a rather athletic figure with a rather plump rear, and a smaller chest that rings in at about 30B in cup size. She stands at about 5'3โ€œ in height and weighs about 115lbs. She has almond shaped eyes, with pupils that are larger than normal with iris' of red, a rare color of iris for the Minkan. She has normal circular human based ears that have normal curvature to them, as well as pale white skin that is almost flawless aside from a small scar on her cheek that she got during an engineering accident.

Personality Description

Hyung is a rather quiet girl, while outgoing when around people she's comfortable with, she will instantly turtle up when around people she doesn't know. She takes a great amount of pride in her age and how far she's come in such a short amount of time. She also looks up to her chief engineer; Anabel Ghent as her inspiration to become a better engineer. When she doesn't turtle up, and gets comfortable around people she can be kinda wild, and more open than she seemed to be at first. She is extremely protective of those around her, and is exceptionally loyal to those who she would consider friends willing to go as far as to die for them if she needed to.

History and Relationship Notes


  • Born in YE 18 to Yamataian Parents named Jiangye Hwangbo and Kinichi Hwangbo.
  • Spent entire childhood dedicated to mathematics and learning how to build and repair things.
  • Graduated from Engineering School at a extremely young age, sixteen.
  • Did odd jobs for a majority of the next two years.
  • Joined the ISC Juniper at the age of 18, and met Belle.
  • Served on the Juniper.
  • Joined The Black vipers during a Raid on the Juniper


Anabel Ghent - Her Chief and Commanding Officer upon the Juniper, despite the short amount of time she's known Belle, she's developed an intense respect for her. With her motherly like charm, and her intelligence involving engineering Hyung views her as somewhat of a mother figure to her, and aspires to be like her.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Nepleslian Trade, Yamatai-Go, and Seraphim
  • Engineering: Considered to be a rare prodigy when it came to Engineering, Hyung has been considered a genius by many of her teachers, to the point she was able to graduate college with a Bachelors in engineering at the age of 16.
  • Mathematics: Part of the Engineering Curriculum, She has learned mathematics to an extreme degree having learned how to do quantum physics, dimensional theory, and trigonometry as side things during college. She has mastered the lower forms of math such as geometry, Calculus, fractions, and so on.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Part of the Engineering Curriculum, she has a gift of being able to learn a machine simply by studying it, and in doing so she is able to repair and maintain the machine in question so long as she has the parts and means to do so.
  • Physical: Hyung is exceptionally athletic, she is able to do Olympic level gymnastics and parkour with literal ease. She has a healthy body and is capable of jogging miles without running out of breath.
  • Technology Operation: Hyung is capable of operating most known computers and networks, as well as the most up to date Nodal systems.
  • Entertainment: As a hobby, Hyung has developed an intense love of the musical arts being able to play the violin as well as the the art of dance. She has also developed a rather beautiful singing voice from years of vocal training that she put herself through.


  • 5 Shirts
  • 5 Pants
  • 5 Panties
  • 5 Braziers
  • 1 Toolkit
  • 1 Picture of her Family
  • 2 Caps

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