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Daman Tilak

Daman Tilak is a player character played by Miss Story.

Daman Tilak
Species: Iromakuanhe
Ethnicity: Cohronl
Gender: Male
Age: 36.375 AR (48.5 YE)
Birth Date: Bukor 23rd 905 AR
Star Sign: Bukor
Height: 1.93m (6'4“)
Weight: 72.6 kg (160lbs)
Organization: Free Agent
Occupation: Information Broker, Linguist
Current Placement:

Past Plots

  1. The Black Vipers

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.93m (6'4”)
  • Mass: 72.6 kg (160lbs)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Daman has a runners build and lacks any bulky muscles. His skin is chalk white, but it is often embellished by bio luminescent tattoos that change as he wishes. This is facilitated by Coralian Type Symbiotes.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has yellow irises and white sclera. The eyes themselves are angular and elongated. Daman's eyebrows are delicate and with very little arch to them. Between his eyes is a pointed nose of medium length and nostril width with a narrow bridge. His jawline is sharp and triangular with a squared off chin

Ears: He has non human ears. Jutting out of his temples are long gazelle like horns that are segmented and grey. Just behind the horns are two cartilaginous recesses that function as ears.

Hair Color and Style: Daman has dark red hair that is cut short and choppy but is spiked up at the front between his horns.

Distinguishing Features: Daman cares a lot about how he looks. He wears eye makeup, changing tattoos and fine jewelry. He is usually wearing the brass horn cuffs that his grandfather used to wear.

Physiological Characteristics

Unique non- human physiology

Symbiotics overview

Coralian-Type: Daman has a healthy culture of these endosymbiotes. He usually uses them for thin body armor under his clothes and knives for combat.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: He is a smart well spoken person with the same sort of mean streak and curiosity that you might find in a child fond of picking apart insects. The difference being he likes to pull apart the social and mental fabric of a creature not their limbs. On a bad day he might butt heads with authority even an authority he has come to respect. Generally he has been around enough dangerous people to know when he should bite his tongue for a while. Despite not having a formal education he likes to act as though he does. He has also been known to be quite the flirt when he is in a good mood.

  • Likes: Linguistics, Reading, Debates, Wealth, Makeup, Exercise
  • Dislikes: Loss of control, High gravity, Authority, Being indebted to anyone, being tied up
  • Goals: to reclaim or rebuild the Éminence Grise, To seek vengeance upon the clone responsible for his capture, to master every language he comes across in his travels, To amass wealth


Family (or Creators)

The second of two children, Daman was born to a pair of Cohronl Enders who made their home in a derelict old vessel alongside several other colonists. Their home was where they made it but they generally stuck near the El Bazr asteroid field in the Iruotl System. They were very resourceful and retrofitted what they could to make the far reaches of the solar system more comfortable. Once things were more settled things were simple and unexceptional. Our Young colonist spent the majority of his time convincing the other children on the ship to stir up trouble for his amusement. When he turned fifteen he was beginning to grow more an more restless. He wanted to see more of the universe. There was so much more out there for him to see. He had heard of vast empires and cultures past the southern frontier. Deciding they were definitely worth investigating. Once he convinced his parents of his plans he worked at getting himself aboard a ship headed that direction. He gladly left home ready for adventure not really worried if he saw anyone from his little colony again


Aboard The Éminence Grise

Upon reaching Neplesia he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. He needed to start to get himself grounded again and to do that he needed a place to call his home. A job to go alongside it would help as well. In a stroke luck a position opened up for him on a transport ship. Operating in grey and black areas of legality, the young Cohronl started his life on the ship as a cabin boy. He did domestic cleaning work as well as an apprenticeship underneath the captain to learn about the business. After four years he had learned enough to become the comma officer of the ship. He was the primary contact between them and their clients. It was many more years of legitimate and illegitimate trade and management that he was finally trusted with taking care of finances in an official capacity. Everything was going so well until it all went wrong.

During a routine drop off of goods they were boarded by bounty hunters who had been waiting at the drop point for them. The ship and crew were definitely not as well known or infamous as other more blatantly criminal vessels but they did have their enemies. Someone or something had tipped them off. Due to the sensitive nature of the current cargo a firefight could be deadly for all those involved. One by one his crewmates were either killed or captured. Deciding to wait for a safer escape Daman surrendered quietly. The individual who was paying for his collection and capture was from his home system so a smaller slower shuttle consisting of a crew of three decided they would make the trip. They were meant to meet up with their contact somewhere on the frontier.

In Captivity

On the very slow journey home, which was delayed several times, his jailors made the mistake of opening his door when they thought he was asleep. This was several months in and their guard had all but dropped at this point. little did they know he had managed to dislocate his own shoulder to slip the electromagnetic manacles he was in to the front of his body and was laying in wait in the dark. When they came into his room he used his Coralians to form a small blade and kill who came inside. He was able to finish off the rest of the crew without any permanent injuries using the element of surprise to his benefit

Once his captors were jettisoned from the air lock he was left with the realization that he had no idea how to fly the pathetic little craft he was trapped in. Using his knowledge of communications he managed to hale The Taipan which happened to be in the area.

Aboard the Taipan

For a short while after his rescue from the derelict ship, made the Taipan his home. His lifestyle and personality conflicted with the pirate ship's philosophy. Shortly after their first job where he helped secure another vessel and it's crew for sale in various he parted ways with the Black Vipers. He didn't take any payment instead providing his services for free in exchange for his rescue and early release from the crew's roster.

