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Juan 'Mako' Juarez

Juan 'Mako' Juarez is a player character played by Whitehart.

Juan 'Mako' Juarez
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: YE 12
Height: 6'4“ (1.93m)
Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)
Occupation: Tactical Infantry
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'4” (1.93m)
  • Mass: 225 lbs (102 kg)

Build and Skin Color: Juan is athletically muscular with a more natural build compared to being overly toned or defined. His dark olive colored skin is weathered due to the poor living conditions he has experienced.

Eyes and Facial Features: Slightly slanted brown eyes on a very rugged angular face. His nose is pointed and can easily be noted as having been broken in the past.

Hair Color and Style: Juan's black hair is kept shaven on the sides and just a little longer on the top. The crown of his head shows the beginnings of a bald spot. He keeps a trim, close cropped beard along his jawline

Distinguishing Features: A sports injury required Juan to replace his left knee cybernetically. Since then, he subconsciously has walked with a limp even though the cybernetic knee works better than his original. He was quick to get a tattoo on his upper right arm of a Mako shark once he earned the nickname.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Throughout his life Juan has a always been 'good' person. He stood up for the little person, had his friend's backs and was polite to almost everyone. Although he had always been competitive things seemed to change when he reached his college years.

No longer being the top player or the most popular seemed to flip a switch within Juan. His need for attention grew, which increased his competitive nature. He wanted to be known as the best, to have the attention he believed he deserved. He began to take more risks, to try new things. His need to be the brightest eclipsing an self restraint or preservation.

Although this attitude ultimately led to his life's major downfall, he still held on to some semblance of his former morals. Deep within Juan is still a 'good' person, although he sees life as more shades of grey. He is willing to break the law to sustain himself but is not overly cruel or malicious.

  • Likes: Challenges, winning, gambling, thrills, action
  • Dislikes: Losing, mundane tasks, not being noticed, unwarranted cruelty
  • Goals: To get back his life. To show people he is great and that he should be noticed and adored.



  • Erasmo Juarez (Father)
  • Martina Juarez (Mother)
  • Gorge Juarez (Older brother)
  • Ramiro Juarez (Younger brother)
  • Tania Juarez (Younger sister)


Juan grew up on Nepleslia in a rather upscale area. His family was well off due to his father's law practice. He grew up a touch spoiled and was consistently the de facto leader of the 'popular' clique in school though he was strictly not a bully. He was a very active and athletic child and quickly became a mainstay for his schools sports programs. He would play anything he could to assuage his 'win' personality.

His true calling in sports was as a quarterback which led him to his full scholarship at NSU. While a premiere player prior, he was relegated to above average status within the collegiate circuit. He was nicknamed 'Mako' for his predatory look and demeanor on the field. This nickname would stick with him even beyond college.

Juan graduated with a basic degree in Nepleslian law and no real forward hope of a professional sports career. He turned to something his athleticism and degree could work for him, the National Police Force of Nepleslia. He was an excellent candidate and quickly got fast tracked through the academy.

Life in the NPF was exciting and challenging for Juan. He was even recommended to be fast tracked to the IPG. The youngest ever in that particular precinct. All these opportunities fed Juan's ego but it would ultimately lead to his downfall. His desire to always be on top, the best there was led him to using and eventually abusing stimulants. It was the abuse that further ruined Juan. He started skimming from busts in both money and seized drugs. He was eventually caught, fired and prosecuted. It was thanks to his greatly disappointed father and a coincidental technicality that Juan avoided major prison time.

For a few years Juan could be found alone, often drunk or high or both. He was homeless and what little money he made he spent on his various vices. His skills stayed sharp though he had no reason to use them. He moved from one job to the next, a shadow of who he once was.

Fate found Juan back in Funky City and changed his life dramaticpo. While riding the waves of his latest high he heard a pleading yell for help from the streets outside his alley. This was Funky City however and most cries for help went ignored by the general public. Not completely sure what prompted him, the drugs, his former instincts or just happenstance but Juan shambled out and saw a man and a woman being beaten by some things in suits.

