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Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller is a player character played by Whitehart.

Jacob Miller
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: YE 12
Height: 5' 9β€œ (1.75 m)
Weight: 174 lbs (78.9 kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Master of Disguise
Current Placement: Crimefest
Theme: Mr.Cellophane

Physical Description

  • Build/Skin color: Although Jacob is a fit individual, his general appearance is quite deceiving. When seen naked or without a shirt one can see a well maintained physique however, most clothes Jacob wears fall just right to hide his build. His olive skin tone teeters between not too light and not too dark.
  • Eyes/Facial features: Jacob's oval face is soft and barren of any true defining characteristics. He has brown eyes that easily convey emotions.
  • Hair color/style: Jacob keeps his head clean shaven. If it were to ever grow out, it is brown in color like his eyebrows.
  • Distinguishing features: Jacob lacks distinction in his overall appearance. He is completely average in looks and quite forgettable. His average features have been both his curse and blessing in his life.


Growing up in the background of life Jacob became very frustrated and bitter. Always chosen last, if at all, and never really connecting with others really impacted his confidence. As he became involved with acting and subsequently his current job as a master of disguise he has grown to see that life can be as he wants it. While Jacob is now a lot friendlier than he had been in his past he still gets angry quickly if he feels he is being ignored.

  • Likes: His reputation, money, attention
  • Dislikes: Being ignored, failing, other people making him look bad
  • Goals: Get rich and develop a β€œcharacter” to retire as.


Born and raised in a suburb of Funky City, growing up for Jacob was a challenge. On one hand, his parents and sister were very caring and fond of him. He was able to feel cared for in his household. Outside the house however was mostly a curse on Jacob. His average countenance made it very easy for people to forget about him and go relatively unnoticed.

His average, ordinary appearance and demeanor really impacted his life. He grew to adulthood without any real connections to others. He never had any friends, never chosen for teams and never connected romantically with anyone. He battled depression and anger issues constantly. His family was the only reason he made it through.

As an adult, Jacob struggled in mediocrity at any jobs he was employed. Constantly passed over for pay raises and promotions. He continued to work hard however, always being sure to make his family proud of him. As a way to try and connect with others Jacob continually took free local courses in varying different subjects. One such class ended up changing his entire life.

Hesitantly signing up for a random basic acting class allowed Jacob to meet Denise Thibault who, in turn, saw the amazing potential in Jacob. Jacob had never had any true talents growing up besides being able to retain information and staying fit. Now though, he saw he was able to act very well. He learned how to portray characters not just in words but with emotion and body language. He became adept with make-up and stage prosthetics. He learned that clothes really do make the man, or even the woman.

As a quick study, Denise soon convinced Jacob to try harder and harder challenges. At first Jacob thought he was merely doing bit parts for the class but eventually Denise came clean. She explained that, with his skills, he could become a serious player in information gathering, impersonations and spying. He eagerly latched on to this concept because he finally was getting the attention he had so craved growing up. She went further in his training. Teaching him rudimentary self defense, how to pick locks, deal with elecrrical or mechanical obstacles and how to make full use of his natural blandness in regards to stealth.

He now is considered a Master of disguise and is available for higher for jobs. He will happily perform almost any job within his skill set.

Skills Learned

Jacob Miller has the following notable skills:


Jacob is able to speak, read and write fluently in both Trade and Yamataigo. He has the added benefit of being able mimic most accents, within reason, with ease given a little time to listen. He is able to use most forms of non-military forms of communication with ease.


While given rudimentary self defense skills and of course learning to shoot from a young age (thanks to being Nepleslian), Jacob is far from a fighting superstar. His primary focus is non lethal violence including grappling, submission techniques and batons or saps. He is an able shot though prefers not to have to go to those extremes.

Rogue (stealth/pick lock)

Jacob is naturally stealthy and blends into his surroundings with ease. He is experienced at moving stealthily among the shadows and blending seamlessly into crowds. He was taught how to pick mundane locks using specialized tools. While not particularly adept at computers he is trained on how to use pre-loaded hacking software tools.


Jacob is a master at disguises and adopting a persona at a moments notice. He is capable of fully transforming himself to become someone else. He can change mannerisms, voice, accent to suit most situations. With assistance from makeup or similar items he can change his face to be completely different. He is also skilled at using various tricks to aid in appearing different physically.


Certainly not an expert or professional, Jacob has a working knowledge of repairing or dismantling various mundane equipment. Most notably equipment found in an urban setting. He knows what to cut, where to cut, etc.


Jacob is a jack of all trades when it comes to his accumulated knowledge. He has learned many little things about a lot of different things to aid him in fully encompassing a role.


Jacob's fit nature has lent him to further himself within his chosen career. He became passible at climbing and entering into areas that are difficult to reach. HeΒ  has some skill in parkour, able to move up, down and over obstacles quickly.

Social Connections

Jacob Miller is connected to:

  • Father - George Miller
  • Mother - Rebecca Miller
  • Older Sister - Kimberly Halstadt
  • Teacher - Denise Thibault

Inventory & Finance

Jacob Miller has the following;


  • Reversible Black baggy pants/ Blue Jeans
  • Reversible Black long sleeved shirt/ Green Polo shirt
  • Exotic fiber Undershirt, Tightened weave w/ 2 hidden pockets
  • Large collection of various costumes and outfits (both male and female styles)
  • Varied selection of wigs (both male and female styles)




Jacob Miller is currently an Independent .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
642 DA 5358 DA Gear
156,892 DA 156,250 DA Heist Payout
156,642 DA 250 DA Gear
114, 082 42,560 DA Living the High Life

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameJacob Miller
Character OwnerWhitehart
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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