Exploring Neplesia

Daman flitted from port to port keeping an eye out for the ship that the bounty hunter crew had sold off after his capture. He did odd jobs as a mercenary not doing anything terribly serious. He felt like his skills were stagnating aboard subpar transport ships, so he was interested in looking for someone with bigger pockets to work for. He missed the Eminence Grise and wanted to work in the grey areas of society again.

The Promised Land



Daman knows how to operate communications equipment. In his past position on a ship he has dealt with communication subsystems directly for many years. He was also the primary Negotiator and contact on the ship for its clientele. One of his primary fields of interest is Linguistics. So far he is able to speak Trade, Yamataigo, Saalsari, and Sharan fluently.


He has always been interested in how far he can push another person in his favor and convince them it was their idea. He can make you feel at ease and deescalate a situation when he wants you relaxed but can be intimidating and commanding when getting a point across. Years of watching and studying other life combined with his touch based empathy has helped him hone his skills. In the past he has forged many bonds with others using these skills.


While on the Eminence Grise, he began managing the finances and negotiating shipping prices. It has given him a firm grasp upon mathematics and the value of currencies. He hasn't had much use of these skills lately but he does know how to hide or mask the true origins of criminal income.

Technology Operation

He is familiar with technology commonly used by Enders of the Iruotl system and has been around Nepleslian tech long enough to infer how it is properly used.


Incompatible with cybernetics he has taken it upon himself to learn more about symbiotes and microbiology to better understand his race's means of self improvement. History in Trading living goods has allowed him to become familiar xenobiology as well.


Daman is agile and flexible. He can navigate easily in zero and low G because he has spent nearly all of his life on a ship. To keep himself fit and healthy he does daily exercises.


He fights best with small bladed weapons relying on his speed to best his opponent. In situations where close ranged combat would be foolish he is trained in the use of handguns, although he favors rounds that merely restrain or knock out his foes.


Raman Tilak has the following items:


    • 4 Battery Packs 400 shots per pack (5 DA each)
    • 3 Box .45 H-NAM (Hybrid Rounds ,White) 100 shots per box (10 DA each)
    • 5 Box 45 M-NAM (Mass Driver Rounds, Liquid) 20 shots per box (10 DA each)
    • 1 Black Holster belt (50 DA)


Daily Wear

  • 2 tshirts, 1 red 1 green (10 KS each)
  • 1 dark red tunic (20 KS)
  • 1 black sweater (25 KS)
  • 1 pair black pants (25 KS)
  • 1 pair stone gray jeans (50 KS)
  • 1 pair dark leather boots (50 KS)

Formal Wear

  • 1 fluid wicking black silk collared shirt (225 KS)
  • 1 silver elaborately embroidered arachnid silk vest (465 KS)
  • 1 pair of black and dark emerald pinstripe arachnid silk paints (425 KS)
  • 1 light grey, tightened weave arachnid silk, three button suit jacket with a hidden holster pocket for the HHG (680 KS)
  • 1 pair polished black leather shoes with hidden durandium plating (165 KS)
  • 1 dark emerald silk tie (55 KS)


  • 3 Pairs of black boxer briefs (20 KS)
  • 1 black undershirt (5 KS)
  • 4 pairs of black Socks (5 KS)

Weather Gear

  • 1 Charcoal poncho (30 KS)
  • 1 black wool double breasted jacket (100 KS)
  • 1 pair dark fur lined ankle boots (50 KS)


  • 1 black and gray patterned scarf, woven arachnid silk (100 KS)
  • 4 brass antique horn bangle embellishments (Family heirloom given by his grandfather)
  • 1 handmade fine wire bracelet (5KS)
  • 3 rings (150 KS)

Personal Hygiene

  • 1 white towel (5 KS)
  • 1 toothbrush (5 KS)
  • 1 tube of toothpaste (5 KS)
  • 1 bar soap (5 KS)
  • 1 bar shampoo (20 KS)


Digital Assets

  • A collection of linguistic study files. Languages of note are Saalsari, Trade and Yamatigo. The format is primarily tabular with columns on pronunciation and meaning notes. Each language also has extensive files on grammar and style collected and written by Daman based on his studies.


Daman Tilak is currently a mercenary.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
13000 KD Starting Funds
3250 KS Currency Conversion
2800 KS 900 DA Revolver and Ammo
1475 KS 1325 KS Clothing, Toiletries, and Safety suit
1125 KS 350 KS Field Comm
125 KS 1000 KS EM Manacles - not actually purchased but deducted because captors wiped his assets
882.5 KS 1183 DA 332 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-05)
1306.5 KS 636 DA 212 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-06)
1945.5 KS 924 DA 354 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-07)
2519.5 KS 746 DA 402 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-08)
3039.5 KS 831 DA 209 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-09)
3609.5 KS 646 DA 494 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-10)
4090 KS 709 DA 252 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-11)
4527.5 KS 654 DA 221 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2015-12)
5117.5 KS 952 DA 228 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2016-01)
5496 KS 532 DA 225 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2016-02)
6158 KS 964 DA 360 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2016-03)
6868.5 KS 952 DA 469 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2016-04)
7807.5 KS 1418 DA 460 DA Mercenary Job Income and Funky City Living Expenses (2016-05)
5792.5 KS 2015 KS Custom Silk suit set includes shoes, vest, tie, jacket, shirt and pants (2016-05-13)
Character Data
Character NameDaman Tilak
Character OwnerMiss Story
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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