He jumped into action as if he was still on the force. He was able to save the couple from what was later deemed a poor attempt at a hit. Apparently the woman was the daughter of a low ranked official. With Juan back on the radar he was approached, albeit cautiously, to join the IPG for his potential. He was of course placed through an extensive rehab.



  • Juan is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from others through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in Trade, Yamataigo and Abwheran. He can speak and write these languages correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. He has picked up small phrases in Seraphim, Saalsari and Sharan. Mainly along the lines of common police related orders. The character is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc).


  • Juan received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons he is trained in include pistols of all types, batons, shotguns and rifles of all kinds. He is a steady shot with above average accuracy. He is able to shoot and reload on the move with accuracy and efficiency.

Strategy - Tactics/discipline

  • Juan can understand and give out tactical commands and work with his troop to follow those commands efficiently. He knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc). He is able to recognize ambush points. He knows basic math in order to calculate distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.

Knowledge - Nepleslian & Yamatain Law

  • Juan has earned a basic degree in Nepleslian law and a smaller degree in Yamatain law, which he used to good effect within the NPF. He is able point out various crimes, punishments and loopholes within the Nepleslian laws as they stand.


  • Juan has been active in sports his whole life. As such he has excellent endurance, coordination and agility. He stays active in workouts and uses his skill as often as he is able. His time spent as a quarterback has given him a strong throwing arm and the ability to take a hit.


  • Juan can identify,handle and dispose of explosives. With the proper tools, he can detect and disarm enemy explosives as well. He sought training for this after learning of his IPG recommendation. He has not spent much time with this particular skill but he retains the basics.


  • Juan has always had a knack for being charming and adaptable. He starred in a few plays in his schooling years between sports seasons and understands the basics of adopting roles. This came in handy the few times he was called upon to interact with the 'less desirables' within his police duties. He hoped to one day use these skills to go undercover but never made it that far.



Standard Wear

  • 1 IPG Armband
  • 4 white undershirts
  • 2 pair black steel-toe SynAraS Combat Boots
  • 4 pair black Socks, 2 pair cotton, 2 pair wool
  • 2 sets of standard workout gear (Black synthetic fiber T-Shirt, black shorts)

Public Wear

  • 2 black double-breasted, knee-length trenchcoat, poplin with internal zip-up weapon pockets fit for pistols or XAR rifles
  • 2 black Pinstripe Italian-style dress jacket, silk
  • 2 white dress shirts, poplin (male) white blouse, poplin (female)
  • 2 black neckties (optional)
  • 2 pair Pinstripe black slacks or (if female) 2 black skirts
  • 2 black leather belts
  • 1 pair black leather wingtipped oxfords
  • 1 IPG Badge with belt clip
  • 1 shoulder holster
  • 1 black fitted SynAraS ballistics vest with durandium trauma plates
  • Over-sized worn and slightly torn hemp hoodie
  • Baggy brown patched pants
  • Dirty black T-Shirt with faded band logo
  • Corded too large belt
  • Dirty worn grey sneakers
  • Black ball cap with a shark sports logo




  • 1 Tactical SynAraS ballistics vest with Durandium trauma plates


  • Black leather wallet, gold plated IPG badge and ID card
  • Small black backpack
  • Several zipties
  • NSU graduation ring
  • A crumpled, folded photo of Juan and his family
  • A house key from his childhood home crudely engraved with; “One day”


Juan 'Mako' Juarez is currently an Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
5500 DA 500 DA Armor
4296 DA 1204 DA Weapons
3696 DA 600 DA Drugs
200 DA 3496 DA Gambling

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Character Data
Character NameJuan 'Mako' Juarez
Character OwnerWhitehart
Character StatusInactive Player Character
4-round magazine capacity.

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