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The following is an article on the culture of the Iromakuanhe and the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

Diverse and varied, like the stars they live among, the Cohronl are the pioneers of the Iromakuanhe. Descended from all walks of life, the only common trait among them is rugged determination. Living on massive space colonies and other orbital habitats, the Cohronl are recognized as their own ethnic group. As said before, the Cohronl are as diverse as all the heavenly lights, with beliefs, habits, and temperaments varying wildly.

Their relationship with other ethnic groups varies greatly due to the mixed nature of the Cohronl as a whole. They are well received by the Eyr Ranr who share their adventurous spirit and the survivalist Sund Wakir and stalwart Curdatl appreciate their rugged spirit. Meanwhile, the Ivuori see them as a necessity as the Iromakuanhe race prospers and needs to expand out into space. These relationships can be strained at times, however. Anti-government forces and bandit militias recruit heavily from disenfranchised Cohronl youth in less affluent outer system space colonies, and the insular Mazerinii feel that the Cohronl's rise in mainstream Iromakuahe Culture may be the death knell to their isolated way of life. However, their existence on the fringes of Commonwealth space is a profound and essential socioeconomic force.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White Uncommon Rare
Gray Uncommon Rare
Black Rare Common
Brown Rare Common
Red Rare Common
Orange Rare Common
Yellow Uncommon Common
Blue Common Rare
Violet Common Rare
Green Uncommon Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Common
Brown (“Black”) Uncommon
Rose Pink Common
Flesh Common
Pale Purple Very Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 6'1“
Female Height 5'9”
Male Weight 155 Ibs
Female Weight 140 Ibs
Male Build Lean
Female Build Lean
Bra Cup Size B/C


General Behavior

Behavior among Cohronl is diverse and difficult to sample for the purpose of an accurate presentation of the whole. They tend to be enterprising, adventurous, honest and hardworking, but prone to egotism and boasting. Some have a superiorist bent, seeing themselves as having done more for the Commonwealth as a whole than planet-dwelling folk by living on its fringes.

Marriage Practices


Comparable to those of the Eyr Ranr, Cohronl marriage practices are seemingly random and inconsistent. However, instead of being wild and careless, their approach is simply more pragmatic. If a person is unable to find or seek a desirable, single mate where they are, they are free to involve themselves with another couple for the purpose of continuing their bloodline. This occasionally leads to incestuous relationships on smaller colonies, but genetic engineering can thankfully redress any abnormalities caused by successive generations of inbreeding.

Familial Practices

Compared to the other Iromakuanhe, Cohronl families are generally small, but nuclear in structure. The average Cohronl family is comprised of two parents and 1-2 children. A Cohronl family having more than two children is fairly uncommon, mostly due to the lack of living space in orbital habitats or on starships.


Cohronl culture is mainly concerned with little matters such as staying alive to care about such matters as sexuality, though certain fetishes are frowned upon. The exploratory nature of the Cohronl means that almost nothing is taboo, though the symbolism associated with bondage are viewed as obscene and undesirable.


Cohronl architecture, which mainly consists of buildings inside the orbital colonies, is fairly simple, comprised of buildings optimized for conserving precious space. As a whole it can be split into two camps, consisting of more utilitarian starship or space station-style space management, or habitat environments designed to be lived in normally, which contain complete ecosystems and green spaces to simulate planetary living.

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