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Variable Form Trans-state Picorobotic Mass nicknamed “Pico-Jelly” Designer: Miles Gunn Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy

Originally conceived as a medical tool to be used to seal wounds, the Pico-Jelly creation was inspired by the functions of the NH-27 unit’s ability to shift around their bodies to a desired shape. The Pico-Jelly is named such due to the components of the gel mainly being comprised of “picoscopic” sized devices.

The original use of the Pico-Jelly was to serve as a medical tool that could be used for various situations dependent upon the composition of the “jelly”. Due to the variable form of the jelly, the substance proves to have many possible applications, from being used in its original role as a medical tool to being used as a device of amusement.

Technical Information

The “Pico-Jelly” is comprised of an immense number of picorobotic devices suspended in a mass of “jelly” that could be comprised from various substances. The picorobotic devices are designed to some what mimic the functions of the “Nodal” system, but they are designed to specialize in manipulating the material they are suspended in. The “Pico-Jelly” accomplishes its variable form capability by moving individual molecules through the use of the “picobots” then configuring them in the proper arrangement to form the desired shape that the picobots are instructed to construct.

The control of the picobots is accomplished by the use of radio transmissions and psionic commands. The processing for each individual picobot is accomplished by the use of femtoscopic components. After the desired shape is made by the picobots, the user has the option of unbonding the constructive molecules from the picobots and the suspension, thus causing the shape that was created to become permanent. The suspension that the “jelly” is comprised of varies depending upon the application; the three variations are metals, organics, and plastics.

The metallic variation of the jelly proves to be the most complex version of the substance. The reason of the complex nature of the metallic version of the jelly is the variable compositions of the jelly. The metallic version can be comprised of various molecules that are individually manipulated by the picorobotic devices. The jelly can be made from most metals that are solid at room temperature. Additionally to ensure that the metallic molecules can be arranged properly, the molecules that are used are degaussed before being placed into the suspension. The suspension that the picobots and metallic molecules are placed into is comprised of a synthetic lubricant designed to ensure the smooth movement of the picobots, and prevent the corrosion and loss of individual metallic molecules, and at the same time prevent foreign objects from contaminating the jelly.

The organic variation of the jelly is the second most complex, but easiest to produce. The organic component to the jelly is comprised of the already widely used hemosynthetic material. The picobots are able to move the individual hemosynthetic molecules into the proper form to create simple imitation organic creations, and also serve as a means of “patching” natural organic tissues.

The plastic variation is the most simple of the variations of the jelly. The jelly is comprised of the picorobotic devices and a mixture of solid and gel-like plastic materials, the gel plastics serve as the lubricant for the movement of the picobots and the solid plastic molecules and they also serve as a bonding material when allowed to harden. The hardening is accomplished by exposing the plastic to 175 degree Fahrenheit heat then allowing the gel to cool. Once the material is allowed to harden, it is then unable to shift into other forms, but it can be “re-activated” by heating the hardened material to 250 degrees Fahrenheit then instructing the picobots to shift the liquid plastic molecules from their positions that they have hardened in, then allowing the gel to gradually cool.

Operation of the Device

The “Pico-jelly” can be controlled by using radio commands or psionic commands. The radio command feature allows for the command device to instruct the picobots to construct a pre-programmed shape, the psionic commanding of the picobots requires the user to have a “clear mental picture” of the form that the user desires the picobots to construct. “pico-jelly” is also able to be programmed to only be able to achieve certain pre-determined shapes.


Due to the versatile nature of the “pico-jelly” a wide range of packaging and marketing options exist. To prevent the market from becoming saturated with large amounts of “pico-jelly”, the jelly will be sold in “eggs” or “capsules” inside of these containers a 2oz mass of jelly would be enclosed. The “pico-jelly” can also be bought in larger quantities, such as 5oz units, 10oz units, 30 oz units, and 2lt units. Additionally, masses of “pico-jelly” that are comprised of the same material can be joined together to form a larger mass.


Seperately sold from the “Pico-jelly” is the control device package. A basic issue control device is able to control one unit of the “pico-jelly” and be able to issue five pre-programmed commands. a multi-frequency delux control device package is able to allow multiple “pico-jelly” units to operate with eachother, and be able to issue 100 distinctive pre-programmed instructions to the devices and be able to issue pre-programmed command routines. Also the delux model includes voice recognition software that would permit vocal commands to the unit. The medical issue device is a multi-frequency device able to command the “pico-jelly” at the user's disgression, and at the same time issue 15 pre-programmed instructions, instructions given from the Medical Issue Device can not be overridden by other devices. The medical edition also includes vocal command.


Basic control device: 20KS Multi-Frequency Delux Control Device: 250KS Medical Issue Device: 15KS

2oz container plastic type: 15KS 5oz container plastic type: 35KS 10oz container plastic type: 75KS 30oz container plastic type: 250KS 2lt container plastic type: 500KS

2oz container organic type: 20KS 5oz container organic type: 45KS 10oz container organic type: 100KS 30oz container organic type: 350KS 2lt container organic type: 800KS

2oz container metal type: 30KS 5oz container metal type: 70KS 10oz container metal type: 150KS 30oz container metal type: 500KS 2lt container metal type: 1000KS

2oz container rare metal type: 45KS 5oz container rare metal type: 105KS 10oz container rare metal type: 225KS 30oz container rare metal type: 750KS 2lt container rare metal type: 1500KS

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