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Promised Land

Promised Land is a roleplaying plot created May 10, 2016 by GM Dumont.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

Like most societies: Nepleslia has its select few who may be considered the elite. Like most societies: The elite of Nepleslia are those with funds in direct proportion to their wants.

To know who these people are, what they call themselves, or to walk in their company is a mixed blessing. But someone has to fulfill their desires. The Associates have called you: Provide a service. Make your mark. Get your just rewards.

The Promised Land is a Roleplay dedicated to corporate espionage, cyberpunk thematics, intrigue, heist action, and potentially some naked stuff.

Rules and Pacing

This is a plot for private โ€œoperativesโ€: Professional spies, private investigators, career saboteurs, espionage experts, double-oh-agents, femme-fatales and straight up hitmen.

You will be stalking the halls and back alleys of Funky City: From the Argent Towers to the Quais; working through dubious middlemen to undergo missions ranging from daring raids to capture prototypes, to executing well timed executions, through to undergoing relatively harmless pranks within multi-million DA penthouses that are the last remnant of long standing blood feuds.

This should say that I'm going for less military or combat roleplay, more along the lines of heists and espionage. Not to say you can't be a 'heavy', but general rule will be that if you're in a firefight without prior okay; you're getting paid less. Keep your employers happy (or unaware of your working with their rivals), stay on your game (or get lucky), and avoid a visit from your rivals (or worse, the IPG), and you may yet make it rich and survive to meet retirement.

OOCly, this game has little to do with constant combat, or armed conflict of any sort. While players are free to make a total badass, they will find that they are not the only badasses in the universe. Enemies will be as skilled, if not more skilled than your characters on average. As such combat will be treated as fast, deadly, and to be avoided where possible as you are not likely to come out unscathed.

Plan your conflicts carefully, then execute them. Open conflict is a failure state.

  • JP for any event involving three or less players, SP for anything above.
  • Dumont can post practically daily, but expects at least one post per week.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Jacob Miller Whitehart Man of Many Faces
Alistair Thorn Gunhand4171 Hacker (NOT a Decker)
Brigid Piper ArsenicJohn Doctor/Seductress
Nicky Hate Syaoran Crazy B***H
Ayla Sozon SirSPT Thieving Scum
NPC Notes Role
J.J. Newhouse Middleman and Lawyer Bearer of Bail
Magnus โ€œBeansyโ€ Aomame Armory Courier Gun Mule
The Heavy Corporate Security Captain Dakkadakkadakka Support
Nero Summers Chauffeur Stunt Driver
The Cleaner Forensics Expert Wants to clean your dusty cups from the inside out
Inactive Character Player Notes
Daman Tilak Miss Story Posted twice-ish, low activity, welcome back any time!

Open Positions

The Promised Land at present has a full contingent of players, but a lower level of activity. Send Dumont a message and see if you can be squeezed in! You probably will be!


Mission 1: Chasing Dawnlight

A team of Operatives was called in the early hours of the morning, and informed that they had a very short notice assignment. An item of great interest and worth was potentially located, and one of the Associates was willing to pay a substantial fee to have this investigated. The item was rumored to have been on a train transporting goods from the outer limits of Funky City, in towards the Quais area to be transported off-world. The team, given a limited time-frame and very short notice were deployed with little backup.

Successfully infiltrating the cargo carrying train, whether posting as passengers, workers, or in one case as one of the guards protecting the sealed carriage said to contain cargo: One Operative learned that prisoners had been spotted inside the rearmost sealed cargo trailer.

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