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OIF Reaper

The OIF Reaper is a Courier 2c 'Collector' tasked with high-risk retrieval, repair, and salvage of starships, equipment, and in some cases structures and other assets. While they are typically tasked with doing this for Origin Industries products, they will provide services for any clients who have the financial means of hiring them.

plot rating: language-sex-violence

OIF Reaper
At Any Cost
GM(s): Kai Origin Industries Plot thread
Current Crew
Rank Name Position Player
Captain Arah Tenner Ship's Captain Kai (NPC)
Ship's Computer Ged Ship's Computer Kai (NPC)
Senior Employee Hurgh Fuglynaim Primary Pilot Kai (NPC)
Master Sergeant Trey Penton Recovery Team Lead Kai (NPC)
Contractor Giada Nuñez Contractor ethereal
Contractor Raffaele Aldermayn Mechanic/Security club24
Former Crew
Name Reason


The OIF Reaper was activated in YE 40 in order to perform high-risk retrieval, repair, and salvage operations for Origin customers. With a team of highly skilled individuals, they will take any risk to complete their job, in any situations and any conditions.

Available Positions

The OIF Reaper is seeking the following:

  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Security forces

Posting/Joining Requirements (OOC)

Players in this plot are expected to post at least once every other day, But posting every day is preferred.

Players who refuse to post for more than a week run the risk of being removed from the plot, unless they have provided proper reasoning and/or warnings for their absence.

You don't really need that much to join the OIF Reaper, you just need to have a good attitude and outlook, as well as be available to post.

Crew Quarters Assignments

Captain's Suite

  • Arah Tenner


There are 8 cabins available for crew use

Ship Inventory

The OIF Reaper carries the following supplies:

Cargo Bay

«What is in the cargo bay?»

Ground Vehicles (If applicable)

Lounge(If applicable)

Medical Center

« What supplies are in the medical center?»

Accessories Available

Ship Weapons


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